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How do I download Process Explorer?

I’ll admit it: I’m a newbie. I’ve seen you talk about
downloading something called “Process Explorer”. Great, just how do I go about
doing that? Did I mention I’m a newbie?

Not a problem. Process Explorer is one of my favorite, can’t live without
it, tools. I recommend it’s use frequently when diagnosing problems.

But rather than describing how to download it, let me show you.

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Note: this video’s fairly out of date, as Process Explorer has been moved to the Microsoft web site when SysInternals was purchased by Microsoft. You’ll find it here. While the details are somewhat different, the concepts outlined in the video below still apply.

I’ve put together a short, two minute video walking through the steps to
download, open and run Process Explorer. Hopefully viewing that’ll explain
things better than I could describe.

View in HD (1280×720)

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5 comments on “How do I download Process Explorer?”

  1. Mr Leo,

    I am having a problem of uninstalling a program named Registry Cleaner. I went to all the files and deleted six of them that came with Registry Cleaner. I have also ran the search program and evidently it is on another program, but I can not find it. Is there any hope of ever being able to uninstall this program?

    I have a Compaq Presario, using XP SP2…

    Thanks Leo, Phil Dedrick

  2. On the contrary … at the very bottom of the new page is a link labeled “Download Process Explorer (1.5 MB)”. The page has moved and looks very different, but the download link is most DEFINITELY there.

  3. Wasn’t able to view the video on downloading Process Explorer? But don’t I already have something similar to Process Explorer on my Windows XP? Thanks.

  4. Tried to click on the link ” Watch the video: Downloading Process Explorer” nothing happened?

    Article’s been updated to display the video once again. Note that the video is pretty old – I really need to actually update the video itself.


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