How do I learn more about computers?


Perhaps this is an odd question or this isn’t the right place to ask it but I have to start somewhere and you might be the best beginning. I’m an old lady but a computer user/lover who knows more than most of the people in my category and what I don’t know, I enjoy researching. Eventually, but not always, I find what I need. I constantly find menus and setting and clicking choices and such that I don’t understand and the regular available manuals just don’t explain. There are probably manuals that do but they would undoubtedly be beyond my capabilities to understand or just TMI.

My question is , how can I find a way to learn more and more without being a professional? I want to learn not the mechanics of the computer – not how to build one for example but how to understand and interpret some of what I see and proceed to use it to my advantage. I don’t know what kind of course, what kind of study would give me that. There must be something.

First of all, I absolutely love your attitude. I truly, truly wish more people were like you.

Unfortunately, while there must be something, there are so many “somethings” that it’s really difficult to know where to send you.

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