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Why can’t I open attachments in Outlook?


Why can’t I open attachments in Outlook?

Recent versions of both Outlook and Outlook Express have been changed to prevent access to attachments by default. You need to take some additional steps to allow you to access those attachments again.

Microsoft has the perception of designing many of its products with lax security with the most common example being that default settings impose little or no safety restrictions. As security issues have become more of a focus Microsoft has slowly been making changes to make applications more secure by default. The Outlooks are two examples.

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Remember that Outlook and Outlook Express are two different programs. Because of this, what’s needed to get access to your attachments is dramatically different depending on which you are using.

Outlook Express users have it easy. In the Tools menu, select Options, and then in the Options dialog, select the Security tab. In that dialog will be a checkbox labeled “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus”. It is checked by default. Uncheck it to regain access to your attachments.

Outlook 2002 users have a bit more of a challenge. Warning: getting Outlook 2002 to open potentially unsafe attachments requires editing the registry. As always, backup the registry before you do so.

Microsoft’s knowledgebase article that deals with this issue in detail can be found here. Among other
information it details the specific registry keys that need to be added or modified to allow access to specific types of attachments.

Personally, I find it somewhat interesting that they suggest having the sender of the attachment resend it under a different name before they present modifying the registry as an option. I’ll also admit that if you’re at all squeamish about playing in the Windows registry that’s my recommendation also.

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  1. Great site. The one thing I could add is, while EVERYONE tells you to back up the registry before editing it, this is almost as dangerous as editing the registry in the first place. In order to allow the least chance that the registry will become corrupted during a save, changing the name of the files is a safer method, albeit more trouble to go through.

  2. Dear sir
    I am used ms outlook 2000 for mailing purpose with windows 98 operating system.Whenever i received mail from windows xp user(os : xp,Mail software : ms outlook) with attachment are showing untitled name with windows logo.If sender send me two or three attachment then i need to save at disk and then double clcik to attachment for open in approprite software.Please send me solution for my ms outlook problem

  3. When a mail is sent from MS Outlook on one machine to Outlook Express on another machine (both machines with XP, all updates installed), then many a times the attachments doesn’t show on Outlook Express. The mail shows the size of the attachment, but there in no ‘clip’ sign on which to click and access the attachment. This happens intermittently, not always. Why?

  4. When I archived my emails I was using a different email address than I have now.

    Now I need one of the archived files, and I cannot get it because I do not have “access ” to those files.

    Any idea on how I may open the archive?

  5. Hi Leo,
    Please tell me how i could send music ( midi or .wav0 with my PowerPoint presentations. I can setup music on my system whilst viewing the presentation but when I send it to a friend the music is missing.
    Thank you

  6. Tools/Options/Security/uncheck has been done in my OE6 (operating Windows XP). Clicking Reply, then dbl clicking attachment line seems to work. What happened to paperclip on the body of the incoming mail and why the problem these past few months? Today, I tried to send an attachment. Soon as I clicked Send, the Attach: line disappeared. However, the recipient said he received it. Thank you for this site: until tonight, I thought the problem was all mine alone cuz even my tech support at Award Winning was at a lose.

  7. I still need help, I was trying to save an email attachment to a floppy disk when it just stopped, and then I got this message, that Outlook Express removed all attachments that could be potentially harmful, When I changed the security tab, Tthe message Im getting now is that outlook failed to execute. So today, I cannot get an email attachments, please help. KS

  8. Whenever i want to open an attachment, this meesage comes up :PAINT CANNOT READ THIS FILE. THIS IS NOT A VALID BITMAP FILE OR ITS FORMAT IS NOT CURRENTLY SUPPORTED;.

  9. Hello, I can not get some of my email’s
    attachments in outlook and that is while i can
    get them with the help of another email
    program, like netscape, please tell me what to do.
    thanx a lot,

  10. After importing messages from Outlook to Outlook Express and unchecking the Security tab option in order to see attachments, I am still unable to see all of my attachments. I can see *some*, but not all. Any ideas?

  11. When I try to open an attachment in Outlook Express, my Photoshop program opens saying it cant open because its the wrong program.
    Any ideas what is going on?
    I unchecked the security.

  12. When I open any attachment from Outlook, 1st it asks if I want to open or save (as normal) choose open and it opens Explorer. I have checked file Any ideas?

  13. In general, you cannot. You must open the attachments to see them. Naturally, be certain that you know what it is before you open it, so that it’s not some virus.

