Can I Convert an External USB Hard Drive into an Internal One?

Is it possible to use my external hard drive as an internal hard drive? I have an extra external hard drive with a Western Digital hard drive. I would like to make it an internal hard drive.

In most cases, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, I’ve done it myself.

However, there are a few caveats to be aware of.

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Footnotes & references

1: These have actually become easier to find of late, since most SSDs are 2-1/2-inch form factor and need such a mounting converter to be installed in a desktop machine that expects 3-1/2-inch.

What’s the difference between SATA and PATA and IDE?

This “SATA” stuff is new to me. What does it mean? It’s something about hard disk drives, I know, but I don’t understand what. I went to get a new hard drive for my machine and the one that I wanted was SATA. But when I told the salesperson what computer I had, he said I didn’t want it and instead, I needed something called PATA or IDE? I’m very confused.

Well, one part of this is easy: IDE and PATA are two names for the same thing.

The rest – well, the easy part is that SATA and PATA are two different ways of connecting a hard drive to your computer. Your computer will have one or the other, and what you purchase must, in general, match.

When we go further, however, things start to get a little complex.

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Footnotes & references

2: Electrically, however, the interfaces are the same, regardless of physical size. SSDs, for example, are typically 2.5 inch drives, and simply use an additional mounting bracket or adapter when installed into a desktop machine expecting 3.5 inch drives.