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Why can I not access certain web sites?

Why can I not access certain web sites?

There are so many possible reasons, and it’s hard to say with only that to go on. But I can throw out some possibilities.

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  • If “certain sites” are sites that others might find objectionable, it’s possible that there’s a content filter in place; either on your computer or on some equipment between it and the internet. Libraries often use this type of technology to prevent minors from accessing pornographic web sites.
  • If “certain sites” are anti-virus manufacturers, then there’s a good chance you have a virus yourself. Several are known to take steps to prevent you from downloading anti-virus software. (You’ll have to use another computer to do that.)
  • Webpage Not Available??!! If “certain sites” are all related – say all of the Yahoo sites are inaccessible for some reason, then it’s possible that there’s a transient problem at the remote end. Try again later.
  • If “certain sites” means that when you go to one site, you land on some other site you didn’t want, then you probably have spyware on your machine. Get a scanner and scan.

Those are the common issues. There are certainly technical issues that can cause this type of thing, but since you can access some sites and not others, it’s less likely to be a problem on your machine.

Update: Thanks to reader comments, it turns out that some folks’ issues can be resolved by adjusting the “MTU” setting on their internet connection. This article walks you through that process: I can’t access some websites …why?.

Update #2: another common reason for not being able to visit certain websites is detailed here: Why did my home network stop working?

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187 comments on “Why can I not access certain web sites?”

  1. For the web sites you can’t access, try another web browser. Also for those sites, open a command/dos window and type “ping” to see if ping can get to the site in question. Finally, find a file called “hosts” on your computer and open it in notepad. If there are any web sites listed in this file, you have likely been infected with some type of malware.

  2. I used to do this below and I could hit my website that is blocked after that. but now I have no spyware and I can’t hit the website anylonger. When I run ping i get 4 packets sent and 0 returned with 100%packet loss! Something is not allowing packets from this website to be returned to my computer.

    Step One: Disable third party browser extensions
    1. Click Start, Click Run and type INETCPL.CPL.
    2. On General tab, click “Delete Files”, “Delete Cookies” and “Clear History” and click OK.
    3. On the Security tab, select the Internet Zone icon and click Default Level.
    4. On the Privacy tab, click Default if available.
    5. On the Advanced tab, click Restore Default.
    6. Uncheck the option: Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart).
    7. Click Apply and then click OK.
    8. Then, restart your computer and test this issue.

    Step Two: Use Ad-Aware to clean up spyware from your system
    1. Download and install Ad-Aware 6 from the following page:

    2. Click Start -> All Programs -> Lavasoft Ad-aware 6 to start Ad-aware.
    3. Choose the fourth icon (“Open Webupdate”) on the top.
    4. Choose connect and finish the update.
    5. Click “Scan Now” on the left pane, and then click “Next”.
    6. After the scan, click “Next”, “Next”, and then “OK”.

    This will remove all found spyware objects. Restart your computer.

  3. I tried the hosts folder and it is clean. When I ran ping and the web site 4 packets were sent but 0 returned for 100% packet loss just for this website??? No other website is affected this way and I tried hitting it without my firewall and still couldn’t. In the past, all I had to do is clear my spyware and it worked. hmmm I’m tempted to just reformat my OS but the problem could come back anyway if it’s spyware related or a virus.

  4. difficulty accessing secure websites like banks, and secure sites are sometimes caused by insufficient cipher strength of your browser.

    updating your current browser to the latest version usually solves the issue.

    also, some websites/webpages require cookies to be enabled so you can access them. configuring your browser to accept cookies would resolve the issue.

    or, simply clearing your cache, cookies and temporary internet files would do the trick.

  5. Hi
    I’ve been using for a long…long time, and since last friday I can’t get acess to it, I download it another Browser besides IE is call Fire Fox, I try connecting to SuprNova on the Fire Fox but it says (Trying to Connect To Connection Refused”) and my I don’t get it cause my friend have acess, and I have acess but from another PC. By the way I was using Ad.ware 6 to clean my PC from adwares.
    Can some one Please Help Me.
    Thank you Please E-mail me Soon!!!!!!!!

