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Resist Those Dancing Bunnies

Resist Those Dancing Bunnies

Malware authors often make fantastic promises to get people to bypass their security software. It’s important to remain skeptical, vigilant, and attentive.

Why can't the poor just pirate software?

Why Can’t the Poor just Pirate Software?

Commercial software can be expensive. Can you just pirate software if you can’t afford it? You can guess my answer, but even better: theft isn’t necessary.

Logos of some ot the technology behind Ask Leo!

The Technology Behind Ask Leo!

Over the years, the technology that runs Ask Leo! has changed a little. I’ll give you an overview of the current state of affairs.


Are Silent Background Updates a Good Thing?

In my opinion, background updates are awesome. I love that Chrome is always up to date without my ever even having to think about it. Let’s look at why.

Someone's Peeking!

What’s an Exploit?

Industry experts use the term “exploit” in several ways, which makes warning messages pretty unclear. Stay safe by assuming the worst.