  14. I have Outlook 2002 installed with an Exchange Server setup. Sometimes when I receive an email with an attachment, when I open up the email to read it the attachment is not there. However if I forward the email the attachment again becomes visible.

    Please help

  15. I have been cleaning up my pc and since doing so,
    I can no longer double click on any of my email attachements to open them, I have obviously deleted something I shouldnt have. When I attempt to open I get the following error “Application not found”
    Urgent help PLEEEEEAAASEEE!

  16. I don’t have the dialogue ‘Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened,etc. under tools/security, so what do I do? OE won’t let me open ANY attachments on ANY E-mails received. I’ve got WinXP(home).

  17. Leo – you commented that in Outlook you cannot directly see attachments (e.g. .jpg pictures) – you have to open them. Yet in Outlook Express you can. Is there any way possible to configure Outlook in the same way Outlook Express is configured, so you can view attached pictures without specifically opening them? If not, why Outlook Express alows that and Outlook does not?

  18. I can not open Book1.xls Excel file in Outlook
    my be vendor send me too many attach files using one common file name , how to insert or open this attach “Book1″ Excel File ”
    The other attache file wiht differenct name can be opened or inserted to my outlook mails.

  19. I’ve read the article (what appears to be the article anyway) and have conducted numerous searches. Yes the same question has been posted prior to mine and there does not appear to be a definitive answer – anywhere.

    “I am using Outlook 2003. I can’t even open jpeg attachment. Do I need to install any kinda softwares”


    Error message: The system cannot find the specified file.

    Is this a system or Outlook program problem and how do I correct it?

  20. You should not have to install additional software. What happens when you try to open the attachment? And what are the steps you go through to try to open it?

  21. My operating system is windows xp hm. I use outlook express. I can not open an attachment w/ .xls extension. The error message is no program associated w/ it to preform action. Create an association in the folder options in my control panel????

  22. While in Outlook, I can open Word documents just fine but when I try to open Excel documents, I get a message that it can’t find the path. What is different? I made sure that the default file location in both Word and Excel are the same.

  23. It can’t find the “path to the file”. This happens on all Excel docs in Outlook only. They open just fine if I save them to the hard drive and then open. I have made sure that in Explorer that I have told it to always open .xls docs with Excel.

  24. OK, this is a long shot, but I have something for you to look at at least. In Windows Explorer:

    Tools->Folder Options->File Types, scroll to and click on the “XLS” type, hit the “Advanced” button, click on “Open” (it should be bold), click on Edit. The Application is the full path to Excel with /e (in my case: “C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOFFICE11EXCEL.EXE” /e ). Now, on my machine, “use dde” is also checked, and the DDE Message is


    The quotes are important, because if the filename has special characters, like spaces, in them they could confuse it. Even if your filename doesn’t, if the path to the temporary directory does (as in “Documents and settings”) does, then the same applies.

    You might compare the settings you found for “.xls” and “.doc” to see if there’s an obvious difference on your machine.

  25. I have Outlook attachments in Adobe format that when I click on it to Open it takes me to Word. Word does not open .pdf files very well. SO I saved the attachment and then clicked to open it in My Documents and again it opens in Word. Any ideas? Your comments don’t mention the exact registry lines to append and the link is only on backing it up.

  26. Cannot open attachments, I’m using Outloook 2003. These are just jpegs.
    The only thing that might have changed I had problems getting into exploreer and called my service provider and he fixed the problem but maybe something else happened. Thought I’d give you a try first.

  27. Every time I try to open attachments in outlook this message pops up( This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the the Folder Options control panel.) What am I supposed to do?

  28. It depends on the type of file you’re attempting to open. But the message means that you don’t have a program that knows how to handle that type of file, or that program is not properly registered to do so. Normal solution is to install or reinstall the program that is supposed to handle that type of file.

  29. The question posted by Alyson is my question. “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the folders option control panel”. I know what it means, how do I do it? I have tried all the suggestions and nothing works. Every thing I try it says it is not right. What do I do?

  30. Save the file to disk, and then in WIndows Explorer, right click on the file, select “Open With”, select “Choose Program”, and then select the program you want to use to open that program and make sure “always use this program” is checked when you do it.

  31. Some else asked last year and I didn’t see an answer:

    “Sometimes when I receive an email with an attachment, when I open up the email to read it the attachment is not there. However if I forward the email the attachment again becomes visible.”

    This is the case for me. I am using Outlook 2002, not as an exchange server.

