Why Do You Regularly Reinstall Your System?

I read that you regularly install your system completely from scratch, if I understood correctly. Why is that? Is that against potential malware that didn’t get detected? Do you do this monthly, or twice a year? Regularly reinstalling all the software anew should take you some hours, even if you’re fast. Or did I misunderstand something.

You understood me correctly.

While I don’t do it as often as I once did, it’s absolutely something that I need to do from time to time.

Why do I do it? In part it’s the nature of software, and in part it’s the nature of what I do.

The good news is that it has nothing to do with malware.

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Does an unstable system imply a hardware problem?

I have a PC that does… well, weird things. My Adobe Flash suddenly doesn’t work on some major sites, yet it’s OK on others like YouTube. Adobe Flash is suddenly not displayed on Add/Remove listings. I also lose parts of some other PC components so that their features don’t work properly. Now, this usually starts after I carefully uninstall some “accidentally” downloaded toolbar or some other program I have “added/removed” in my Windows. Now, technicians say there is no problem with the computer. Can there be a flaw in the motherboard or something making this happen? It’s like the uninstall that I do appears to gut some of my other programs, especially Adobe Flash.

Motherboard and other hardware issues are typically more consistent. You would see the same issue over and over again. Or the issue would be more severe, like your computer would just stop working or crash completely on a regular basis.

While it’s still possible, I don’t believe there’s a problem with your motherboard. What you’re describing sounds more like software rot.

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