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A simple and clean thumbnail about understanding charger specifications. The image features a variety of chargers and power supplies with different connector styles in the background, subtly blurred to focus on the main subject: a magnifying glass in the foreground, highlighting the tiny, hard-to-read text on a charger label. The text on the charger is just visible enough to show numbers and symbols representing input and output power specs. The title 'Decoding Charger Specs' is prominently displayed in bold, easy-to-read font at the top of the image.

How to Read Phone Charger Voltage Specs

Power supply labels can be difficult to read and interpret. I’ll review what matters.

Power Supplies and Cables

Can I Use a Charger With the Same Voltage but Different Amperage Rating?

Chargers and power supplies come in a wide variety of configurations. Choosing the right one is important. I’ll look at a few of the parameters.

Why Don’t All USB Chargers Work on All USB Devices?

Charging requires both voltage and current. You may need to check the small print on your phones and devices to sort it all out.