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Why can't I have an Audio conversation using MSN Messenger?

Why can’t I have an Audio conversation using MSN Messenger?

For what it’s worth … neither can I. But I know why.

One of the very common devices in use these days is the
broadband router. These boxes allow you to connect one or more
computers to your high speed internet connection. Besides letting more
than one computer share a single connection to the internet, broadband
routers are one of the safest ways to connect because of a technology
called “Network Address Translation” or NAT.

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Using NAT, your computer is effectively “hidden” behind your router.
For example, each computer will be assigned a private IP or network
address that works only behind the router. When that computer then
communicates across the internet that Network Address gets Translated
to a real, publicly visible internet address. It’s safe because from
the internet side of the router there’s no way to initiate contact with
any computers on the private side (unless the router has been
explicitly configured to allow certain types of contact).

Unfortunately that means that some communications protocols which
try to send the address of computer A behind a NAT router over to
computer B somewhere on the internet are destined to fail. They’ll
send the private address computer A has been assigned, which computer
B not being on the private network cannot use.

And so it is with MSN Messenger’s Audio (as well as Video and as I
understand it, file transfer) protocols. They apparently transmit the
IP addresses of both sides of the conversation in ways that NAT routers
don’t know how to translate. So if there’s a NAT anywhere in-between
the conversation can’t happen.

Microsoft Support has a
knowledgebase article
that gives essentially the same overview, though their discussion is
limitted to Windows 2000 Internet Connection Sharing as the NAT router.
(Step one of their “workaround” is to install a proxy server instead,
which is no small amount of work.) Whether you’re using Windows
internet connection sharing or some other type of NAT router the
concepts and the resulting problem are the same.

So for now those of us behind NAT routers are safe, but at the cost
of not being able to use the audio and video features of Messenger.

It’s my understanding though I’ve not confirmed is that some other
instant messaging products such as
AOL Instant Messenger
(AIM) may use a different protocol and hence may not be affected
by this issue.

You can learn much more about NAT

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227 comments on “Why can't I have an Audio conversation using MSN Messenger?”

  1. What you need is a router with NAT that has Univeral Plug and Play enabled. Most of the Linksys routers have this, for example. Then you can have the safety of NAT and be able to use MSN Messenger’s audio and video capabilities.


  2. Try configuring your NAT firewall so as port 113 (auth / ident port) is closed and not stealthed, i.e. don’t ignore requests to it from the outside world – just make sure it’s closed. This worked for me, and means that I can use MSN messenger from behind the NAT, even with voice chat. If you want to know what port 113 does, have a look here:

    This link also gives a very good description of why port 113 can be a problem.

  3. Just discovered that we need to be able to receive and answer ping requests (ICMP packets) aswell for this to work. I tried blocking them in my firewall and MSN Messenger audio conversations no longer connected.

  4. how do i set my firewall so that i can use audio on msn. what exactly do i do. i dont no how 2 configure it . can u help me. thankz

  5. Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond. I haven’t had my firewall working with this for ages – it just stopped working one day. I don’t really know why, but it’s safe to say you can ignore my previous comments – they won’t help you. My guess is that some old protocols that were being supported, suddenly got dropped.

    Doing some research, I discovered that random ports are used to establish an audio connection in MSN Messenger (different random ports at both ends of the connection). This makes life difficult for your firewall unless it supports UPNP (Universal Plug and Play).

    MS have a whole article about this at:

    It’s very informative and even gives suggestions of what you can do if your firewall doesn’t support UPNP.

    In answer to your original question, find out if your firewall supports UPNP and if so, enable it.

    You mentioned that you don’t know how to configure your firewall. Can you be a bit more specific and say which firewall you’re using and in which configuration? Are you in a corporate environment or is this your own setup at home??? I’m assuming you’re on a network of some description and this isn’t just a local firewall.

    If you’ve got any say over your standalone firewall, you could setup Smoothwall. This is very good, secure, well proven and cheap / free (if you’ve got an old computer) firewall and it supports UPNP. Have a look at for more info.

  6. Okay, I’ve now got my firewall working again with MSN Messenger Audio. For this to work I had to do 2 things:

    1 – enable UPnP support on my NAT firewall (that’s Smoothwall 2.0 out of interest);
    2 – enable UPnP support on my Windows XP machine. The easiest way to do this is to go to and download Unplug n’ Pray. This utility can be used for disabling / enabling UPnP. Important: Make sure you’ve got the latest security updates installed for Windows XP before using it.

    If you are using a cable ISP, you may be behind their router and not have been assigned a publicly accessible IP Address. You are then relying on them having a router that supports UPnP. If they don’t have one now, speak to them. With time it looks likely that routers will all support UPnP. Tell them you NEED this stuff and apply some pressure.

    Hope that finally gets your MSN audio working. Sorry it’s been such a long painful process – I’ve been learning along the way.

  7. I am also having trouble using Audio Conversation!! And I was just wondering, is it possible to activate Audio Conversation by Widows 98 operating system???

    if so, please help me out!!!
    if not…….its sad :-(

  8. I have a netgear cable router RP614. I dont think it has NAT? At least i cant find anything in the book about it.
    I am trying to set up an audio conversation but it doesent work. A webcam works fine with no problems.
    I am using Windows XP & the latest version of MSN but no joy.I have UPnP enabled and have allowed Zone Alarm Pro to let MSN access the net.

    Does any one know what might be wrong?
    Boaders UK

  9. I have the same netgear, updated windows xp, zonealarm…and the same MSN problems. Cam works fine, audio is not working at all. I did try shutting down zonealarm on both ends, here and recipient. Any input?

  10. Nothing really obvious comes to mind. Nigel’s references above are both valueable: ensuring uPNP is enabled, and ensuring that your ISP isn’t blocking ports as well. Another thing to check might be the state of the Windows Internet Connection Firewall. You shouldn’t need it at all if running zonealarm, and I’d expect za to turn it off, but it could be getting in the way if left on for some reason.


  11. I have made sure the windows firewall is of and turned ZA of at both ends still no joy. UPnP is on on my mashine but i dont think the router suports it.

    Can you specify ports for MSN audio?

  12. Ok this setup works for my linksys BEFSR41 Cable/DSL Router with firmware 1.45.7.

    1. Go to Start -> Run -> cmd -> ipconfig
    Remember your ip address (
    2. Open up your router config page
    ( admin/admin)
    3. Go to Password – Enable on UPnP.
    4. Go to Advanced -> Dynamic Routing – Change RX to RIP 1.
    5. Go to DMZ Host – Set it to your IP address.
    6. _Send_ the MSN audio invitation. It might take a couple tries.