    I recently reinstalled Office, as my main hard drive died and I don’t know if Outlook defaulted to a different setting than I had previously, as this problem just surfaced.

    This only happens with emails from one person that I know of (an important client). How can I solve this problem?

    1. There are no errors messages.
    2. I have no viruses or spyware.
    3. Windows is updated.

  32. Alyson (Jan 18) and Susan (Jan 21) have asked the question I needed to ask.
    So I have followed advice from Leo (Jan 24) – but keep getting message that “this is not a valid web file”

    Wouldn’t it be awful if snail mail had all these complications ! ! !

  33. mr, alyson,

    i did following thing, now it’s fine.
    Save the file to disk, and then in WIndows Explorer, right click on the file, select “Open With”, select “Choose Program”, and then select the program you want to use to open that program and make sure “always use this program” is checked when you do it.

  34. I have had no trouble with attachments in Outlook until last Friday. To my knowledge I have not changed any settings. And the attachments that I cannot open are easily opened on my Treo. What do I do now?



    I think I figured out an easier way to bypass the problem with not being able to open attachments. Try it, works for me every time.

    In HOTMAIL I noticed that if the button marked: “Always ask for my
    e-mail address and password” is selected I can’t open any attachments.
    However, when I make sure the button marked: “Save my e-mail address” is selected it opens every time. Could just be a crazy coincidence or I may be onto something regarding the security feature within hotmail.

    Post this comment if you find it to be helpful.
    My guess is that it might work just the same with other email adresses than hotmail.

    Let me know if this works for you…that it’s not a fluke.

  36. I found often times renaming them, as in if they are a .exe take off the .exe. Inform the receiver to rename it back. Another is to zip it as well

  37. Every one that has a problem opening attachments with common names like book1.xls and so on, should clear their OLK114 (or like this) because it gets full with files like book154.xls when opening the same file name attachment many times. It helped me I just found this by accident.

  38. I receive and error message each time I try to open attachements from Outlook Express 6. I am using Win2000 Pro, and the security settings in OE are set to allow attachements to be opened. Here is the error message: Access to the specified device, path or file is denied.
    This is a new problem, as I have previously NOT had problems opening the attachments (pdf, jpg, doc)
    Thank you,
    Ellen Carnathan

  39. Sending my utmost appreciation to STan who posted on June 15, 2006 06:39 AM the following: Every one that has a problem opening attachments with common names like book1.xls and so on, should clear their OLK114 (or like this) because it gets full with files like book154.xls when opening the same file name attachment many times. It helped me I just found this by accident. (end of STan’s post)

    I spent literally hours on the phone with MS trying to solve this problem, and they didn’t have a CLUE! And it was corrected as Stan suggested. The OLK14D files were in the temp internet files, but NOT being cleared when I deleted my temp internet files, so I cleared them manually, and ALL attachments open fine in outlook now. Thank you, thank you STan!

  40. when I try to open attatchments it say I have dialog box open and it needs to be closed I don’t know how to do that please help

  41. I used to use OpenOffice to read .xls files, but now I use MS Excel. However, Outlook Express still opens .xls files with OpenOffice. I changed the File Types settings (Win XP Pro). If I save the file and double click from the desktop, it will open with MS Excel.

    It seems like Outlook Express has cached the old file type setting someplace. Is there a way to get it to use the new setting?


  42. When i click on the paper clip to save attachment it comes up with an error that says “there is an error saving 1 or more attachments. Please check disk space.”

    I have plenty of disk space.

    What’s the problem.

  43. My problem is slightly different Outlook Express shows attachments are there and when I double-click on it a window opens up as usual showing the attachment in the Attach window but I can now longer open it as I used to. I have found that I can drag the attachment to the desktop and open it from there , but that is a Pain

  44. I get the same as some of you “There was an error opening one or more of the attatchments. Please check your free disk space and try again.

  45. I found thay some users are unable to open JPG files as attachments in MS Outlook 2003 unless they are in the “local administrators” group or the “power users” group on MS Windows XP pro and Windows 2000 Pro.

    I think there may be a way to change the security at the registry level to allow access so the limited user can open the JPG file by clicking on it from Outlook 2003. I’m thinking this is an operating system security permissions issue more than an Outlook application problem.

    I still need to do some testing to see if this theory proves to be true but I have a long weekend ahead so it’ll be next week before I’m able try. If anyone else want to try, feel free, or if you alreay know, let me know so I don’t have to do any testing. I think I’ll just need to figure out where the JPG entries are in the registry and start testing from there. Of course, I’ll use a test PC and a test account that is not in the domain administrator’s group.


