How do I change the Start sequence?

How do I change the sequence of loading items shown in MSConfig in Windows XP or Windows 7? And how do I do that in Windows 8? I couldn’t’ even find MSConfig. Perhaps many people would prefer to have their anti-malware software loaded first?

You don’t want to play around with changing the start sequence. It’s more complex than most people realize. Sometimes, it’s even error prone.

Let’s talk about why.

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Why Did this Site Go Away? And How Do I Contact the Owner?

I used to freely access a blog simply by using the web address [redacted]. This web address now takes me to a Google blog site, which does not appear to allow me to access the original website. As the original site was purely cookery based, I don’t understand why this restriction has been imposed.

There are many reasons why a site may suddenly change. Let’s look at why sites disappear and some ways to track down more information.

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What if the forwarding service goes away?

Some years ago, I subscribed to an email forwarding system by the name of This allowed me to change the ISP without changing my address. However, forevermail itself appears to have gone out of business. It has obviously left the forwarding addresses functioning on a server somewhere because the few users’ emails from users that have not changed to my address still arrive in my Outlook system. Do you know how I can remove this old address? I’ve tried mailing the domain owner, but I get no reply. With your advice, I have  purchased my own domain and therefore, I control of my own address now.

In your scenario, there’s practically nothing that can be done. If a service that you rely on goes away, you’re basically out of luck. There really isn’t any protocol or particular leverage that you or I might have to do something with a company, website, or service that disappeared.

But I do have some suggestions on what you could do.

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Why is Java telling me it’s not installed when it is?

I listened to the hoopla that if you had Java, you were inviting trouble and to uninstall it until they fixed the cracks. So I did. I had Revo Uninstaller and I used it and then I uninstalled Java setup and afterwards, I did a search and nothing was found. I waited a week or so and then I heard that they fixed it so I installed it right from Opera. Everything went as expected. I had to uninstall it about six months ago and installed it the same way. Afterwards, a window came up and said that it was installed and I should see a test object. I saw it and was told that Java was installed. I went to one of my games and it failed to boot. I was told that Java wasn’t installed. I checked programs and saw the icon. I rechecked my game and it told me that Java wasn’t installed. I checked many of my games and was told the same thing by all of them. So I reinstalled it. Everything installed the same and at the end, I was told that Java was installed. I tried a game and was told again that Java was not installed. So here I am stuck. How can I install Java so that it works on my computer?

For a while, Java had some security issues. As you noted, they were fixed… but not really. In fact, I still recommend avoiding Java, if possible. Uninstalling Java is the safest situation to be in; I don’t expect that to change any time soon.

But, I agree. Java can be a tad confusing because there are several parts to it.

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How do webcams get hacked?

I’ve heard that computers that have webcams installed can get hacked. My question is how do hackers get access? Shouldn’t I be able to see the webcam software running on my screen? How can I tell if the webcam has been hacked and how do I avoid it?

A webcam hack is nothing special. It’s just plain-old malware.

Some malware acts as spam-sending zombies. Other malware actually performs data destruction. Still other malware might sniff your keystrokes. This malware turns on your webcam and does something with what it sees.

Let’s look at how this works and what you can do.

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How Do I Tell If My Email has Been Hacked?

I’m the moderator of a fairly large moderated email list. Recently, we’ve been getting a large number of phishing messages from people who don’t know that their email has been hacked. I’d like to post a special message to the group telling everyone to check their email accounts, but how do they do that? In other words, if no one has specifically told them their address book has been compromised, they aren’t going to realize that this is their problem and they’re going to do nothing about it. Is there a way to tell? I’m getting very tired of informing them one by one and always including the link to your page on what to do if their email has been hacked.

Knowing that your email has been hacked can be very difficult to detect, particularly if you are not moderately tech savvy.

Hackers often go through extra steps to leave as few traces as possible. Sometimes, they may leave some, but it’s not that common. In fact, it’s very difficult, sometimes almost impossible to tell.

Let’s look at a couple of things that could help.

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Can my PC get a virus from my smartphone?

I wondered if a smartphone is infected with a virus. Is there a chance that the system (a PC or a laptop) could also get infected if a Windows-based malware/virus is present on the smartphone? Secondly, if a USB port is disabled in the system (PC or laptop), can there still be a virus attack on the system?

There are two questions here. Let me address the first one.

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