Why Isn’t Outlook’s Junk Mail Filter Stopping More Spam?

I’ve been puzzled about my Outlook 2007 junk filter for a long time now. The junk filter is set high and it seems to do a pretty good job of catching the majority of flagrant spam. What puzzles me is that there are certain senders that I’ve marked as junk, but email from these senders still somehow seems to find a way to evade the filter and come into my inbox anyway. Some of these are the flagrant kind but others are seemingly legitimate companies or individuals. What is strange is that I can even create rules to move items from these particular senders to the deleted folders, but the rules seem to have no power to do so. Are these senders doing something unethical or sneaky to get the past filters and their rules? One of the senders is using Constant Contact. Does this mean that they’re an unethical company? What’s really going on here?

First, let me begin by saying Constant Contact is certainly an ethical company. The problem is that as an email service provider, the people that send email using them may or may not be.

Companies like Constant Contact and my favorite, Aweber, will actually check to make sure that their users are being ethical or they’ll terminate their account. Unfortunately, there’s a window of time where the unethical users will continue to send spam before the company actually finds out.

No, you’re right. What’s happening here is that the senders are in fact being sneaky.

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