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Externnal Hard Drive

My External HDD Shows Not Formatted — But It Has All My Data!

Occasionally, when moving a drive to another machine it’ll show up as unformatted. I’ll look at some possible causes and actions to take.

NAS - Network Attached Storage

NAS Drive Failure: How I Dodged a Bullet

I had an impending NAS drive failure. I’ll share how I got there, the mistakes I made, the things I did right, and the lessons I learned.

A computer desk with an open laptop showing an error message related to ransomware (CryptoWall), a few external hard drives, and a person looking distressed. In the background, you can see a family photo frame, and the overall scene should convey a sense of data loss and urgency.

A Story of Data Loss and What Could Have Been

I repaired a friend’s machine’s hard disk failure only to discover something much, much worse.

External Backup Drive

How Do I Recover My Data from a Crashed Computer?

As long as the problem isn’t a damaged hard drive, you may be able to access your data with a Linux CD, or even better, a backup recovery CD.


Will I Lose All Data When My Computer Crashes?

It’s incredibly rare for a software crash to damage any drive connected to a computer. Other things, like a lightning strike, can do serious damage.

A run of the Strings utility

Why Is My Partially Recovered Document Still Not Readable?

Writing over a file is a good way to lose data, but if you are willing to dive into some command line programs, you may be able to recover some of it.