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Can I ZIP Photos or MP3 Files to Save Space?

Most music, picture, and movie files are already compressed. Compressing them again won’t make much difference, and could even make them larger.

Disk Compression Option in Windows

Tip of the Day: Consider Compression if You’re Low on Space

Advanced Attributes on a Folder

How Do I Decompress All the Files that Windows Compressed for Me?

Windows includes the tools needed to uncompress files that you (or prior versions of Windows) might have compressed using Windows File Compression.

LP - Long Playing Vinyl Record

Are Records Better than CDs?

Since the dawn of the digital age the argument has raged: which is better – digital or analog? CDs or vinyl? I touch on some of the issues, but the bottom line is that if you can’t hear the difference, which is more convenient?

Folder Properties Advanced Highlighting Compression Option

Should I Use Windows File Compression?

Windows File Compression automatically compresses files so they take up less space. In the best of circumstances, it can free up a lot of space, but all too frequently it’s not as much as you might expect, and there is a cost.