  6. my problem is the reverse. i am using win xp. i used ad aware and i think it is the reason why i cannot access some sites. i read somewhere that ad aware may modify something in wsock32.dll; which is a critical file for networking.

    this problem is manifested more in the computers that are linked to the server. sometimes, i cannot even access it is not due to net traffic because i can receive emails very fast.

    anyway, i think the best solution for now is to re-install win xp. i really hate it but it s the “fastest” way

  7. Hey, I been having the same problem as some of yeh. For the last 2 months my computer has been acting up, and denying me access to certain sites- and ones I used to use frequently such as google and livejournal. Now about half of the sites I try to go to will give me a “This page cannot be displayed”- and I know its not because of the site being down or anything, because any other computer I have tried does not have this problem. There isn’t a link between the sites that I have been trying to get to, they have nothing in common, so it can’t be that, and they aren’t ‘undesribale’ either- I don’t know how it is deciding which ones I ca see and which ones I can’t, but its really frustrating me. I’m thinking I might have to reinstall IE6, but was hoping there was something else I could do that wasn’t so “drastic”. If anyone could give me some suggestions, I’d really appreciate it; I’m no computer expert. Drop me an email if you can help. Thanks.

  8. I have had the same problem, even after reformatting and reinstalling everything. It has to be the ISP doesn’t it. Has anyone found a solution??

  9. I have a home network without router,all the pc’s but one cannot go to ebay,I use firefox,IE and Yahoo browser,none can access it,in firefox it say document contains no data,I have check all settings,its identical to the pc’s that connect to ebay,but just cant get ebay in one.

  10. I cannot reach ebay, microsoft, hotmail but can reach most others. I’m connecting from a winxp laptop over wifi with a orinoco card.

    I could connect fine with win2k before I upgraded

  11. i have the same freakin’ problem. out of the blue, i cannot connect to google and a handfull of other sites. they aren not considered undesireable, and as for them running popups etc, i go to sites that have crap running and block that no problem and still get into them. this is driving me nuts.

    i’ve disabled everything i can, firewall, virus scanner, popup blocker, blah blah blah, reduced IE to it’s minimum settings ….same damn thing.

    i could use an answer too; i’m frustrated beyond belief.

  12. i’ve run 5 different scanners, bazooka, giant/microsoft antispyware, adaware, spyware blaster..and..something else. :D

    i have a funny feeling it was a spyware scanner that changed a setting of which i’m not aware; am very annoyed.

    if i ipconfig /flushdns, i can connect to google 1 out of 10 times, and i can also ping google, but none of the other sites. :(

  13. I have the same problem. I cannot access google. So I pinged it and received 100% packet loss. There are other sites, too (including my email at Google, aka It is quite coincidental that this is happening just as Microsoft is launching their search capability. Hmm. In any event, if anyone can help fix this, I would appreciate it. I am not reinstalling the OS or the browser. This is happening on two different computers and on two different browsers (IE and Firefox).Doing that is just extra work and will result in zero benefit. I have also scanned and removed adware/spyware/etc with both Ad-Aware AND Spyware Search and Destroy, so it’s not that, either. I need real help. Anyone?

  14. Sometimes spyware infects a system so badly that the winsock files and registry become corrupt when the spyware is removed by adaware. With versions of windows before 2000 (possibly including ME but I’m unsure) the problem can be solved by reinstalling tcp/ip networking protocol. Versions after and including 2k it is impossible to “uninstall” tcp/ip networking for some unknown reason. To fix the problem download “winsockfix”. Just search google.

    The problem can be correctly diagnosed by the following symptoms:
    inability to ping domain names (ie
    ability to ping ip addresses specifically your dns server(CSU Chico DNS is

  15. I to have essentially the same problem, but with a fresh install of WinXP w/ sp2 (twice now). I Cannot reach, windowsupdate, ebay, etc.

    If I ping any of these sites, it times out, if i also try ip address of the site it still times out. I have lowered my security settings to lowest possible settings, turned off the XP firewall, checked the hosts file (only localhost entry), ran Spybot S&D (even tho it is a fresh install…found a couple of cookies but other then that, nothing), tried reregistering a few dll’s from another forumpost i saw, still nothing.

    Seems like alot of people are getting this issue now, and i can see why someone would point to a virus or spyware, but again, this is a fresh out of the box install of xp w/ sp2.

    Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  16. i have the same problem as above.. i have a fresh install of windows, SP2. and now i cant access ebay signin, hotmail etc. this is nuts. there is NO spyware doing this and i have also run the winsockfix program as listed above. this did NT help. still i have this whacky problem. cant access windows update too.. im using firefox, and IE.. if i goto my laptop in the other room, no problems, just since my reinstall of XP yesterday on my main machine do i have these issues.. i suspect microsoft are doing this to combat piracy?

