A new unit of measurement?

One of the issues I see folks experiencing from time to time is difficulty in grasping large numbers.

I mean, really, do you know the difference between a megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, and petabyte?

And if you have a grasp of the definitions of each, do you really “get” just how large those numbers are?

We often see visual representations of bigger numbers – representations like the megapenny project, which illustrates several large numbers using one-cent U.S. coins. For example, what would a billion pennies look like? (Spoiler: bricks the size of five full-sized school busses.)

There is one unit of measurement I think might make computer data a little more conceptually tangible.

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Does Windows Support Drives Larger than Two Terabytes?

Hi, Leo. Many people say that three terabyte external hard drives don’t work with Windows 7. Do they? Here’s the issue. I’ve been using a 1TB Seagate Go-flex with a changeable bottom, which has worked well, but now I need a bigger drive. I went looking on Amazon for a 3TB unit and found a lot of scary reviews saying that basically drives bigger than 2TB don’t really work with Windows. The quote is about Seagate specifically but the same complaint has come up for the other drives too. “The drive is formatted in a way that causes the Windows backup and restore to fail when creating a system image because it uses a native 4K sector size. Native 4K sector drives are not supported by Windows 7.” If that’s not true, can you advise which drives are good these days? The answers I found on the site are all about smaller drives and dated in the past. There are so many drives out there that I can’t tell the good from bad. Do I go for one without an included backup utility? Or with? I just don’t want to return to or stick with a product out of ignorant inertia. Thanks for any help you can render.

The short answer to this fairly complex question is Windows supports drives larger than 2 terabytes (TB) just fine.

I’m running a 3 TB drive on my system as we speak. It worked in both Windows 7 and again once  I upgraded to Windows 8.

There are a couple of issues that can sometimes come up.

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