How Do I Get a New Mail Notification for Yahoo! Mail?

I’m unable to activate the new mail notification on my PC. I clicked on Control Panel and then Sound and Change. I’ve tried many times, but it just won’t work. I’m 82; I live alone; I’m dumb about PCs. Please advise on a simple way to alleviate this problem. Something was said about Messenger and I do have Yahoo Messenger, but still “no go.”

First, please don’t say that you’re dumb.

You’re not dumb about PCs. This is absolutely one of my pet peeves: in my opinion, it just doesn’t help to characterize yourself in derogatory terms like that when all that’s missing is just a little information.

As for your question, unfortunately, there’s no simple way to address that. Let me explain.

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Does Restoring Windows 7 from a Backup also Restore XP Mode?

I run Windows XP mode, which is Windows virtual PC on my Windows 7 Pro PC. Now I also use Macrium Reflect to backup Windows 7. Does restoring the Macrium image also restore the Windows XP mode? Or do I have to use an image program in XP mode to create an image and then restore that image in XP?

First, let me congratulate you for backing up. Understand that having a backup, doing it regularly, and even being able to ask this question puts you miles ahead of all the other people who run into problems when they fail to backup their computer.

As for your question, the short answer is you don’t need to do anything extra.

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Why Isn’t Outlook’s Junk Mail Filter Stopping More Spam?

I’ve been puzzled about my Outlook 2007 junk filter for a long time now. The junk filter is set high and it seems to do a pretty good job of catching the majority of flagrant spam. What puzzles me is that there are certain senders that I’ve marked as junk, but email from these senders still somehow seems to find a way to evade the filter and come into my inbox anyway. Some of these are the flagrant kind but others are seemingly legitimate companies or individuals. What is strange is that I can even create rules to move items from these particular senders to the deleted folders, but the rules seem to have no power to do so. Are these senders doing something unethical or sneaky to get the past filters and their rules? One of the senders is using Constant Contact. Does this mean that they’re an unethical company? What’s really going on here?

First, let me begin by saying Constant Contact is certainly an ethical company. The problem is that as an email service provider, the people that send email using them may or may not be.

Companies like Constant Contact and my favorite, Aweber, will actually check to make sure that their users are being ethical or they’ll terminate their account. Unfortunately, there’s a window of time where the unethical users will continue to send spam before the company actually finds out.

No, you’re right. What’s happening here is that the senders are in fact being sneaky.

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Does Opening Multiple Tabs Affect My Network Speed?

I’m an IT web manager where I work. We now have a new guy that opens 50 plus tabs in Google Chrome. Since he’s shown up, things on our network have slowed down considerably. Logic would dictate cause and effect.

Now, I know from seeing other posts on your site about people asking about having lots of tabs open and it doesn’t affect the network as much as the individual computer. But when somebody has 50 tabs open, say half of them are running JavaScript, different codecs, codes, heck some flash, some JAVA,  that’s all gotta slow things down, right? I’m not talking 20, I’m talking 50 open all the time. Now I know you can disable updating if you know how in Chrome; I’m a Firefox guy, myself. Less data mining the better. What do you think? I’d love your input.

The best answer that I can offer is… maybe.

I’ve talked about having lots of tabs open in the past. Without a doubt, it can definitely impact the speed of your PC. The network, on the other hand, is possible, but a little less clear.

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Does downloading a lot on my smartphone shorten its life?

Does using a smartphone to download torrents reduce the lifespan of its memory card? By how much? How long would a Micro SD 32GB card last when it’s used for downloading torrents 24/7? Will the phone get too hot? Is there any effect on its life?

You have a couple of very interesting questions here about smartphone usage. Ultimately, I have to say that it depends. I’ll discuss why.

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How do I remove a failed Windows XP install?

I have a computer with Windows 98 and I wanted to install Windows XP. It did the whole install right up to the very last part – the initialization. It then said there was a fatal error. I wanted to remove XP, but it won’t let me do so. It said to cancel when Windows restarted, but there is no place or option to cancel, so that I can remove XP and try to put 98 back on. Can you please help?

Well, probably not. When it comes to installing operating systems, there really is no such thing as an “undo.” Installing an operating system is a massive task and it has a significant impact on the computer.

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Why do I keep getting a CAPTCHA?

Hi, Leo. I’m really annoyed with those CAPTCHA things that Yahoo sometimes wants me to fill out before my email can be sent. Now, I realize that if I were to send an email addressed to many recipients that Yahoo might assume that I’m spamming, but if I’m just replying to an email from a friend, I really don’t think that this CAPTCHA is called for. I’ve contacted them several times about this, but to no avail.

Before I answer your question, I have to say that I’m not surprised in the least that you’re not getting a response. Yahoo is a free email service and they actually have very little (if any) customer support. It’s not something that I would ever expect them to change. Quite literally, you’re getting what you’re paying for in that regard.

As for your question, why do you keep getting a CAPTCHA?

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How Do I Remove Only My Personal Information from a Computer?

I want to give a computer to a friend’s son, so I want to wipe all of my personal information from it. But everything I’ve read also wipes out useful programs that I keep for him to use. Do any of your articles show the best way to get rid of personal information without getting rid of everything?

The short answer here is no. The problem is that there is really no distinction between what is and is not personal information.

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