  17. im having the same problem as well, within the last, oh, 2 days i cannot connect to google, nor check my gmail or msn mail accounts (i can connect and search the web with msn), i can connect to yahoo just fine, and can check mail there as well. i tend to believe that its not a spyware issue as *gasp* not everyone uses winblows. i cannot connect google from my linux box – had to connect via proxy just to search google for the answers, my other computer connects just fine though, which i think is pretty odd.

  18. I have a problem on wanadoo where I can access any site under the sun apart from the one I want – EBAY. Rang Wanadoo, spoke to various people, they just said reduce level of firewall security, which I found a bit worrying. Anyone got any other ideas, before I end up having to take it to the local computer shop for them to sort and rip me off…?

  19. I am unable to connect to only 2 sites (that I am aware of) UNLESS I use a proxy. Using a proxy lets me connect.
    THis problem exists on 1 of 2 computers on the same home ADSL network. The bad PC uses Win XP Pro and the good one uses Win2K Pro.

  20. Having the same problem here. It is affecting my laptop and desktop on the same wireless netowrk. The comment above to search google was funny cause thats the site I cant get to (like the others stated above).Someone please help us!!!!!

  21. please can you help me every time i go on ebay it goes straight of and will not let me go on it and goes on a web page and it has got a little hand with a cross on it does this mean i have got a virus

  22. There doesn’t seem to be many people helping on this annoying problem. What gets me is you contact the network provider and they are not helpful at all. Any IT boffin please post a suggestion on what to do. Should I delete and re-install my Norton security program?!


  23. If that’s true, it’s typically due to the increased security settings, both in internet explorer and/or the firewall which is now on by default. SP2 should be installed, period. If it causes websites to become inaccessible, I would investigate the new security settings.

  24. I have a broadband connection access many sites without problems. somes sites e.g,, get loaded and then I loose the internet connection. I have called the help desk from pc world, thes suggest I re-set my computer to the factory settings. Any better suggestions than this.

  25. i can connect to all websites apart from msn, ebay and hotmail. I have uninstalled norton and shut all firewalls off and still cant connect. I dont have any updates for windows and still no connection to ebay…

    this happened to me about 8 month back and a re-formatted and it was fine. My guess is a hard to find file that blocks secure websites…

  26. Ok here is the answer to your problems:
    try and follow along its really not as hard as it looks.

    Windows 2000 and XP:

    Run the Registry Editor go to run then type REGEDIT on one of your “Client” machines. (this means one of the machines on your network)
    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Tcpip Parameters Interfaces.
    There should be several subkeys under the Interfaces key; most likely, you’ll find three or four. View the contents of each key by clicking, and find the one that corresponds to your primary network adapter;, it will be the one with more values than the other two, and will have an IP address value set to something like maybe
    Once you’ve found the correct subkey, create a new DWORD value in it (Edit -> New -> DWORD Value), and name the value MTU.
    Double-click the new value, choose the Decimal option, and type the MTU value 1492
    Click Ok when you’re done – you’ll need to restart Windows for this change take effect.
    Repeat this for each Client machine on the network.

    This will fix the problem and enjoy ebay again and many other websites!

  27. here the windows 98 – ME options:

    Windows 98/Me:

    Run the Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE) on one of your “Client” machines.
    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services Class Net.
    Under that branch, find a key (numbered, such as 0005) that contains has TCP/IP assigned to the DriverDesc value.
    Select New from the Edit menu, then String Value, and type MaxMTU for the name of the new value.
    Double-click the new value, choose the Decimal option, and type the MTU value determined above.
    Click Ok when you’re done – you’ll need to restart Windows for this change take effect.
    Repeat this for each Client machine.

  28. I tried Ronnie’s (March 13, 2005) solution of editing the Registry and creating a DWORD of MTU and giving it a value of 1492 – and as soon as I rebooted, I was able to get to all the sites I couldn’t before. I had 7 or 8 subkeys in the Interfaces directory and wasn’t sure which one to change, so I just changed them all.

    Now I wonder if there’s any harm in creating all those DWORD values with an MTU value of 1492.

    … and what does this actually fix?

  29. Ronnie is our new hero, we have been trying to get the laptop to access ebay for weeks now and tried absolutely everything apart from throwing the damn thing through the window ( which was the next step).
    Ronnies solution worked first time.