    I dunno what any of this stuff is but it works. =) Try playing with the RIP settings if you cant get it working. Good luck!

  13. Be VERY carefull with that DMZ host settting. In effect, you’re placing your computer naked on the internet, effectively disabling much of the security that a NAT router provides.


  14. I can’t use MSN Messenger Audio either. But I can use the Video feature! If it isn’t the NAT router that’s the problem, then what is it? I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!

  15. i have the following setup:
    my computer is directly connected to the net using dsl.
    my gf’s computer connects to the internet through my computer, using microsoft’s connection sharing. i disabled the built in firewall.

    weird thing is that i can get video conversation with webcam, but no audio. sometimes i can hear people, but they can never hear me.

    any idea of what i should do to make the audio working ?

  16. Not offhand. The fundamental problem is that Internet Connection Sharing turns a computer into … a NAT firewall. I used to run a Windows 2000 server using ICS *as* my NAT firewall here until I got my LinkSys router. It’s a fairly reasonable solution, but as you can see, may have some of the downsides of a normal NAT router. At this point my only real suggestion is to get a uPNP enabled Router, and use that instead of ICS.

    Best of luck!


  17. MSN Mesaanger, I have a net gear DG824M Wireless asdl router, it has UPnP and it is enabled, i have upgraded MSN Messanger to 6.0 and Video works both ways, i can hear the person i am connecting to they can not hear me. The mic works (it records sound to the pc when i try it). Please help, i have found lots of conversations on the web about this probelm but all seem to say enable UPnP on the router and this i have done and it still does not work, any ideas. Spec stuff, PC is running XP, i have two wireless conections to the router one is a dexcape wirelss screen, the other is another PC running 2000 pro, on a compact wirelss card. Travers

  18. I have yet to actually try this for myself but two things may be at play here: one make sure the plug & play service is running on the box running MSN messenger (it should be by default), and two is that you may then need to configure the router, either via a windows interface (the device may appear in the device manager, or in network connecitons), or via the router’s native interface (usually browser based). As I said, my knowledge here is sketchy, but it appears that some routers may need additional configuration. And exactly what or how may vary by router.

    In researching this, I did discover this fairly technical article out at tom’s networking: – it’s a year and a half old, but if you follow the links through to his reviews of a couple of early uPNP routers, you’ll see the locations and types of configuration screens that may apply to this situation.


  19. Hi there. I have kind of the same problem with MSN audio conversation while video runs properly. I have XP and the eumex 704 PC LAN router. I looked up the configuration of the router and it never said anything about upnp. but I wondered if the possibility of IP-forwarding has something to do with it, or maybe the IP-spoofing option.


  20. As I understand it, simple port forwarding doesn’t work, because they use different ports for the audio conversation each time. There’s no way to configure those ports (though I’d love to be wrong about that). Part of what uPNP does is allow messenger to tell the router what ports to forward dynamically. If your router docs don’t talk about upnp, it probably doesn’t support it.


  21. Great site. Thanks!

    I have been experiencing the same problem forever. changed computers, changed connections, and it persists!

    I had DSL connnected to an ethernet modem, the ethernet modem connected to a linksys router (wireless) and the client PC is windows 2000 ( connected with cat5 to the router)

    I am always connected via VPN to my client network. The VPN connectin is NOT setup as gateway.

    It all works fine, I can use their exchange on my Outlook and have my personal email on OE ( to keep the inboxes separated without relying on rules) , and it is all good, with the exception of MSNMG (6.1).

    It keeps disconecting and connecting back. It doesn’t advise me that it dosconeted. Even during text messageing sessions. If I am texte mesaging someone, all of a sudden I don’t receive more answers and the other side deosn’t receivemy msgs anymore, and it just looks like we stopped chatting. It doesn’t interrupt the session or change my status to disconnected or anything. Some time later it will change my status to disconnected. I had IM and it happened with IM. I then got a new PC and put MSMMG 6.1 on it and it is stilll the case.

    Make any sense to someone?

  22. I have a problem with audio conversation. I have MS Messenger 6.1 installed…Windowss XP. I am using Smoothwall as my firewall/router but I am getting a message ‘audio conversation has ended’.
    Please help

  23. y cant i send an email???? it wont let me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it just keeps coming back! please give me a reson or an awnser, \

  24. just recently MSN Messenger is refusing to let me acccess my home page or send/receive emails. it tells me my username is invalid, password is incorrect etc. my broadband connection is fine. what can I do? cheers

  25. Hi Leo,

    I have netgear router 814. I need to block MSN Messanger from 23.30hrs to 21.30hrs. So that my kid gets access to Msn from to 11.30pm.
    I do not know which port is used by MSN. Can you help? Thanks

  26. if you are having trouble with the audio contact in msn messenger, go to control Panel, Add/remove Windows, scroll down to Networking Services and place a check in Universal Plug and Play….. enjoy Carrie

  27. I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. MSN Messenger has an audio/video wizard that is part of the product … no downloading needed.

    Perhaps you’re talking about something else?


  28. Hi, I just got a DSL net. I am able to browse the net as well as able to chat. But in MSN I am not able to do a audio conversation but it works fine in Yahoo messenger. I don’t have any firewall. What could be the problem? Is there any thing my internet operator should set in their server. Any idea on this.. please help…

  29. hi there..i am haveing the same problem with windows Me….is there a way of fixing the audio connection problem in msn…i am using zone alarm firewall and i think that is the cuase of the problem…if there is can they send me a fix to the email address i have provided or post a fix here and thanx a million

  30. been trying for days to speak via audio without sucsess,read Carrie’s info to put check in universal plug and play ,have done that ,does this mean it should now work?hope so .

  31. i just installed a firewall from computer associates (ez trust armor). since then, audio conversation of my msn messenger does not work. video conferencing is ok. i configured my firewall to allow internet access for msn messenger but the problem remains the same. however, if i turn my firewall off, then i can start audio conferencing with my messenger… any ideas? thanks a lot

  32. Audio conversations use different ports than instant messaging conversations. In fact, they use *random* ports, so there’s no way to know which one to open on the firewall. Allowing MSN Mssenger access usually applies ONLY to the instant messaging part – other features may still be blocked.

    There’s a great TechNet article on the whole affair here: . It discusses Windows Messenger, but the MSN Messenger on-line help points to it as well.

    Audio can happen on any random port betwen 5004 and 65535. I do NOT recommend opening up that entire range in your firewall, because you’re openning up yourself to EVERYONE, not just MSN Instant Messenger.

    My recommendation is this: dump the software firewall, and get a UPNP enabled external router. So far, that’s the only configuration I’m aware of that will support all features (aside from being directly connected and unprotected).


