How should I store scans of old photographs?

I’m in charge of scanning old family photo albums (dating back to the 1800s), and an saving them on CDs. After reading many articles, I am confused as to what I should use to save them on. CDs, USBs, external hard drives…. Do you have a suggestion? I don’t want a future generation to go to look or print from them, and find that they no longer are accessible.

Well, the short answer is that I would wave you off of CDs right away. For something that important, I think other solutions are called for.

As I’ve discussed before, the continual progress of storage technologies is an ongoing issue. What we choose today might not be appropriate in a few years or a few decades.

Rather than tell you what you should do, let me tell you what I do in case my photographs are ever of interest to future generations.

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How can I manage a lot of scanned documents?

Managing scanned documents. I’ve been using Visionere scanners and Paperport since version 1, and ever since Nuance took over the software, well, it’s been a disaster. Version 11 crashes multiple times for no apparent reason. The worst part is that I can’t find any comparable program to replace it that can do everything it can do. I end up living with it but it’s really frustrating. What do you do?

My document management approach has changed over the years. I used to, very carefully and manually, scan documents, name files, put them in organized folders and so on. I don’t do anything like that anymore.

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