  30. Sound advice….
    I had this problem and tried the above and it worked, i read futher into it and found out the following

    As far as i can gather changing the DWORD is something to do with the modem or file and printer sharing. Some modems as soon as they install automatically set a dword value for the ONE machine but when you add more and more machines the modem value which was set is not good enough so it needs to be changed. You will always be able to access sites on the main computer but on network computers the dword needs to be changed.

    If you have lots of values, remember its the one with the i.p address included!

  31. leo
    i can access any website with no problem. when i tried to access,i’m able to see the site but can’t get into. on the bottom of the pages showing error. what do i have to do to fix this problem. before i have no problem going into this site. please help.
    hope to hear response from you soon!

  32. Can anyone explain why one user account on my XP (SP2) machine can access the Ebay login page while another can’t? I’m going to try the MTU solution tonight but I’m not holding out much hope because that’s a machine-wide setting, not user specific.

    Also, when I created a new account to replace the one that can’t access Ebay, it worked for a week or so but now suffers in the same way. My own account remains unaffected.

    As an experiment I used the various different options of the “files and settings transfer wizard” to move some setting over to a set of temporary accounts. Without fail each account worked before the transfer and failed afterwards. My conclusion from that is that it’s definitely a registry setting that causing the problem.

    The machine is on a small home LAN, connected to the net through a 3COM ADSL router. I can’t see that this has any bearing though, because it’s only that one user account on one machine that has the problem.

    Anyone got any further info??

  33. I came across this forum the other day and read the comments with great interest because I have suffered the same problems noted by everyone here; not being able to access some websites (e.g. BBC news online) and not being able to send or receive email.

    My setup is: One PC running Windows 98 connected to the Internet (via dialup). Two PCs with XP Professional, one PC with XP Home, all the machines linked together on a wireless network.

    Everything was running fine and dandy until early April this year when the email went down and some websites were blocked. The problem was confined to the XP machines but not the Win 98 PC.

    To cut a long story short, I’ve managed to cure the problem. My solution was to remove Windows Hotfix KB893066 and I was able to access my email and the “blocked” websites straight away. I discovered this by accident. I thought that the problem might be related to SP2 and when I removed it from one of my PCs, everything worked fine. Despite the fact it seemed very drastic, I was going to remove SP2 from the other XP machines but I noticed that Windows updater was working away and eventually it wanted to install something… KB893066. As soon as I installed it, everything went down again.

    I’m not suggesting that my solution is the magic bullet for everyone with the same problems but it worked for me. The Knowledge Base article on this hotfix talks about “network degradation” and the fact that connectivity between clients and servers may fail.

    One thing is sure after this episode: I’m going to turn off automatic updates on all my PCs. I’d stupidly left it on thinking that I could trust MS to deliver updates that didn’t cause problems… doh!

  34. I have tried everything that’s been put above. I can use some eBay pages, but then after a few, it will says “Page Contains No Data” (FireFox) or “Page cannot be displayed” (Internet Explorer).
    This seems to be a huge problem across the net, loads of people are complaining of it. Where has it sprung from? And please please how do I fix it?!

  35. hi

    Am a kid and i love to play runescape.but my Brother Block all the computers from even showing the web page i think he use a cheap blocker on line.But when i Deleate the block and retry and them restart my computer it still did not work…..

    help me please all the computer expert out there.i pay membersship fee from my own money.

    please help

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  36. I have 2 98SE machines & one XP Pro. All connect to the internet via a wireless access point & have Linksys USB wireless adapters. 802.11G on the XP, and Bs on the 98SE machines. One of the 98SEs has problems connecting to several sites, including Adobe. After poking around in the registry trying to reconfigure per Ronnie’s advice I had to give up. Nothing seemed to match what was written about. I eventually did a speed check at with both the 98SEs. I found the one that had problems was much quicker (out of spec?) than the other. On a hunch, I swaped adapters between machines, and the troubles traveled with the fast adapter! I tried the .11G on one of the 98SEs, but it refuses to play nice. I’m going to replace both Bs with Motorola Gs. I hear they work where the Linksys won’t on 98SE boxes.

  37. i know i have a few viruses, but i am not sure what is causing this problem.. some websites will not let me access them, it says that it just doesn’t exsist.. i am talking about,,… etc, what do you think?

