My machine has no optical drive. What if I need one?

My aunt just a bought a Mac and it seems to have no optical drive. I’ve not been there to see the computer although I had the same reaction to the floppy drive disappearing and have not used them for years. But I switched to CD-Rs and now DVD-Rs for mostly backups. How do you buy software? Not everything can be done on flash and downloads. Is having broadband required for today’s Macs? Windows 8 was optional. Doesn’t anyone still worry about the main hard drive failure anymore? My PC is backed up on to DVDs including six recovery DVDs for Windows 8.

The scenario you described is now very, very common. In fact, none of the three Macs in this household have optical drives, and neither does my Microsoft Surface Pro running Windows 8.

But it’s not really a problem. I’ll explain why and what I do.

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Will a new computer burn DVDs faster?

Will a new computer be a lot faster at making a homemade single-layered DVD? Today, it took five hours for DVD Flick to process the memory already stored on my computer. The video is in mp4 format; the DVD-R was a 4X single layer.

When you’re burning a CD or DVD, the computer isn’t typically the weakest link; it’s the CD/DVD burner. When they write, CD/DVD burners operate at some maximum speed of rotation and how quickly a burner spins depends on its hardware and how fast it can write the data to that disc.

But I think something else might be going on here. You mentioned that your original video is in MP4 format. That’s not a format that is written to DVD.

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