  46. I also found an article that says there is a registry entry you can add for Outlook. You’ll create this entry and tell it what type of attachments are safe for Outlook to open and seperate them by semicolons (;). I haven’t tried any of this so ya’ll keep me informed on your findings, if you get a chance.


  47. when i click on attachment it is gray(not hightlighted)with an envelope or other symbols. sometimes it brings up a box wanting to know where i want to put the attach.

  48. I cannot open files that are .pps. I downloaded the powerpoint viewer, and it still will not open .pps files. I get a message telling me to create an association in the file folder in the control panel; however, I do not know which association to use. I really need help with this problem.

  49. I used to be able to open email attachments in O.E.
    Now, the response is the attachment is an unknown file type and to choose from the following programs to open the attachment. Word works but it is a mess with lines and lines of code. JPeg and PP work fine. Hope you have an answer for me. Thanks…..

  50. someone snd me an email of these collectables…i am tyin to resell this item, so what i did was copy and paste the picture into a new email. now the person says he/she cannot view the picture….for some reason its just not showing up. =/

  51. I get emails that end in (.email)from a friend that uses hot mail, also he is forwarding these and they have been forwarded many times, but I am the only one unable to open them. HELP

  52. Hi I am running windows 2003 server with Office 2003. I installed some updates and now I cannot open any .jpeg files in email messages. If I save the file then it will open with windows photo gallery. All other attachments seem to open without save. I get an error message saying ” Not Application found ” PLs reply me …

  53. Hi Leo,

    I hope I am in the right forum and that you can help with a vexing problem.

    Normally I can receive attachments including jpegs from other people and open them with no problem. I have found that when my son sends me attachments from his computer using XP Home and BT Yahoo webmail, the attachments are initially unopenable. They seem to be in jpeg_= format. I have got around it by setting jpeg_= ‘s to open in Windows picture and fax viewer in Folder Options but they will not open in any application except My Pictures. The icon looks “empty”. I can also open them if I same them to my hard drive and rename them. I had not heard of jpeg_=’s before this.

    This problem doesn’t happen with attachments from any other computer and it didn’t happen in the past with attachments from my son.

    I use Outlook 2003 and XP Home.

    It is a mystery.

    Sorry to trouble you but hoping someone can help.



    Hash: SHA1

    I’ve not heard of “jpeg_=” either. I believe it’s an encoding problem on
    the sending end, but it’s one I’ve not seen before, and I’m not sure how
    to resolve it. It’s unlikely that he has the option to change the
    message encoding, but switching to, or from, plain text emails might
    help, or at least change the situation.

    And it sounds like you’re already doing what I would have suggested:
    saving them and renaming them.

    Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (MingW32)


  55. Thanks Leo. Much appreciate your reply. I will ask my son if he can try that.
    I forgot to mention that the pictures seem to be alright when he sends them to other people. Only I seem to be affected.

  56. Leo I am trying to use the method you recemend to open attachments,but when I go to the directed tab(security)it doesnt look anything like you are describing.I have xp,outlook express.Please Help me.Thank you.

  57. leo i am trying to view pps files and cant with outlook 2003 … maybe a file association problem? wondering if u can help me. thanx

  58. I used to be able to open a link in my emails but now when I click on it, nothing happens….what can I do? The link still shows a link, underlined and in color. My cursor still changes to a finger pointing when I am on the link as well!

  59. I also can not open attachments in Outlook, nor can I send, them. I used to be able to have my Hotmail screen pop up if I wanted to send or open an attachment. Now after the new Internet explorer The only programs listed to open are OL and Notepad, and Microsoft word. Can’t figure out why Hotmail option disappeared as an option. How do I enable to open(and use) Outlook??

  60. Leo,
    My Outlook 2003 locks up whenever I try to open an email that contains any type of attachment. My wife has a seperate account and we are both listed as administrators. She has no problems in this regards, but mine locks up and I have to use the task manager to stop it and restart Outlook but it still does the same thing. It blows my mind as I am pretty savvy with computers and can’t figure this one out.


  61. I cant open attachment straight on outlook express, but i must first save them to some folder when i can open attachments.

    What setting i wrong ???

