Can We No Longer View Websites without Getting Pop-ups?

I’m getting a lot of ads popping up when I’m on a site (I guess they’re called pop-ups). It could be anything – an ad for an insurance company, or some other product disrupting my viewing and often it’s very hard to delete it; it just keeps popping up regardless. Is there any way I can eliminate these interruptions and if I do will it affect my viewing or access to these sites? The reason I ask is this: I can remember a few times I had to allow these pop-ups in order to continue accessing a site. Is it impossible in today’s internet that we can’t view the internet without these interruptions?

The problem here is that pop-ups come from many, many different sources and may be of many different kinds. Some are the very legitimate price you effectively pay for viewing a free website, others not so much.

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Why is my new computer flooded with pop-ups and ads?

We’ve recently purchased an Acer notebook with Windows 8 and it’s protected by Norton. We’re being flooded with pop-up notices and advertisements. Please help us get rid of them!

No one likes pop-up notices and advertisements. In your case, it’s difficult to be specific about a solution because fixing this depends on exactly what ads and pop-ups you see, what they look like, and how they appear.

Because there are so many potential sources for pop-ups and advertisements, I’m going to review some of the most common and hope that one of them will apply in your situation.

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Why do new windows open underneath others?

I’m running Windows 7, 64-bit. I normally use the Firefox browser, sometimes Safari. A while back, I noticed that some really obnoxious pop-ups were appearing behind the window that I was looking at so I wasn’t seeing them until I minimized the used window. Recently, I accepted several new updates from Microsoft, which included IE10. I figured that even though I didn’t use it, I might get some security benefit from the new version, right? Now, every time a new window opens, it’s hidden behind everything else. Any help?

Whether you are using Internet Explorer or not, you need to keep that browser as up-to-date as possible because other components on your system are using it. You’re absolutely right to do that.

But what you’re seeing now are called pop-unders. Unfortunately, I don’t know why updating Internet Explorer would cause things to pop up behind your windows. All we can really do is take a look at some of the possible causes for what you’re seeing in general.

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