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What is wupdater.exe?


Wupdater.exe is spyware. Get yourself an up-to-date spyware scanner and it should remove it, as well as cleaning up related startup problems.

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12 comments on “wupdater.exe”

  1. this plague can be removed by following this path in the registry HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run
    once here you can see it on the right pane highlight and destroy the damn thing.

    My Pleasure!!!

  2. I don’t know how similar “wsaupdater.exe” is to “wupdater.exe” but I’ve recently been running across issues with folks not being able to log into windows xp and the cause has been that Ad-aware 6 (build 181) cannot change a certain registry entry and when the offending ad/spy/mal/crapware (Blazefind) is removed it causes xp to apparently loop back to the login screen. It’s repairable and in fact Lavasoft has a knowledge base article on it (#04060901)

    I’m not sure if Spybot or Spysweeper removes the offending entry properly, only that Ad-ware 6 (build 181) does not. Yet another reason to use several crapware cleaners, not just one.

  3. Here’s what I did to remove the “wupdater” error message (which was driving me crazy).

    Click START, then RUN, then type REGEDIT, which opened the registry.

    Click on EDIT, and then FIND KEY. Type in “WUPDATER”. The command line “wupdater.exe” was highlighted. I then deleted that line from the registry.

    Problem solved.

  4. Step 1: remover wupdater from registry

    Go to start windows start, selct run. Type regedit. Then go to edit> find, search for updater. Remove all files relating to the updater.

    Step 2: stop wudater.exe proces (when it’s running (and it is) you can delete the file)
    with cnrl, atl, del go to windows task manager, go to processes. Find wudater.exe and stop the process.

    step 3: delete wupdater.exe

    Go to you windows explorer. Go to search, search for wupdater.exe delete the 2 files.

  5. When I log on to my aol this message comes up as an error report. What can I do to turn this off or remove it without cleaning out my computer?

  6. Kool, its about time i got rid of this fkn thing. i kept getting a EndNow error everysingle time i tried to close windows.

    thank you so much.
    i must have installed wup through KeenValue.exe

  7. I’ve tried it all …I’ve looked in the registry, hidden files, folders, etc. Windows task manager and I can’t find the dam thing…Blazefind or wupdater.exe or wsaupdater.exe. What next….please???? Again it’s not in HKLMachine\software\microsoft\current version\run. I did get rid of it for awhile that way but I did a system restore and the thing came back, maybe under a different address?



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