    Best regards from Finland

    Pasi Petteri Manninen

  62. Leo, setting Level1Remove only allows the attachment to come through, but still forces me to save it to disk to open. How can I force Outlook 2003 to allow me to open the Attachment INSIDE the email itself?

  63. Why can’t I open attachments in Outlook Express, and when I go to the security tab the option is grayed out. I’m using Windows XP can you help?

  64. We have VOIP phones that use Outlook to open and listen to your voicemails…but i have one user that is getting a cannot open attachment error when trying to listen to his…what could be causing this?

  65. Why can’t I open attachment/web site straight on outlook express, but i must first save them to some folder when i can open attachments.

    What setting i wrong ???

  66. After checking virus and it asks me to click open, it shows the box of down load and it keeps down loading only with no end and it doesn’t open same thing for saving.

  67. Leo,

    I run Outlook for MS Vista. Beforehand, I wasn’t having any problems sending and recieving attachemnts.

    For some reason, no one can open my attachments. I’ve checked to ensure my mail set-up and attachments are in HTML, but it’s still not working. It only works if I change the settings to Plain text.

    Please help, as I need my Outlook to send/recieve in HTML for my business!!!



  68. Why can’t I open .doc and other email attachements? pdf attachment I can open and thats it. Could AVG virus detector be blocking access? I am using Outlook Express and do have this feature unchecked so that I can get access but still can’t open any attachments.

  69. The link “in detail can be found here. Among ” seems to go to the registry backup and restore article.

  70. I can’t open some of the attachments from my boss who also has I contacted hughesnet and they say there isn’t a problem with the server. I have Windows XP.

  71. Hello Leo,

    I am not able to open any link comes through the job bank to me.I should be able to click on the link and should be able to see the email contents. As soon as I click on the link my computer starts installing a a complete seup of new Adobe 8.

    Please help so i can read the link rather than installing a new setup.

    Thank you,


  72. Receved automatic updates to xp security last thursday may 15 or so and now i can’t open attachments nor make attachments to my email in outlook. I get an upable to open some attachments error message. the OUtlook security menu seems to have changed to a digital id set up. I use out look 2000 Seems like secuirty update has prevented my from getting attachment or adding my vcard to outgoing mail. What up?

  73. i have tried unchecking the security issue but still cannot open links in my email attachments since i have downloaded sp2.i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the pack.can u help me?thank-you

  74. can’t condirm subscription because when I click your link a screen comes up with what program do
    you want to use to open this. Nothing lets it

  75. my client’s collegue cannot view attatchments recieved straight from within pastel. my client has to send it to herself first before sending it to her collegue. please help.

  76. Leo
    I am unable to open pdf files which are attachments to Outlook Express (6) emails. All other attachemnts (jpg.doc etc) open without problem.
    I regularly get an error message telling me that the file is not assiciated with a programme – but in the Control Panel, File Options pdf files ARE associated with Adobe Reader (9).
    Any suggestions?

  77. For Outlook 2003 sp3 when you try to save the outlook item with attachments as an Outlook Message format (.msg) say in your local drive, right click the .msg set the properties to read only and click on Apply and then try to open it gives error message could not open one or more attachments and it always opens message minus one attachment, for instance if there are 2 attachments it will only open one attachment.

  78. For some time I had a lot of trouble with attachments not staying attached / not arriving at destination. I am using Microsoft Outlook.
    Solved the problem yesterday. I simply TURNED OFF RICH TEXT in favour of PLAIN TEXT. No more problem. Clay

  79. Page does not answer the question vis a vis Outlook 2002. Referenced MS knowledge base page is all about backing up the registry, not file attachment permissions in Outlook 2002.

  80. I could not open an email attachment that said PuppyLove.doc. I was told the file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder options in Control Panel. I do not understand what I should do. Help.

  81. when I am in my outlook email and I receive an ad from say….Coldwater Creek and I want to open one of the options they give me within the ad, I do not get anything. It will just put a box around the area and not open it. Please advise. Up until 2 days ago, I had no problem. Thanks!

  82. I have Outlook Express and have adjusted the settings in tools, options, security and uncked box for attachments and still can not open attach unless they are a paperclip, can not open or enter anthing else. Help!!

  83. I’m using Outlook 2003 at work. One of my bosses uses Lotus Notes. When he forwards me an email with Word attachements, Outlook doesn’t know what to use to open them. We both use Word 2003. When I try to open it in Word it’s all greek.