  33. I finally got Audio working on MSN !!!
    I have enabled UPNP on my PC and netgear router, also allowed access through ZA pro. + i put my PC in the DMZ via the router
    The other PC is a dial up with Zone Alarm Pro.

    It just a out works.
    Hear is the out put for the router. It shows the random port numbers used:
    Turn UPnP On
    Advertisement Period (in minutes) 5
    Advertisement Time To Live (in hops) 4

    UPnP Portmap Table Active Protocol Int. Port Ext. Port IP Address
    Yes TCP 62435 9049
    Yes TCP 31721 10705
    Yes UDP 60147 13120
    Yes UDP 14077 15772
    Yes TCP 37113 14650
    Yes UDP 56453 17782
    Yes UDP 3300 9382

  34. I live in school doorms. I use my internet by wireless connection. I have install msn 6.1, but i cant connect audio connection or video connection. They said my internet connection doesnt allow it.
    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks Sarah!

  35. I would assume that the school has put you behind a firewall or NAT router that has all the problems we’ve been describing here. You’ll need to talk to the school’s network administrators.

    Good luck!


  36. Hi~ I am using broadband. In MSN 6.1 I am not able to do a audio conversation but it works fine in Yahoo messenger. I have enabled UPnP in my computer (running on Windows XP Pro). What could be the problem? In MSN, under Options in Tools, the Advanced Connection Information says that : You are connected to the Internet through a cascaded UPnP symmetric NAT. (Administrator). But in Windows Messenger,it says that: You are currently connected to .NET Messenger Service using a direct connection (no firewall). Whenever I tried to use Audio Conversation, after a long wait, it says “the conversation has ended”. I have also checked that my UPnP in my router (D-Link DI 704P) is already enabled. The technical support of D-Link has said that I am having a double NAT and has taught me to solve the problem. I have also enabled the DMZ. This works for Yahoo Messenger but not MSN 6.1. Can you please help? Thanks!

  37. It’s probably the double-NAT that’s the problem. UPNP can’t tunnel through the both of them. You might check with your broadband provider … it’s possible that your modem (DSL or Cable) is also providing NAT, resulting in the double-NAT situation. Your ISP should be able to tell you.

    Good luck!


  38. My router and modem provider (D-Link) has provided the solutions for the double NAT. I can use the audio conversation in Yahoo Messenger with no problems at all. But how come I still can’t use the feature in MSN? Please advise. Thank you!

  39. Netgear DG824M. For travers above, i have sent you an email, but for everyone else…

    I had a similar problem when i first bought this for use with socom on the ps2, but upgrading the firmware and then setting the DMZ to the PS2 helped. There was a fix in the firmware not long after release mid-last year that sorted out the voice thing. I don’t know if this is relevant to your version (mine was running 802.11b network), but thought you’d like to know. I can’t remember the firmware that fixes it, but the netgear site tells you everything.

    p.s. you can’t upgrade your firmware wirelessly, you have to have it connected to the pc!

    Your firmware may already be upgraded, in which case it’s a matter of changing the port configuration, or risking the DMZ feature.

  40. I have enabled the DMZ but still the audio conversation doesn’t work in MSN. All the time I have been enabling the DMZ, and this works well in Yahoo Messenger. Could someone please advise? Another thing, although the video cam works, but the motion is jerky…Please help. Thanks~!

  41. I had MSN working at one point but then it dident want to work again? No idea why.

    Any way i was recommended a program called skype from and it works a treat. No setup required and the sound quality is better than a BT (a standard land line).

    Its a beta version and will encoporate video at some point in the future along with subscription.

    But for audio its the best ive ever seen.

    Thanks Leo

  42. As Leo has written several times: Smoothwall does the job for MSN.
    I’ve installed Smoothwall 2 with the 2 fixes. Out of the box UPnP seems to have problems, but there is a workaround that you could….. find in the forum.
    Follow the instructions, it worked for me in one time!

  43. I have proxy server (Winroute Proxy) MSN Messenger is not working on the clients . Server is also having MSN it’s working properly what could be the reason . My Internet Explorer and Yahoo Messenger is working fine as well.

    Error is : Signing in to .NET Messenger service failed because the service could not be found . Please make sure that you are connected to the internet. 0X81000302.

    please send me reply immediatly.

  44. Don’t know enough about winroute to have a good answer for you. I know that Messeger can be configured to work with certain proxies, (check the connections tab in the options dialog), perhaps that’s required here. I’d check the winroute website for advice.

  45. Situation:
    MSN Messenger only allows me to Chat, no File Transfer/Video or Audio. What
    could be wrong?

    MSN Messenger has a compatibility issue with Network Address Translation
    (NAT). This particular problem is listed as a “Known Issue” on Microsoft’s
    Web Site. This effects all routers, not just the Nexland device. Once
    Microsoft has developed a fix, MSN Messenger functions should work properly.

  46. To whomsoever it may concerrn

    I unable to have voice conversation in yahoo messenger

    I need have solution, if you can proived us some knowledge, we will appreciate your advice

    Thanking You
    Best Regards

  47. Most of the reported problems have all been with MSN messenger. I would suggest reading the accompanying article, and checking the Yahoo support avenues.

  48. I am having the same problme too.
    windows 2000 pro
    linksys BEFSR41 EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 4-port Switcher v3
    firmware 1.05.00
    MSN 6.2.0133
    Zone Alarm Pro 5.0.590.015
    Comcast Cable with motorola cable modem

    I have enabled the upnp option under the administration > Management > UPnP option

    DMZ is disabled

    And the Advanced Connection Infomation in MSN messenger says I am connected to the internet through a UPnP IP restricted NAT.

    There are 3 options in the Zone Alarm advance settings for Internet Connection Sharing:

    1. This computer is not on an ICS/NAT network
    2. This computer is a client of an ICS/NAT gateway funning ZApro
    3. This computer is an ICS/NAT gateway

    I have chosen 2 and the gateway address is

    Even after all that, I still can’t establish audio connection using MSN but the video connection works fine.

    Someone plz help me!!

  49. I am puzzled by those with NAT routers not being able to use MSN Messenger? I have the BT 1200 home sytem with 2 pc’s able to use internet simultaneouly and use MSN Messenger for audio and video.

  50. My internet and system: xp pro, charter cable, motorola 4100, d-link di514
    problem: for msn 6.2, everything OK except Audio (can hear others, but they don’t hear me although my audio meter bar is jumping)
    Solution: go to DI514 configuration, “advance” “application”,enable 6901 port for msn audio, and confirm the router is UPnP enabled (factory default). and restart the router.

    Result: I can trigger others for msn audio and it works. Additionally, my friend without this setup(same router, but DSL service), can’t trigger me for Audio before she follows my procedure.

