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Why does my DSL drop after a few hours?

I am having problems with a “dropped I.P.” address. I run Win2000 with
Belkin Router and McAfee firewall. I updated firm ware on the Belkin router I
use, on the recommendation of Verizon DSL Tech Support, who showed no problem
with their connection or modem.

Without exception now, my Verizon DSL connection “drops out” somewhere
around 5-6 hours after start up. I re-boot and things are fine for 5-6 hours.
Small annoyance in the scheme of life, but irritating nonetheless.

Boy, does this sound familiar.

My solution involved a shovel.

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I had exactly this same problem with my Verizon DSL. Verizon tech support
was glued to their checklist and as a result, I found them less than
helpful. Ultimately I ended up leaving Verizon over it.

My problem actually turned out to be noise on the phone line. The telephone
company (Verizon, but different than Verizon Online) came out and discovered that
the buried line had a crack in it and there was moisture in the wires. (I do
live near Seattle; moisture’s no surprise.)

So your phone line might be worth checking out.

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28 comments on “Why does my DSL drop after a few hours?”

  1. Problem could also be caused by a “back to base” monitoring alarm system. You might need a filter on the line that goes to the alarm system.
    Regards Steve

  2. well i have the same problem but my only stays up for 2 hours at min, i reset my router then it starts working fine again. do you think it could be the router or the dsl box? but it cant be the router becuase i just bought a new one a week ago.

    if you have a suggestion of what might be happening please email me at [Email Address Removed]


  3. I’ve noticed that in times of high bandwidth the connection may drop. It usually drops for me when I’m on the Kad network in emule.

  4. Guess what…I got the same problem…perhaps we should form a “drop out club”. Anyway, I tried using the command prompt ping and I get the time out response. When I reboot, everything works OK. Next time I lose the connection I am going to try the ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew to see if that works. I will keep you posted.

  5. Found my answer…it was not anything wrong with DSL, but with my firewall software…zonealarm…seems that you have to put your DSN IP address into a trusted zone. When I did this…I have not had a problem since. Actually, it alwo worked when I turned off zonealarm and used Microsoft’s firewall. Check yours…you might be surprised.

  6. my verizon dsl last only one hour or less and drops. I call verizon tech support and after dealing with recordings and then there support person who could not speak english she said the problem was with my computer. but i have two computers and dsl drops from both. how can there be problems with both computers?

  7. If i’m inactive for 5 to 10 minutes i have to reboot the modum. i’ve had two go-arounds with verizon tech support in some third-world country who, I agree, cannot only not speak english, but I don’t think they understand english. i was told to put a new wall socket in, take my computer to a computer shop, etc. etc. i can’t stand it. any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. send to my email address. thanks.

  8. I just posted this question to Leo after using another search term that didn’t bring anything up, sorry! Finally found it here. I, too, have the same problem with Verizon DSL. I talked with (probably) the same dude from India. I got the same result. It is frustrating, and if it weren’t for the $180 to switch to cable, I would have already switched. I will soon, though. I will keep checking to see if anything other answers come up. Thanks

    [Email Address Removed]

  9. My DSL drops intermitantly from every few minutes to hours and no amount of restars or diagnostics seem to help. I havew disabled norton and other related programs and ran 3 different spyware removers. E Link tech support is baffled and my wife wants to kill me and or the computer.

    My next stop is to replace all the DSL filters and sockets, then trim the phone lines at the ends ? Any other suggestions?
    Could Direct TV be causing the problem?

  10. I quit trying to track the cause. I just put a “Band-aid” on it. The company that I work for uses them on their DSL installations.

    It is an AC power strip that pings the outside world and when it fails to get a return ping it resets the power strip (where the modem and router are connected). They speak English too.

  11. I too have this problem. I spoke with Verizon support in Timbucktoo or wherever they are. The lady I spoke with could not seem to get it through her head that I had tried all the “usual” solutions. She kept having me reboot my system and plug/unplug this and that. I think the problem may lie with my firewall but I don’t know how to fix it.

    Usually when this happens I am getting a solid I-connection light and my router is flashing showing a signal getting there but it appears my connection is being rejected. I tried removing my wireless router and making a direct connection and even using my laptop computer to connect. Both computers are running Norton Internet Security/firewall. I can’t seem to narrow it down because it doesn’t seem to happen with any consistency. Rebooting sometimes works but not always and I am unable to connect again for hours sometimes. This has been an ongoing problem for over a year now. The funny thing seems to be that I usually can connect between 8AM and 4PM with no problem although sometimes it drops during these times too. The only reason I stay with it is the alternatives aren’t great either.

    Verizon technical support has gone from quite good when I first got DSL to NON EXISTENT.

    Anyone with any ideas on the software side?

  12. The more devices you have plugged into the phone line will slow down the speed. Also the direct tv recivers will also kill the dsl signal, make sure your sat reciver is filtered. The main telephone line that comes into your house should have a wilcom filter there for best results, it will filter all the other lines in your house and provide a direct dsl signal to your dsl modem jack.