  84. I have Outlook Express and cannot open the attachments. I went into tools and unclicked do not allow attachments, but I still get the same results. A pop up appears stating,This file does not have a file associated with it for ferforming this action, creat an association in the folder options control panel.
    I do not know how to do this.

  85. I have an INTERMITTENT problem opening .jpg photo attachments in outlook express emails. I have changed the security tab as suggested to no avail.

  86. In office 2007 I had same problem.

    I clicked on office logo on top right and then clicked on excel options. click on advanced options, go down to general category and see if “igonore other applications using DDE..” or something to that effect. unclick this and you will be able to open excel files from outlook.

  87. I’m using Outlook 2003 at work. One of my bosses uses Lotus Notes. When he forwards me an email with Word attachements, Outlook doesn’t know what to use to open them. We both use Word 2003. When I try to open it in Word it’s all greek.

  88. Hello,

    I’m using Outlook 2007 and just today I am unable to click on links in emails. A window pops up stating: “The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Contact your systems administrator”. What can I do to fix this ASAP?


  89. Just had a real head ache with one lap top using an external keyboard, again couldn’t open outlook documents turns out it has a sticky caps lock button on the laptop keyboard.

  90. Can not open Excel files that are attached in email on outlook. Receive message that can not find specified file. I can open pdf, powerpoint, word files that are attached on email…excel is only one I can’t??? Can you help?

  91. I have unchecked the Do not allow attachments —-
    but I am still unable to view my attachment which is a photo of Floods the info in attachment window is AFT00070.htm(12.4KB) & 1103DebrieANBridge.jpeg(73.6KB)

  92. i was wondering why i can’t open email’s with attachments.I am on windowns xp.The email’s that come through are from travel agents.kind regards renee.

  93. Hi,,
    I am not able to open attachments which are .pdf, .doc, .xls, etc… where as attached with MS Outlook 2000. Some times all files will open when copied to Desktop some times does not open even copied to desktop. Please guide me how to fix this problem…!!


  94. I just purchased Microsoft Office 2010. When i send an email to someone with an attachment, they are telling me they cannot open it and it says it was sent with winmail. I am not computer savvy. What steps do i need to take to resolve my problem?
    Thanking you ahead for your help.

  95. I have unchecked the back that said do not allow email attachments that may contain a virus in outlook express but it did nothing I still can’t open attachments

  96. I couldn’t add attachments to my Outlook emails when using Google Chrome. The problem was that Google stopped supporting specific actions. All I had to do was close Outlook in Google and OPEN IT IN Internet Explorer! I spent hours trying to figure it out in Google only to find out you need to run it in Outlook 365, which my provider would have tripled my cost to support.

  97. ok, so how do I know if I am using, outlook express, or outlook 2002, and what is the difference? as well does editing the registry run the risk of loosing all my information on my computer, and if someone doesn’t mind, how do I know if my computer has virus/viruses/malware/spyware, I do not even know what malware/spyware is, seems like everytime I turn around, i’m always having problems with something on this thingy……..thanks

  98. is a website. You access it by using your web browser (internet explorer, firefox, chrome or something else) and going to that URL.

    Outlook Express and Outlook – if there’s a Help menu, look for Help-> About and that will tell you exactly what you’re running.

  99. Hello all. I have had this happen to me several times and have a hard time finding a site that tells me the easy fix. Well, here you go. Open your internet window, click on settings and I bet your “active X” file is checked. I unchecked the active X and went back to my email and all attachments now open. Also, files on the internet that said I had to “update adobe” now all work just fine. Hope this helps!

  100. I’m running Windows 7 with MS Office 2007. I’ve had this for several years, receiving great photos, but all of a sudden my incoming messages show a red X instead of a photo. I’ve gone into Tools/Options/Trust Center and viewed the options shown for downloading pictures. “Automatic Download” is highlighted and there is no check mark in the “do not download” section. I’ve read almost everything I could find but nothing seems to work.

  101. Outlook task won’t open attachments anymore. Out look mail does. all attachments in task are visible but they will no longer open.

  102. I had no problem in the past opening ANY e-mail attachments in Outlook Express with OS WinXP Pro and antivrus AVG Free. I’m now using Win7 Pro with Plusnet’s Webmail and antivirus Avast Free 2017 and can’t open any attachments. Double clicking gives only the option Save As which is a nuisance. Is my problem related to Avast or what? My ISP (Plusnet) cannot help and you may wish to note that I said Plusnet’s Webmail because I’m not sure it’s the same as generic Webmail.

    Any advice with be welcomed.

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