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A cluttered desk in a home office setting. The desk is covered with a variety of technology gadgets such as a smartphone, a tablet, external hard drives, and a soldering iron. In the center of the desk, there's a computer with its screen displaying open code, possibly an IDE or text editor filled with programming code. Nearby, a coffee mug, The scene is illuminated by the soft glow of the computer screen and a desk lamp, creating a cozy yet dynamic workspace that reflects a deep passion for technology and coding. This setup symbolizes the fusion of personal interests and professional expertise, typical for a tech enthusiast or software developer's desk.

I Don’t Claim to Be a Journalist

My background is most assuredly not journalism. I bring something else entirely to the table: experience.

Leo A. Notenboom

Who is Leo?

I help people use technology by answering their questions and educating on the web.