  51. I am experiencing the same problem and came to the conculsion it’s the firewall. I searched the internet yesterday and I have downloaded ‘realtunnel’ from – I haven’t as yet been able to try it out. Can you please tell me, is this an okay programme and will it work ?

  52. hello Leo I am also behind a NAT with an ADSL connection the problem is the known, that I cannot use the audio conversation in the MSN messenger 6.1 but the unusual part is that I can have a video conversation with my friends. what do you think is happening? if you can help me please answer
    thank you

  53. Hi

    I have just read an letter on the internet explaining that if you have a router between your computers that there would be problem using the audio on msn messenger.

    I use MSN messenger 6.2 and would like to know if there is ANY possible way, how I can get my audio to work while still being connected through my router?

    Thank you very much,


  54. I have a laptop from Gateway and I have NO AUDIO when connecting with MSN Messenger 6.2:
    I have tried absolutely every thing with no successs!
    Updated audio drivers, checked ports, disabled firewalls etc, and emailed Gateway, Microsoft.
    Nobody is able to resolve the problem.
    I find it utterly unacceptable that a software title like MSN Messenger would have such a widespread problem for so long with so many users and still no “fix” for it.
    The video is fine; in fact it is better than Yahoo, Logitec, Sight-Speed, Clique Video etc.
    The only difference is that the audio works on ALL the above mentioned programs!!!!!!!!!!! but not with MSN…
    Totally shamefull on the part of Microsoft.
    I give up.

  55. To everybody:
    Download real tunnel and your problems will be fixed concerning your audio issues!!!!!!
    Thank you to Magaret

  56. i have a netgear DG834G, upnp is enabled, its also enabled in xp pro. msn says im connected “via a cascaded port restricted upnp NAT”

    when i try to connect via audio i can see it open 2 upnp ports in the netgear router config, but it still doesnt work, as soon as they accept, it says it was canceled (and they are only on a dialup modem with no firewalls). i also have no other firewall in use! and am using msn 6.1

  57. In the Messenger bug list, MS recommends to disable the Query of Service Packet Scheduler in the properties of your Network Connection. It helped me.

  58. Yep… same problem here. I have a home network and cannot use voice conversation/webcam/file transfer with msn messenger. But guess what? No probs with Yahoo messenger! Must try harder, Microsoft!

  59. I’m behind a firewall (netscreen25) … and I’m using messenger 6.2 and I can’t keep my messenger online always becouse it disconnect automatclly it’s like every 3 to 5 minutes .. please I need to know a way to fix this problem .. it’s really important any help?

  60. NAT is not the problem…poor program writers are……I use numerous VoIP programs behind NAT and do not have an issue. But I do with Messsenger…..why?….it is likely because Messenger is embedding the private IP address in the payload of the IP packet, instead of letting the layer 3 header and NAT do its job. If Microsoft was smart enough they would define a set of ports so that we could all turn on in our NAT routers (port forwarding)…..

    use something else….. check out

  61. I use MSN messenger v 6.2 for audio and video conversations over the internet using a Dell Inspiron 8100 in a Windows XP pro OS behind a router. Sometimes it works just fine and I can have a half hour video conversation across the Atlantic with no problem. On other occasions, however, the other person can hear me but I cannot hear them and neither of us can see the other. Today I couldn’t communicate either way and yet the screen shows ‘connection established’. I should add that the mic and speaker were turned on and turned up, the mic level meter showed a response but the speaker level meter did not. It is as though some software is conflicting with MSN messenger but I have uninstalled Windows messenger and closed down other messengers to no avail. On the other hand, immediately after abandoning the effort I had a conversation using Yahoo messenger that worked just fine. (Unfortunately, the voice quality is not so good.) Can anyone shed any light on the problem? I should add that I am

  62. Hi-

    I have MSN Messenger 6.1 and am running Windows XP. I can receive video from across the Atlantic, and can send and receive file transfers. However, I can’t send video (I’m using a Creative NX webcam, which I configured with the audio/video tuning wizard) at all! Sending video doesn’t work in either MSN Messenger or in AIM, so I think the problem is in my computer’s configuration, but I don’t know how to fix it. Please help!

  63. No, all I see is “Establishing connection…”, and then it times out after a minute, and my friend at the other end never sees anything.
    The only two applications I’ve tried it in are MSN Messenger and AIM. I can see the webcam picture myself, but can’t send to other computers.
    We do have a broadband router here — could that be what’s causing problems?

  64. I am new on msn & have very little knowledge on computers. When I am chatting on msn messenger there is an icon for audio conversations but I can’t figure out how to make it work. I do have speakers but no microphone. I thought this was the problem but I was told that my microphone is built into the computer. I have a Dell & run windows xp. Please help. Thanx

  65. I’d get a real microphone. I’ve never had any luck with the built-in’s. Also be sure to read the article – audio and video can both be very difficult to get working in MSN Messenger.

  66. Hi, your writeup on NAT was very informative. But, my problem is that I can get video both ways (MSN 6.2), and audio does not ever work. This has been my experience the right from the time I installed MSN 6.2 a few months back. Since then I have had occassion to re-install Windows XP a number of times (for other reasons), but the problem persists; video ok, no audio.

    I connect to the internet using broadband.

    Any specific ideas here?


    Anand Dhuru

  67. I’ve installed 6.2 as well. I can get video to work behind a firewall now all the time. But I can’t get Audio to work.
    I am wondering if they’ve fixed some of the programing NAT issues for video, but have the audio,etc to work out.

    I’ll try sniffing and see what ports and IP traffic is going on and see.

  68. Hi,

    Im not able to use audio across a broadband connection. Video works fine but when i start an audio connection it comes back that it has ended.

    Im not sure whether it is just a port issue. Does anybody know what the problem may be?


  69. Dear Leo:
    I think that’s not the answer to my problem, for two reasons: One, my messenger’s audio is not working only now since I changed my computer, but my broadband provider remains the very same. And two, I am amaizingly enough able to have a normal video and audio conversation through the yahoo messenger, but not through the hotmail messenger.
    Could ANYONE help me figure out what the problem is???

  70. Unfortunately, for reasons I don’t understand, MSN Messenger audio uses different technologies for audio and video, AND those are different than Yahoo (and AIM). So it’s sadly VERY common not to be able to use MSN’s audio, but still be able to use video or other IM clients. And in general, the broadband provider actually has nothing to do with this. Your hardware – your broadband router – most often does. I’d direct you to the Blig Blue Ball forums for more help:

  71. If it doesn’t work on *anything* I’d check: the microphone itself, the sound card it’s plugged into, and the drivers associated with that sound card. Use the Sound Recorder applet that comes with windows to try and record something and play it back. Make sure that the microphone isn’t muted in the audio proprties.