  13. The fact is the Verizon DSL is just plain horrible..It isnt your firewalls in most cases because i have mines completely removed and i still have the dreaded blinking light appear or the even worse solid liight of the comatosed modem its a horrible service run by a terrible company soon the are suppose to be running fiber optics where i live which im sure will cost a arm and leg but i will still try it in hopes the DSL is just a bad internet idea soon about to go the way of the 56k but if Verizon fiber optics isnt any better then thier DSL i will be going back to cable damn the expense..By the way as far as customer service goes dont even bother call your local office during the day time so you can get someone that speaks english and understands you when you tell them to take a flying head long leap off the nearest and tallest structure ..

  14. I had the same problem. Turned out it was inside wiring. Check all inside wires. If you have splices, redo them all. Remove all wall jacks and check connections. If you can use a different pair of wires do so. This is how I solved my problem.

  15. I had the same problem – Verizon could not figure it out – “checklist-only” thinking. I mentioned that the router worked, the modem worked, etc, but I was only able to connect to the internet when I was actually talking on the phone (they didn’t believe me). Turned out to be a wiring issue – my home had faulty wiring. Once that was fixed, no problem. This issue also happened in another building with Verizon with old wiring.

    Verizon tech support is pretty useless. I spent hours on the phone before they figured out what I already suspected (line noise, line connection, bad wiring…). Also, every time you call, you have to start over at ground zero with the checklist with some guy overseas in a different time zone. If I did not have tech skills, I would have canceled (that’s what my friend did).


  17. I know that by changing the TCP/IP settings you are “hard coding” the NIC. Is there another way to hard code a nic so that TCP/IP stay to obtain but yet the IP address is different.

  18. I’ve run into the same curse. Moved out into the country where I’m not able to get a cable modem. I am stuck with Verizon DSL which is lousy. Verizon’s Tech support, I agree, is useless. I had a technician stop by the house and he replaced faulty wiring outside. Nothing wrong with the Tech. I thought the problem had gone away….but no. Not as many drops but still annoying.

    At my previous home I lost my cable modem connection maybe 3 days out of the year. If I add up how much time I lost with my DSL in just 10 months….I’d say….about a month’s worth.

    It’s flat out frustrating when you are doing work from home….and “disconnected”….ahhhhh!!!

  19. You can try running a line straight from your jack out to your Network interface outside and place a splitter. This will remove all the bridge tap inside and faulty wiring and also going around the alarm if you have one. Also check your phone jack if its got corrosion or bent pins change it out and make sure theres a good connections. If that doesnt fix your problem then its more then likely a bad modem or a issue on the phone companies side. Either a bridge tap that needs to be removed or bad lines outside from the CO.

  20. Well one more try…I was almost finish completeing this comment and at the very finished I lost connection, so I am back. verizon sucks!! rep told me yesterday that my phone lines were fine. well when I got home from work, I plug a phone in my NIC outside. I heard music this time and a different language…Is my Dsl wiring my problem now inside or what to do? I sometimes have a hard time talking phone when internet is up..Sometimes I have to call my own home phone to seems like open up the line. Works sometimes and sometimes not. I am frustrated as you can see. This has been going on for a year or more. No luck with the Phillipines because they can’t speak English. The tech (out of three)told me that from 1-10 I am 9.5 from Verizon Central ofice for my lines. swell!!! I have all the problems as you guys do. How can I resolve this issue without Verizon. They are no help!! I am tired of spending $$ to Verizon and no help. I have not yet to plug the modeum phone directly yet into the NIC. I replaced the jack modeum. no difference…Help I am tired of this all …any suggestions…Can’t afford $91.00 hour for tech to come out and tell my lines are working fine….

  21. Verizon has given me years of frustration for internet, phone, cable and wireless in multiple states – they say they have the best service and it was true for wireless phone a few years ago – but now they are [removed] and it is too time consuming to switch, [removed].

  22. My problem was also bad house wiring. Ran new phone wire into my house, put in new jacks, and my internet connection is really stable now…

  23. I had similar issues – the phone line was picking up interfetence from ethernet / other unshielded wires in the home.

    Simple solution: Wrap Al foil around the phone cable coming from the wall outlet to the DSL modem. Cover by wrapping over with scotch tape for permanence and insulation. You now have yourself a ‘shielded’ phone / DSL wire. This solved my issues. Also, make sure to use filters on all other phone jacks if you have a regular land line phone / fax machine etc connected elsewhere in the home.


  24. I have AT&T(SWB) DSL and have same dropping problem. I feel that your discussions make sense. I’ll try to fix my phone lines. If still getting problem, I’ll have to drop DSL services.

  25. I just activated my verizon DSL last night and already I have had to reset my modem twice because my internet light goes out periodically. I had DSL for years at my previous residence and I think I reset the modem once the entire time I had it. I have already had to speak with tech support and I can already tell how much fun it is going to be to deal with them as they don’t really speak English. IS there any sort of legal action that could possibly get results or maybe someone we can call here in the states? I am not going to argue with someone who can’t even speak English. I really REALLY hate outsourcing.

  26. I used cable internet and Vonage phone for years and only lost signal when cable lines went down (hurricanes, etc.). I recently switched to AT&T DSL and now have to reset my modem almost daily, sometimes more than once a day, and for some reason, many times on Wednesdays. Any ideas?


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