What’s Your Take on Firefox Quantum?

I think many, like myself, will like to hear your evaluation on the latest Firefox. I know I lost a number of my regular add-ons since the new version is not compatible. I hope the programmers will get busy and fix them. I appreciate all those who make Firefox’s add-ons.

Firefox Quantum, AKA version 57 or later, is touted as representing a major overhaul of Firefox to improve speed, security, and privacy. At the same time, the interface used to enable add-ons has changed, presumably for the same reasons.

Like you, I was curious if the new Firefox would behave differently. Not long ago, I ran a quick personal trial of half a dozen different browsers, and found that every single one of them had issues of one sort or another. Be it memory usage, speed, compatibility, or something else entirely, none of them were without issues.

I loaded up Firefox Quantum and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. In fact, I’m typing in it right now.

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