  72. OK so NAT won’t allow some types of audio to go through, but what happens if we turn NAT off? I have the ability to shut it off. Can we protect a small home network without it?

  73. Your computer, network or internet provider may not support audio and video conferences, using msn 6.2 and xp sp1, AOL 9.0 se with a broadband connection.i can neither use voice or my cam at this point, any ideas how to fix it at this point?

  74. Ralph: If you turn NAT off, you need to make sure of a couple of things: your ISP is willing to assign an IP address for each computer you have, AND you install or manage a firewall on each computer as well. NAT solutions remain the safest and easiest to manage overall, in my opinion.

  75. That would work great if i was on a router, but i’m not. For some reason the msn messenger thinks i am, the message reads in connections of it, You are connected to the internet through a non-UPnP firewall (Administrator). I even took down the internet security firewall, but that didnt help either. I’m running Only the above things, NO router. Not only can i not use audio and video conferences, file sharing is also impossible.I have been told by everyone from cable, aol, to msn my problem seems to be a unique one, any ideas?

  76. i have windows 2000 in my PC there is some problem that when i connect to the internet i m unable to copy and paste, unable to open the any browser link in new window, not work media player, not yahoo worked, not showing any pc on my server in local networking, i also unable to disconnet my internet conectiona and check its status and many other problems so please solve my all those problems.
    i will thank ful to you.

  77. Here’s a question I am using a router but have a static IP assigned from my provider. I’m using MSN messanger and a Logitech webcam. I can hear the other person when we initiate an audio conversation on MSN but they can’t hear me. I’ve checked my mic settings and everything seems fine. Is this a NAT problem?

  78. Quite possibly. Static versus dynamic IP from your provider actually has nothing to do with it. It’s thr router doing NAT inbetween that matters.

  79. I have a router and my web cam works fine on MSN. I cant get the audio to work even after making my PC the DMZ in the router! The router stops the audio….oh well it was a free download!!

  80. the last two years I have worked a lot with routers, nat-server etc to make videoconferencing possible from standalone pc to networks, from networks to networks etc. The problems are, like Leo says, coming from NAT enabled routers/firewalls. Even with UPNP enabled, sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

    First of all, look if two services are enabled and started: upnp and the ssdp services. If not enable them. Restart the computer and try again.

    A second thing you may try is not using MSN messenger but Windows Messenger 4.7 or 5.0. They are not the same programs – read Leo’s text about some of the differences – and they handle routers completely different. When you go to “options” in both programs and to “the connection page” you can see what kind of connection you have. For example: on the computer that I am working at right now, Windows messenger 5 say’s that I am connected directly to the .dot net messenger service with no firewall. MSN Messenger tells me that I am connected via a Restricted IP UPNP enabled Nat server. The last is true. My router has UPNP enabled , is doing Nat and has a firewall enabled.
    But now comes the crazy part: when I want do a videoconference with MSN Messenger I sometimes have video but never sound if both parties use MSN messenger. If one or both of us use Windows Messenger we both have sound and video. So I suggest that you try both programs. Maybe with one of them it works.

  81. Hi, I am trying to contact my daughter in Australia ( I am in England) using MS Messenger. Normal written conversation is fine and video seems to work , although only from her end so far. We cannot get audio working, it keeps telling me it has disconnected. Am I doing something wrong. It is possible that we are not doing it correctly. I just click on audio and she “accepts” then nothing. She has Windows XP , I am using W ME. Any ideas please? Cheers, Peter

  82. I’m having mic troubles…sound recorder works, and can hear myself through speakers when using mic. In MSN messenger cannot start audio conversation. The conversation gets cancelled immediately after accepting. I’m using Windows 98. What could be causing this problem?

  83. I’m having mic troubles…sound recorder works, and can hear myself through speakers when using mic. In MSN messenger cannot start audio conversation. The conversation gets cancelled immediately after accepting. I’m using Windows 98. What could be causing this problem? Any suggestions?

  84. I’m having mic troubles…sound recorder works, and can hear myself through speakers when using mic. In MSN messenger cannot start audio conversation. The conversation gets cancelled immediately after accepting. I’m using Windows 98. What could be causing this problem? Any suggestions?

  85. hi i have window 98 and using msn 6.2 and my mic works in my speakers and in my sound recorder but not in my msn messenger please tell me why so i can resolve this problem thank,s

  86. The same like this: I’m having mic troubles…sound recorder works, and can hear myself through speakers when using mic. In MSN messenger cannot start audio conversation. The conversation gets cancelled immediately after accepting. I’m using Windows XOI’m having mic troubles…sound recorder works, and can hear myself through speakers when using mic. In MSN messenger cannot start audio conversation. The conversation gets cancelled immediately after accepting. I’m using Windows XO. What could be causing this problem? Any sugges??

  87. Yes well, this is all very interesting, but no-one seems to really know the answers. I’ve a setup at home with several machines running win98SE,connected via a LAN to the internet using an ADSL Modem via USB together with the free ZoneAlarm. All audio ran beautifully (MSN Mess. 6.2) both ways on two of my computers JUST THE ONCE and then never again. So much for all your theories about firewalls, NATs and the like. The thing that I have noticed is that I can’t see the input from the mike any more while I am trying an audio conversation. Also the slider in the test box doesn’t actually change the input volume anymore.

  88. I have fixed my audio problems with msnmessenger 6.2 behind a linksys BEFSR41 router. I updated the firmware to version 1.46.02 (available from Linksys) and forwarded port 6901 to my computer and it works 80% of the time.

  89. read about the NAT explanation-thank you as I was having the same “audio” concerns. I am able to utilize the “video” function (i have a webcam) fully…just no sound. Does this suggest that it is not a NAT issue since I am able to utilize the video?

  90. Not neccessarily. Video appears to use a different approach. Why? I have no idea. But apparently working video without audio is still a common NAT situation.

  91. Leo, you have an amazing amount of patience. I’m absoultely amazed at the number of people that do not read the complete thread before posting their (often repititious) questions. You’re a better man than I.

  92. i dont have a router…im on adsl…xp home edition with service pack audio on msn like everyone works everywhere else..behind zone alarm and microsoft firewalls..turned both off to try msn again..still no audio..other people i communicate with have both cable and adsl still cant get audio..on xp home..therefore nothing to do with router

  93. I don’t think Logitech is blocking anything. If you read the article that you commented on, you’ll see that there are known issues that prevent audio from working.

    And there are plenty of free alternatives.

  94. Also, many DSL modems apparently act as routers, so even though you may not have an additional router, the problem may still be due to that.

