Ask Leo! PodcastThe Ask Leo! podcast is actually very simple.

Since October 16, 2014 each podcast episode is simply me reading each Ask Leo! post. Occasionally, I might make slight modifications to make things make sense audibly — typically when talking about graphic elements accompanying the article.

In mid-2020, I switched to a more conversational style of video. The podcast is now the audio taken from that video.

Getting the podcast

There are several ways to listen to the Ask Leo! podcast.

  • You can use the audio player at the end of each article to listen right there.
  • You can download the mp3 from a link underneath the player and listen to it at your convenience using whatever technologies you might like.
  • You can subscribe to the podcast using your favorite podcast “podcatching” application – the feed URL is https://askleo.com/podcast.
  • You can subscribe to Ask Leo! in an RSS feed reading applications (the feed URL is https://askleo.com/feed/). The audio is included and many feed readers will automatically display an audio player.
  • You can subscribe to the Ask Leo! podcast in iTunes.
  • You can subscribe to Ask Leo! on YouTube, since the podcasts are recorded as videos and posted there.

Different people learn and consume information in different ways. I’m hoping that the audio version of Ask Leo! will help you get a better handle on the often complex issues that I cover.

2 comments on “Podcast”

  1. Ask Leo has been a learning experience for me as I’m 68 years old and slow in learning. My last remembered OS was windows 7 and Windows XP some 10 years ago, so I’m trying to catch up on my learning. I want to personally thank you for being a great teacher for something I’ve got to learn…. Respectfully Yours ITH

    And have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. Dear Leo,
    You are still one of the most reliable, unbiased resources for all of us folks dealing with the common computer problem we encounter on an almost daily basis. Each day the technology gets a bit more complex and confusing. I have been relying on you for good computer advise for over twenty years. I can’t tell you how many times I have relied on you to help solve a problem, for guidance, or select a certain software application to stay safe and maintain my computer. Thanks for all you do for us non-techies out there.