What’s the Difference Between a MAC Address and an IP Address?

What is the difference between a MAC Address and an IP Address? Are both traceable back to your computer? And can you hide them? If by hiding them is your computer safer from hackers. Also, are the free versions as good as the ones you buy?

Well, the last one is easy to answer: there’s no concept of free versus paid IP or MAC addresses. As you’ll see in a moment, IP addresses are assigned as part of connecting to a network, and MAC addresses are assigned at the time hardware is manufactured.

Even hiding a MAC or IP address is a concept that doesn’t quite apply, but we’ll get in to that too.

And whether MAC or IP addresses are hidden or not, they are not the kind of things you should be spending your time worrying about to stay safe from hackers.

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Can a MAC address be traced?

I know that all computers have a unique MAC address. But how traceable are they? If my laptop gets stolen, and I know my MAC address, can I get back to it if the person stole it gets connected to internet, even after formatting the machine and thinking that it’s safe to connect? Seems like this could stop laptop burglaries if that MAC address thing is traceable. 

You’re correct … it could put a big dent in laptop burglaries if MAC addresses were truly traceable. It would at least increase the odds of stolen equipment being recovered.

But they’re not traceable… at least not in any way that could help.

Let’s look at why.

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What Information Does a Laptop Leak on a Wireless Network?


What identifying signatures are given off by my laptop when I’m connected to a wireless network? I’m sure that my WiFi card, hard drive, Windows ID, and other identifying information is broadcast, but what is it? Would I guess that a traffic sniffer would show the make and model of my computer? Or does it go deeper than that?

Actually, it doesn’t go that deep at all. In general, it’s not as much information as you list… as long as you’re doing things right.

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