    And, as reported on other articles on this site, many people are having problems with MSN Messenger and Hotmail in general.

  95. Dear Leo,

    I have a puzzler.

    Myself and a colleague are using MSN Messnger 6.2 for Vido Conferencing so that we can work at home.

    * I have audio/sound when communicating from home to the office and to his home.

    * He has audio/sound when communicating from his home to my home.

    * He only has video when trying to communicate from his home to the office. Attempts to start a video conference or start video leave the program hanging in “connecting” mode.

    At home, he is runnig Windows XP home edition with SP2 installed on an ADSL.

    For what is is worth we are both using Logitech webcams.

    Can you offer some pointers?


  96. my mic works fine…but when i use it to record or am on an audio convo on speakers stop working so i cant hear the other person or hear any sound on my computer..however,they can hear me. how can i fix this?

  97. Sorry Leo but I don’t agree with the router diagnosis ‘cos I had the problem before connecting via a router. Also I can web cam fine but can’t get audio connection. My Dad & brother also have exactly the same problem (can webcam but not audio) and neither of them use a router. This seems to be a very common problem and despite searching for the past 2 hours, still haven’t fouund a solution that works. A messenger bug maybe??AAAAAAH Computers!!

  98. I too have disconeted my router and have the same audio problems, However at random it somtimes can connect, and there is one person I can connect to every time, I sure hope we can come up with a fix for this problem.

    FYI: I use to be able to connect everytime all the time! Then all of a sudden this problem started!

  99. I have msn messenger 6.2 and im on a dial up connection I can hear my mic is working offline but when I have an audio conversation it doesnt go through. I turned off QoS scheduler and downloaded TTS but still no results HELP…..


  101. I’ve tried to make Audio conversation with my sister in Europe for few times. We could not make it. We don’t use any routers.

    She has Win98 with P2 processor 430 MHz no name sound card and no name microphone and speakers. Her internet cable connection is 64Kb/s. When she tests them all works fine.

    I have Windows Server 2000, P2 processor 450 MHz, Creative sound Card PCI, Logitech ClickSmart 310, and Tsound headphones and microphone. If I test them they all work fine. My cable connection is 128Kb/s

    Video meeting is fine and Camera works properly. They can see me but they can’t hear me.

    When I talk to my friend in the same city my voice is broken. I can hear him very well.

    Can somebody tell me what is problem here?

  102. Hello People!! well i have a solution for you!!! at last huh?!! well when your having a conversation with someone just simly go to ‘tools’ at the top and go down to audio/wizard tuning and when you come accross the microphone section simply change it from your pc mic to you webcam mic! thank you
    em XxX

  103. I have msn messenger 6.2.
    for the past few days i have not been able to have an audio conversation. I have even bought a new mic- i can hear them but they cannot hear me. i have tried the audio wizard test and everything is fine. what do i do now?

  104. Dear Leo:
    You wrote,”So for now, those of us behind NAT routers are safe, but at the cost of not being able to use the audio and video features of Messenger.” I used MSN video and audio with Belkin Router until I updated MSN to 6.2 and have the above written problem now. Who know how to solve this problem.


  105. hey i was wondering my school has blocked many of the msn sites and i go to boarding school and it sucks not having communication with my out side school friends/boy friend and has made my phone bill go up i was wondering if there is anymore alternatives for msn instant messenger??????????????????????? please leo help me

  106. I have a logitech cam for lap tops i can stream video with no problems but cannot stream audio I have changed myPNuP in my settings I have by passed my routers and went directly to the modem I have tried a different mic and headset only done the audio video wizard and every thing works fine at my end what else is there to do.

  107. Just wanted to thank Emma (March 7, 2005 09:41 AM) with the correct answer for Logitech webcam being used with MSN Messenger. The defualt mic setup is for your soundcard input jack to handle the mic. As she said: go to ‘tools’ at the top and go down to audio/wizard tuning and when you come accross the microphone section simply change it from your pc mic to you webcam mic!
    I just waster 3 hours (and did some router changes I will now have to undo) in an attempt to get this to work. Thanks again Emma

  108. l cannot get msn messenger voice properly freequently audio cutting l am using xp professional and my friends using same xp version could you help what l can do
    thak you

  109. I use MSN messenger for voice conversation PC to PC. But is it possible to utilize the MSN messenger in my pocket PC in the same fashion. My pocket PC has a mik and speaker , it can place VoIP calls but the audio conversation option in pocket meggernger is not available. Is there a work around?

  110. Hey, i really need you to help me find a way to use msn messenger audio, i used to be able to use it but ever since i change my internet connection i can’t use audio anymore, but i can share the cam, infact the cam works perfectly. if you can help me find a way to use msn messenger audio i would greatly appreciate it, thanks

  111. hi
    i use a proxy server but when i put the proxy server i can’t use the mic and even the webcam if their a sulotion for that without cancel the proxy server and many thanks.

  112. Having trouble with mic on the msn, it is not working, although I can hear the others they can not hear me. Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. I have msn messenger 6.2. The logitech webcam works well except the audio will not connect for a conversation to another contact using the same MSN 6.2. and we both have Windows XP home
    The webcam with an internal microphone works as it should using the Audio/video Wizard. I cannot get sound out thru the microphone to a contact, or recieve sound thru my speakers or headphones. And the same goes for my contact he has the same problem as myself. We are not connected to a local network, and we are both on broadband using a dlink 302g ADSL modem. We also both have Trend anti/virus that comes with a firewall.

  114. i can hear them when we first connect but a few second later i cant hear any thing just hush sounds and sometimes static and on and off voice

  115. everytime i choose to talk with one of my friends that dont live where i live, it starts connecting for like five minutes and then writes “The voice conversation with (the person i want to talk to)
    has ended.” im so mad, help plz

  116. ok guys try this click on start, then run, now type dxdiag, press ok, make sure you have directx 9.0c, if you do good if not get it via doing a windows update, next look up top see network? click it.
    now click directplay voice options, now lick run wizard, follow steps in there and see if that works if not my msn messanger addy is

  117. it wont let me talk to ne 1! does the other person need a microphone? if so do they need software or hardware to be able 2 talk 2 her???

  118. I don’t have a web cam, but the other person on my msn do. I want to see him, but is not working? How can I see him, in regards I do not have a web cam. I only want to see him!

  119. I’ve gotten my mic to work before, but only once. Yes, I am connected to a router and all, but oddly enough my webcam is able to connect and my mic connects everywhere else (i.e. Google Talk, YIM, and in-game like CS). The weird thing is that it will not connect at all on MSN. What’s up?

