An Abundance of Cloud Storage

With Amazon announcing that Prime members can now store unlimited pictures in their cloud, it drove home to me just how much things have changed in just the last few years.

Cloud storage was at first an interesting concept, then a rare but useful commodity, then a differentiating feature between services.

And now? Not only is it ubiquitous to the point of being almost expected, but some aspects are almost, dare I say it, annoying.

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Footnotes & references

1: And I’m not including the cloud storage I use and have available on the servers that host my websites. I have probably close to half a terabyte available there for general-purpose use.

2: In fact, and completely coincidentally, I did just that while taking a break from writing this article. I took a photo of a machine I’d been repairing to send to its owner. By the time I’d arrived back in my office from the basement, the photo was on my desktop machine where I could quickly edit it and send it along.

3: for the terminally curious.