  38. If you know you have a few viruses I would first get and run an up-to-date anti-virus program. All bets are off as long as you have viruses on your machine.

  39. Many thanks.

    I worked through the above suggestions and found that the hosts file was the problem.

    The site suggests malware. However in my case (and maybe others, hence posting this response) one specific recent cause is the W32.Mytob.GP@mm virus. This may have got to some people’s PCs because it appeared between Norton’s weekly automatic downloads towards the end of June (they should have sent out a special update – I knew something was wrong so got the daily download which instantly found the virus) As part of the damage it appends many entries to the hosts file (see below). I followed Norton’s instructions and removed all the security-related website references (mcafee etc) However, not understanding what was going on I assumed the end ones such as Amazon and paypal belonged there because I use them regularly. Wrong!! I have since removed those last few and I have my internet access back to normal. That’ll teach me!
    Quote from Norton:

    “Blocks access to several security-related Web sites by appending the following text to the hosts file:

  40. I had the same problem.

    My solution was to open the hosts file found in c:windowssystem32driveretc and there was a list of all the sites I couldn’t access.

    To open the file double click it and then check the button that allows you to choose the programme to open it in. Select notepad.

    Delete all the lines showing the websites you want to access and then save it and Hey Presto!

    Changing the MTU settings as mentioned above does work for some sites you cannot access as I had to do this when I set up my router.

  41. Hi everyone, seems like I’m having exactly the same problem with a PC I’m trying to sort at the moment.

    Have tried the methods suggested above and still no joy BUT I feel the MTU solution is the one.

    My problem I think, is that I do not know which network adaptor is the primary due to the fact none of them seem to have an IP address listed.

    Any ideas how I can find out which adaptor is the primary.

    I did try adding the MTU Dword to all the interfaces, but still no change.

    Any ideas ?

  42. The DWORD will work, but you need to make sure its the correct one you change…

    trust me, there are so many forums with the sollution on that ronnie created a few pages back and its all success.

    I tried his idea first and didnt work… i kept it untill i got the correct value and thank GOD its now working… dont give up, keep trying

  43. the help from shampton was great. I just sufferred the w32.mytob.hg@mm virus and followed symantecs instructions to the letter. However I still could not access ebay and other websites. The note above fixed the problem immediately ( well almost, the list appears off the screen so unless you scroll ( which you dont think you need to) you will miss them.

    Thank you

  44. hi i love to play runescape but from last nite it wont let my on the web site it say my approl site list is stopping it but when i go onto it there not web site on there what can i do plzzzzzz help

  45. Well I must say, I’m so glad i found this forum because i was having the exact same problem as many of the people here, i had problems accessing hotmail, ebay and amazon mainly, and now I’ve fixed it.

    The solution was to lower the MTU as was said previously, except lowering it only to 1492 (i think it was) was not enough, I would suggest anyone who has tried changing the MTU without success to lower the value further I’m using a value of 1249 and can access all the websites i need now. Hope this helps.

  46. My problem is basically like everyone else. Yesterday I was able to access two websites at two universities and now today I can’t. Every other site works fine. I tried the MTU solution. Even went as low 1030. I have a laptop running Windows XP Professional running on a cable modem from Comcast. I’ve been at this for 17 hours straight. I turned off the firewall. I don’t know where to go next.

  47. Okay, I am having similar issues as everyone has described. However, I’m only having an issue with one website in particular. Everything else works fine. It is a message board that I have been going to for a long time now and it suddenly stopped working for me but works for everyone else that goes there.

    I have tried several solutions suggested over the net, none of which have worked. I’ve checked my IE security settings, even downloaded Firefox, changed the MTU settings to 1249, disconnected my router and plugged directly in to the box (I have a wireless ISP, Keyon, so there isn’t a ‘modem’ per se), did a fresh install of Win XP Pro (corporate edition), then checked the host file and there’s nothing in there but the local host. I can’t ping or trace route the website. All packets sent fail and the trace route hops 30 times and then stops.

    I am really at a loss here now. I’ve been working on this for the better part of a week now without any success at all. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. My email is if anyone has any possible solutions for me. Thanks in advance.

  48. I can’t access websites such as hotmail or ebay or even my bank account online, i also can’t send e-mails and sometimes cannot delete them. I have had this problem for a while. Maybe its that MTU thing as stated in other posts? but what is MTU? i have not got a clue, please help me! cheers!