  120. Is there any patch for the Audio Conversation for Msn Messenger 7, that can help to connect and have a conversation when i have WinXP OS and my participant Win98 OS?

  121. when i need to start msn audio conservation i gives me this message
    “Your computer, Internet provider, or network may not support audio conversations or video conferences”
    please i need to know how to solve this problem
    and if i have to download a softwar?
    i need to know the name of a free website to solve this peoblem

  122. I cannot get audio on a Logitec Quickcam communicate stx. It runs through a router (belkin) and was working ok a few days ago. Carry out all the usual checks and everything seems ok. Using msn 5. Can anyone help.

  123. For some reason, when im trying to have an audio conversation with someone, they can hear me, but i cant hear them, Would you please be able to help me with that?

  124. I was having similar audio problems with MSN video chat. One side could talk, see and hear fine. The other side could not receive audio. The solution was to open video chat in Netmeeting (win 2000 or XP, go to Start, Run, type in “conf” w/out quotes and click OK). Have each side run the audio and video wizard. Go back to MSN and see if your sound is fixed.

  125. picture from both web cams but my contact can’t hear me though i can hear him clear. both can get sound by recording using F2 key why can’t he hear me?any clues? using windows xp system

  126. Dear Leo, I’m having the same problem with msn messenger with no voice or video, but the same holds true to yahoo messenger. The peculiar part is until 11 November all functioned perfectly. I have the same dsl provider and the same ZA pro. Nothing changed except now this function doesn’t work. In messenger I can record a message and receive a recorded message.I simply don’t understand how one day it works then the next day zero.I’m not a tech, have sent emails to messenger tech help but to date no one has replied.Hopefully you can shed some light on the subject in simple terms. Thanking you in advance

  127. Okay, maybe I’m just not seeing it, but I can have a perfect audio conversation in MSN Messenger with my son, but when we switch to video conversation, he can see me clearly, but can not hear me. I can’t hear him either? Why does the sound work in an Audio Conversation and not a Video Conversation? Help!

  128. I used to be able to talk to my brother in Virginiaby clicking on audio. Now when I click on audio,the vidio come on at the same time.Then there is so much skip,it is almost impossible to talk to him and there is such a lapse before he hears me.What is wrong? Thank you much.

  129. I am trying to find out if MSN Messanger for a Mac has the video conversation feature, and if not what is another option on the internet that anyone can download and have a video conversation.

  130. Using MSN Messenger 7.0 I have been holding video conversations with my in-laws in Spain with good results except in one case. In this specific case my niece-in-law and her husband report seeing and hearing me perfectly well. I can see them perfectly well but I experience terrible problems with their audio. Their audio is continually being overridden by a loud screeching white noise that occurs at random intervals and at random lengths of time varying from a few seconds to minutes. This of course makes communication intermittent, difficult and very frustrating. My only guess is that it may be generated somwhere within my in-law’s audio card. Any ideas.

    Thank you,

    Homer G. Rushing

  131. Was having problem where webcam worked, could hear myself through the mic on my own speakers but MSN would not read my mic

    sunwukong’s fix worked — start -> run -> type conf –> click ok to everything and off you go

  132. hi all!
    i got one problem i have new camera and i install everything but when i try to speak and see my friends it says cannot connect you to …..
    please try again later,i have a microfonr too!

  133. I have been having a audio conversation with this person for years. About a week ago, I can hear him but he can’t hear me. What is my problem.

  134. Hi there,

    I have a problem which I cannot resolve, can you help me please?

    I have two persons, say A and B.

    Both of them can voice with me without any problem, not relying the version of MSN.

    But, voice between A => B or B => A will not work.
    Both are using XP/SP2 with all updates. They both did dnsflush etc. but still it won’t work.

    Can you please give me some hints?

    With regards,


  135. I have been having a audio conversation with this person for years. About a week ago, I cant hear him i format my pc and install all driver and still no audio msn massenger

  136. The way for all of you to fix your msn, is jus not use audio, and type the general old way, and if you dont want to do that, then jus grab your desktop or laptop and put it in some huge bucket of acid then throw the remains out of a plane, yeah that will work jus fine

  137. wen i start sound computer gets restarted….wen i click on d voice chat option in msn ,yahoo,rediffbol,and wen i try to record somthng my computer gets restarted …plzzz help me out of this problem…

  138. Can anyone please help me!!!

    On msn i can send short voice clips to people and they can send them to me, but i can’t hav a proper conversation!! I hav got A new mic, and i even uninstalled norton anti virus to rule that out, but still it dosn’t work! When i send a invertaion for a voice conversatoin it says connecting….and it waits for ages, just to tell me, ur conversation has ended! WTF! I want it to work so bad!!

    Please if anyone has had simalair problems or knows how to fix mine, then please, please email me at:, or add me on msn, whatever and please don’t be afraid of my addy, i made it a long timw ago..

    please, and thanks


  139. I can barely hear the other person with the video messenger over the loud echoing screetching sound. Sounds like an audio feedback of some sort. How do I stop this?

  140. i’m trying to use msn messenger live and it says, where unable to run audio and video setup. i have windows xp. and it’s a new computer….. can someone please help….

  141. ok……
    MSN Messenger… (this is very annoying)
    My speakers work just fine, i can play music, dvds no problem.
    On Windows Live Messenger however i cannot recieve any audio output. When someone send me a msg i can hear the MSN alert to say i have a msg (the noise it makes) i can even post the dancing, singing, crying animations and can hear them fine too.
    I can even initiate video chat, i can see them, they can see me but heres the catch…

    They can hear me but i cannot hear them, not even audio voice recordings… their audio jus does not come thru my speakers for some god forsaken reason……
    Other than that everything is fine…..

    What do i need to do to ensure that i can hear their audio…



  142. I can recieve audio in a video chat but not send audio. The little volume control on the cam window won’t move for me. I can hear/see them but they can’t hear me but only see me. I used to be able to do both. This is not a problem in skype or yahoo only msn. Nothing changed (that I know of ) in my computer before I suddenly couldn’t send audio.

  143. I have a simlar problem as one of the other posters. My speakers are separated from the microphone but still this audio feedback loop is created. I can stop this by muting either microphone but it re-occurs very quicky once the mic is switched back on ! Surely there is some kind of filter to stop this extreemly basic problem ?

  144. Why can’t I have an Audio conversation using MSN Messenger? When i try to fix the poblem by going in Tools – Audio and Video setup – a pop up came and say “We are unable to run Audio and Video setup” Could anyone please help me. Thanks

  145. hi, i am getting no sound when somebody send me a nudge or a message,everthing else works fine,but the only way that someone can get my attention on msn is to play a audible msg.this is so anoying as when watching television i cant hear someone who wants to speak to me unless they know about sending me an audible sound thank you

  146. i have sound in yahoo….when i use msn it will not work….it says that iam muted,when i hold the mic button down.the mute button then comes back…i can un mute it…but when i click the talk button..the mute reapears.the i can hear the other person…and my mic is fine.i have dome the say i have sound but its not pickin up the mic…..

