Why Am I Getting Empty Form Submissions from My Website?

Hi Leo. I have an email request form on my website. And every now and then I will get a blank form sent to me or maybe with a few URLs for medications of various sorts in it. I’m also getting returned email and “Out of office” messages. I can see that they’ve been sent from bogus names at my domain. How do I fix this?

The bogus email addresses on your domain are easy. I’ll point you at a previous article of mine: “I Keep Getting Bounced Emails for Addresses On My Domain That Don’t Exist. How Can I Stop This?”. The bottom line is that simply having a domain will cause this to happen. And the only solution that I know of is to only pay attention to the email that is actually sent to valid email addresses on your domain. Ignore all of those others.

The form submission issue is an interesting one, and it’s something that I actually deal with everyday.

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Can my image backup of Windows XP be used on my Windows 8 computer?

Leo, I followed your advice and have been doing system backups with Macrium Reflect in Windows XP. My current 8-year-old Dell Desktop computer is showing signs of failing and I will probably have to replace it soon. Maybe concurrently with the April loss of support of Windows XP. Can the XP backup be used on the Windows 8 computer?

First of all, good on you for backing up. Like I’ve told many people, that puts you ahead of something like 90% of the people out there, so that’s fantastic. I love to see people using backup tools and backing up regularly.

Now to the question of whether you can use your Windows XP backup on Windows 8.

Kind of. Maybe. It depends on how you expect to use it.

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Did My Boot Defragmenter Tool Actually Fix My Boot Problems?

For about a month on both my Acer and HP (they’re both about 3 years old) laptops with Windows 7 Premium, my boot would fail about 1 or two times a week sending me through the Windows repair process. I tried a number of things to no avail. Then about a month ago, I found and used a boot defragmenter tool on the advance tools section of Glary Utilities. I like and have used Glary Utilities software for several years but I’ve never defragged my boot before. For the last month, I’ve not had a single boot problem on either of my laptops. Could just using this single Glary Utility’s boot defrag tool have totally fixed my boot problems?

It’s possible, but my suspicion is that it didn’t really “fix” anything. I think it just moved things around, which ultimately is what defragging does after all. You might still have an issue that’s waiting to bite you later in a different way.

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Is requiring a Facebook or Google Account fair?

Hi, Leo. I find many websites offer great free things to try but when I attempt to download the software, I’m told I can only download it if I have a Facebook account. Occasionally, I’m also restricted to downloading only if I have a Google account. In my mind, free should mean free, not free only if I use Facebook/Google. Since I refuse to use Facebook or Google, this doesn’t seem quite fair to me. I’m sure there must be others that feel this way too. I sense that this a money issue and that Facebook and Google are paying these websites to restrict their free usage only to customers that agree to Facebook’s and Google’s rules. Is this becoming more common and do you think it’s a fair practice?

First, I think it’s pretty clear that websites can do whatever the heck they want to, within legal limits. That’s how a free market works. If you don’t like the requirements that are placed on getting something, then don’t get that something. If enough people agree with you, then that site will not get whatever it was they were hoping to get by giving away whatever it was they were giving away.

Is it fair? Gosh, that’s an unanswerable question; I really don’t know.

Life isn’t fair, and particularly when it comes to the internet, I guess I just don’t look for fair. If it’s really a no-strings-attached kind of giveaway, fantastic. But if it isn’t, I make a decision and I get on with my life. Like I said, that puts you in control.

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I have an important MS DOS program that won’t run in Win 7 – what do I do?

I have one MS DOS program that is invaluable to me. However, it won’t run on my Windows 7 OS. Can I install Windows 98 on an external drive that I then use for backup and run the DOS program on this drive? If not, could I move the backups off of the external drive and install Windows 98 on that drive and then the DOS program?

Unfortunately, you’re not going to get the scenario that you’ve described working. You’re going to have to actually reboot into Windows 98. You might be able to do that off of an external drive if you’ve got Windows 98 completely installed on that drive, as well as the program. I don’t think you even have to move your backups for it to work.

But before you go down that road, I want you to investigate a different solution.

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How Do I Get My Windows Machines to Network with each Other?

Leo, I recently purchased an Asus VivaTab tablet running full Windows 8.1 (not Windows RT) and I’ve tried just about everything to connect my Windows XP, SP3 to the tablet. Both computers are set to use the same work group name, namely MS Home but the tablet asks for a password when I’m setting up the home network. To my knowledge, Windows XP does not issue network passwords. Can you help?

Well, XP doesn’t issue network passwords… but in a sense it kind of does.

Networking is hard. This is something that can be tricky to get set up and get working. And yes, to be clear, it’s way trickier than it needs to be. I’ve written a couple of articles basically just venting about that in the past.

The good news is that I think we can get it to work.

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