  49. The advice to check the MTU value at 1492 did the trick here.

    I have a little additional information which may help others. In my case, the problem was introduced when a change had to be made in my local network; namely the DSL modem crapped out and had to be replaced… the new modem was also a routing device but I still had to use my old ‘wireless’ router in order for the wireless devices to continue to function. Where am I going with this? Namely, in all the changes that had to be made with the (now) two routers, the MTU value had gotten changed to a default of 1500. Once I located it and changed it back to 1492 all my systems worked.

    Just saying, if you’ve got a home or small office network with multiple computers exhibiting this problem, don’t change the MTU value via registry edits machine by machine… change it on the router.

    Glad I found this! Been pulling my hair out. Thanks.

  50. Hi all,

    I have exactly the same problem at home on a small wireless network with 3 PCs running XP Pro SP2 (browsers IE and FireFox on all machines): one PC works well, one fails 50% of the websites we try and the third fails 90% of the websites (and I am talking about common stuff like Eurosport, eBay or Google). I’ve tried everything that has been suggested so far and to no avail, no improvement whatsoever: spyware software finds nothing; Norton and AVG antivirus nothing; MTU has been set (both on the router AND on each machine) as low as 1,000 … nothing; HOSTS file has nothing but the usual “localhost” data!!
    I am truly desperate here, does anyone have other ideas?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  51. From my windows xp profession edition SP2 desktop I am unable to access,
    am able to access from laptop.
    Searched the entrie hard drive, disable norton
    antivirus, norton internet security, its not in the restricted sites list. Tracert after 15 hops Request timed out. No virus/adware etc just curious as to what the problem could be, can you help?

  52. Changing the MTU value as described earlier worked for me. But I had to change it to a value lower than 1492. I used a value of 1249 as someone else suggested.

    I am so glad this worked! I tried several proposed solutions before the MTU fix…

    o cleared my browser cache, history, deleted all cookies
    o uninstalled Firefox 1.07 and installed Firefox 1.06
    o reset my router
    o turned off XP firewall
    o configured firewall to allow Firefox to access interent (tho I had the problem with IE and Firefox)
    o tried ipconfig /flushdns
    o reset internet security settings to default values (running INETCPL.CPL)
    o checked my hosts file (nothing was blocked)
    o made recommended changes in about:config in Firefox

    but it was ‘the MTU fix’ that did the trick. Thank you!

    I am running Windoze XP SP2 with the Windows firewall, Firefox 1.07, but I also had the same problem accessing web sites using Internet Exploder.

    For reference, I was having problems accessing secure pages at,, I could get to some pages at these sites but, for example, when I went to log in at ebay it would crap out with the “document contains no data” error. I could browse for items at but when it came time to place the item in my shopping cart it would give me the cursed error.

    So it seems to me the problem is not with the browser(s) but with Windows XP. Changing the registry seems to confirm this. My question now is, “What does this MTU setting do?”

    I will post this solution to other boards where I’ve read tons of posts from people having this problem.

  53. I finally found the solution: it was simply the router locking up on the IP for two of the machines and not for the third!! Resetting the router did the trick!

    Thanks to everyone that tried to help.

  54. Ok Guys.. Here Is My SUCCESSFUL ANSWER!!!! After trying everything suggested on this website from (big breath) the MTU thing to the hosts thing, disbaling firewalls, trying different modems, talking to the my ISP technical support for over 3 hours, even swaping computers, i could NOT find this one certain website, even though I can access every other website in the 3 days this took me and here is what i did in 2 minutes that got me on to the website. My dsl modem assigns me an ip address (DHCP), in the lan TCP/IP properties underneath the obtain IP address automatically option I MANUALLY assigned the DNS servers. Hit OK and that was it. BANG hit the website!!! to get dns settings you can ask your isp or browse on the web for them. Hope this helps some of you!!!! Cheers. Joyrider out.

  55. I’ve had this problem ever since i started using my internet connection and have been looking high n low for a week. I’ve tried everything they said to try, scan for spyware,check for virus,change the MTU settings,remove my firewalls(both router and windows) Nothing worked. As i was about to give up, I tried once again,then as usual it comes up with ‘Page not available’. Then i read at the bottom bit of the page saying that certain secure websites require you to have SSL 2.0,3.0 and TLS 1.0 for access. I checked my Internet Options and ticked ‘Use TLS 1.0’ which was unchecked by default. My problem is solved. I do believe there are many causes of this problem but maybe this 1 might work for you. I hope this will help other ppl who face this similiar problem.Good luck ppl!