  147. Un able to have a two way conversation with people. My friends in Berlin germany can see and hear me. I can see them but am unable to hear them. Douglas Vincent

  148. Have similar problem as other users. My contact can hear and see me but I can only see my contact with live messenger.. No problem with skype or yahoo but the computer freezes when using skype or yhoo.

  149. Everything works great… until my friend uses the video chat. then my mike stops working.
    Neither one of us has a firewall or router.

  150. Hey Leo I really hope you can help me out here. I have tried everything. My MSN works fine no problems. However when I try to have an Audio Conversation the problem starts. The person I am talking to can’t hear my voice. Instead they here the music I am playing on my computer or the sounds my computer is playing (Which I can hear too). I can hear the other person though.I have tested my microphone using the computers software and the MSN audio wizard and it doesn’t work. It detects the microphone and I have tested the microphone on another computer and it works fine. Can you please help me. Thanks alot

  151. msn says cannot run audio and video set up..up untill a few days ago it was fine..i can send my cam to others on other sites ..just not msn..please help

  152. I had the “We are unable to run Audio and Video setup” popup too, but I managed to fix it :) It was just that I was running Messenger in Windows 2000 compatibility mode. Disabling the compatibility mode so it ran natively under XP made it work :)
    I hope this works for you all too.

  153. to pat….i done wat you said but it still shows me that msg sayin “We are unable to run Audio and Video setup” ……any tips to help?

  154. hi, while talking on msn, i can hear my friend for most of what he says, but occasionally at the end of a longer sentence there is a big gap before his voice comes back, it’s as if he is only able to speak in monosylables or else msn has trouble sending voice between our computers. Could it be his sound card? or would it be that i am using a router with a nat firewall? do you know if msn have released any fixes for this problem? if so where are they available?

  155. Can’t get audio when on msn messenger. My old web cam works no bother but my new one won’t. Strange. If i video myself the audio will work, so the mic is working but when i go on to msn it stops! Can anyone help. I have re-installed msn plus the cam.

  156. have read your article and have the same problem camera and mic work fine untill on messenger have tried to alter the connection settings but unable as isp has been set up using a lan connection can anyone help

  157. hello,i have a prob with msn, i can not get any sound comming out at all, can you help me with that, please get back to me regards steve.

  158. I can speak for about a minute then white noise cuts into my audio output, only happens when my friends are talking to me every audio check I do works fine doesn’t matter which microphone I use (I’ve tried 3 different ones, could it be my service provider?

  159. Okay, well, recently we had to whipe everything off of our hard drive on my computer because we had a virus of somesort.
    and now we re-installed everything, the same as before. and before my computer needed all this work my webcam and everything was working, and now that whole We are unable to run Audio and Video setup is popping up for me.

    and suggestions?
    i’m so absolutly clueless when it comes to these things….

    Hard to say, but my first guess is that the reinstall did not include the proper drivers for your sound card. Check with your computer manufacturer’s web site for the latest drives, download and install them.
  160. I’m running Xp. I can hear my partner’s audio but they cannot hear me. using a logitech quick cam and MSM Messenger 8.5

  161. i downloaded wlm 9 beta and there are a few issues. I will just name 2.
    1.i cannot setup a video call with the new beta version of live.
    2. to uninstall it is a headache. It appears that no uninstaller was included in the “package”.
    To me it appears as a deliberate and “pirate” attitude on the MICROSOFT to do such a thing to users of its software. No one should be held at ransome to any software company at any given time.
    If anyone has experience similar problems let me know.

    This is why it’s called Beta software. Problems are to be expected. In all honesty, if Beta software causes you problems, Beta software from anyone, then you really have no one to blame but yourself. Always backup prior to installing a beta, never plan on using a beta permanently or for any length of time, and plan on rolling back to that backup when done.

    It’s unfortunate that products in perpetual Beta, like many of Google’s, have caused so many people to forget these important guidelines.

    – Leo
  162. I cannot hear the voice of my boyfriend on the other line, however he can hear when i speak… please help me on this matter.

  163. Hi i’m a very old msn user i did a recovery to my pc cuz my msn wasn’t loading at all and then after that i installed msn again, everything seems to work but the audio and video setup when i click on that option my msn freezes completely this is very frustrating because i have done almost anything to fix it and the problem is still there can anybody provide me with tips for this matter i will appreciate it

  164. have no prblems talking to my sister residing in morocco through msn, but when my brother log in from internet caffe there’s no audio conversation between us, he says he have conversation from same pc with others please help

  165. unable to run audio vido setup ! and if i try to connect a video call it comes a message saying ! it appears your web cam is in use by another program ! what can i do to ressolve this ?????

  166. Okay, I found out that I couldn’t run audio and video setup because of a problem with McAfee Site Advisor. McAfee knows about this problem and are working on a solution.

    In the meantime, here is the workaround:
    1. Navigate to the following folder:

    Windows XP/2000/Vista (32-bit): C:\Program Files\McAfee\SiteAdvisor

    Windows Vista (64-bit): C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\SiteAdvisor

    2. Right-click on the file sasets.ini and choose Open With, then select Notepad.
    3. Locate the section titled [msnmsgr.exe].
    4. Change Enabled=1 to Enabled=0.
    5. Click File and select Save.
    6. Close sasets.ini and restart your computer for changes to take effect.

    I hope this works for you.

  167. can i knw why the msn messenger 9.0 keeps on signing out?by itself?iv tried installing it from 5 different sources..does messenger live 9.0 ask for a very high internet connection to run on?

  168. I can use Skype and LogiTech Vid without problems on my laptop(sound & video come thru) With Messenger I see but don’t hear my opponent. He can see and hear me. There is something weard with Messenger!

  169. Great information! Easy to understand language too… I actually didn’t understand what NAT routers were, but I do now with the way you explain it. As a side notw, whenever my usband explains anything to me, it’s in technical garble and I sometimes I have a hard time with it, even though I’ve been in the IT business for years(sort of-I’m an IT writer) But links aren’t working.. I was going to use your article as a reference for one of mine, but because the links aren’t working, so I won’t be able to, as my editor will chastise me for sending readers to a page that doesn’t work properly… . You might want to fix them. Sorry dude…
    JC Torpey

  170. I have Windows Vista and a linksys router, how do I configure the router so that I can get MSN video cal audio to work please?


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