How do I stay protected using an administrator account?


Leo, I’ve heard that browsing with an admin account puts you at more risk and I’m wondering what are some ways to stay protected without switching to a less privileged user account. Also, what is sandboxing?

What you’ve heard is correct. Running with what’s called a limited user account (LUA) is indeed safer.

It’s also something that unfortunately, many people don’t do… including myself.

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How Do I Gain Administrative Access to a Second-hand Computer?


My dad bought a computer from a yard sale. The problem is that they forgot to take off the password. I’m logged in as a user, but not an administrator, so I don’t have admin privileges. How do I become an administrator?

This is frightening for many reasons.

But it’s not you who should be scared. We’ll get you into the computer quite easily. It’s the previous owner who should be concerned because it’s clear that they didn’t take a few important steps before giving away their computer.

You still need to tread very, very carefully. I’ll explain why.

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How do I defragment a hard drive on Windows XP?

How do I defrag a hard drive on my Windows XP? In my home, I am using Windows 2000 and I love it, but I’ve had two occasions where I visited a friend who was using XP. I could not find the defragmentation program. I appreciate your point that frequent defragmentation is unnecessary, but over a period of one or two years, occasional defragmentation has its place. Once at a machine at a motel lobby, I found that defragmentation program but was unable to execute it because I was not the administrator. Why would defragmentation demand administrative privileges?

Getting at the defragmenter is actually pretty easy in Windows XP. We’ll talk about this and some other issues related to defragmenting.

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What’s the “Appdata roaming” folder?

I just ran CCleaner and I had at least 100 app data roaming entries, which have never appeared before when running a scan. I’ve been reading articles about app data roaming and I’m a little fuzzy on what it means. My computer’s hooked up to a modem and a router. I do not use wireless for this computer, but I do have it enabled for my iPad touch and the appdata roaming is showing all my activity on this computer. I’m a little concerned about this. I recently did a clean install of Windows due to a virus and I’m about a week in on that clean install and now this has appeared. Also, another interesting problem is that I decided to have a look at the application data folder and I got a Windows pop-up saying, “Access is denied.” Any thoughts?

A couple of things are going on here.

First, AppData\Roaming probably isn’t what you think it is. It doesn’t have anything to do with wireless or the number of people using their computer in different places.

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How Do I Get Administrative Privileges on Windows XP?


I have a problem with my computer. Recently I updated Windows from 2000 to XP Professional and now I can’t see the ‘Administrator’ account. The account that I’m using doesn’t have administrator rights. How can I configure the account that I’m using to have administrator rights?

The administrator account is still there, it’s just hidden, presumably for your protection. But we can still sign in using it, and then grant your other regular, account administrative rights.

But you will need the password for the ‘Administrator’ account. I’ll assume you have that.

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