  56. i cnt access to dis website ( since dlast two days..evrytym i try dis will appeared..the page cannot b displayed..y is dat?cn sumboD plz tell me wat shud i do..some ppl said dat i have to reformat my dat true?or der is sumting dat i can do besides reformatin least tell me der’s sumting easier dat i cn do to solve this problem rather den loosing all my files in the pc by reformatin it..plz someboD tell me wat shud i do to allow me to access to dis website again..i only cant access to dis site..drest r fine..tq..

  57. I was having the same problem for the past few days and tried everything to no avail. I simply started delteting Windows Hotfixes until it starting working again. I unfortunately did not catch the actual number of the hotfix that changed things, but it comes immediately AFTER “Windows XP Hotfix (SP2) Q814033” in your add/remove programs section.

    Hope this helps others.


  58. I would find the LATEST hosts file (START>SEARCH (enter HOSTS). When you are done searching open this in NOTEPAD. (Right click>open with) -or- click on it normally and choose notepad from the list of programs offered.

    If there is more than one HOSTS file(likely) then open the latest one. (if you don’t know which is the latest…make sure that you have “date modified” as one of your search results columns.

    After opening…Look at EVERY entry. Most of them are legitimate “spam” sites. Look toward the BOTTOM of the list and you will likely find the affected sites.

    Highlight them and delete them. Close the notepad document and try to access those sites. Works in 90% of the cases.

  59. I’d like to ask Joyrider exactly how to do the DHCP, TCP/IP trick to manually assign the DNS server. I absolutely cannot access one of my favorite sites (suddenly) and I, too, have done everything imaginable to try to remedy this. This sounds like it might do the trick, but I don’t know how to actually accomplish it. HELP! And, thank you. Susan

  60. Having similar problem. Suddenly can’t access or, but all others so far OK. On wireless connection to router; base (wired) machine and other machines on the wireless side don’t have this problem, only one of the wireless stations. Has XP Media Center Edition with all current updates as of 12/15/05. Ran Norton Anti-Spam, Spybot S&D, Adaware & Trend Micro spyware scan; all the spware products found things and deleted, but no change with the access problem. Deleted cookies, cache, history, tried with no firewall, all to no avail. Any thoughts on this one? Thanks, SB.

  61. I have the problem of not having access to a supposedly public site – my local library. At home on my network, I cannot get to but if I take my laptop to a local wifi hotspot, I can access the library site. I’ve checked my router and firewall and simply can’t see why this would be the case.

  62. I have the problem like everyone here. Here is how this happened.

    I tried to set up wireless conn with my Pocket pc before this happened. Although i managed to set my pocket pc up with my wireless router, all other wired desktops werent’ able to connect to certain sites (hotmail, banks.etc…) it’s kinda weird coz all wireless devices were working just fine.

    I spent last two days before my computers trying figure out the root of this. I tried DNS fix, ipconfig fix.. many others. But what really solve my problem is MTU fix. As others says i lower my MTU to 1249, and there we go! everything is on. I suggest you tried this first before you lays your hand on others.

  63. I have had this problem for ages, my faithful laptop connects to any web site but my PC refuses to connect to certain sites like ebay, secure sites like Banks etc.

    It was Ronnie’s solution that worked, bang first time! I have messed around with deletes/updates/settings and nothing worked until Ronnies’s MTU solution. Follow the instructions and create MTU registry entries (I did acroos all entries as I had 8 and copuld not work out which was which. Problem solved, you are the MAN Ronnie, thanks and if you are ever in Staffordshire, England I owe you a pint or 2 or 3!

  64. Here’s an interesting (frustrating) slant on the problem. Regular setup, D-Link ADSL modem / wireless router. Wired PC’s fine, was using a Win2K laptop with Cisco PCMCIA wireless card / Aironet software – no problems. Got a new laptop running XP Pro & Centrino wireless, and now I can’t access Ebay, Amazon, my bank etc. However, when I stick the old Cisco card in the new laptop and switch to the Aironet wireless connection everything works fine again. Just bought a new desktop machine with XP Home and stuck a wirless PCI card in it and it exhibits the problem. Also I have a very old laptop with an unbranded PCMCIA wireless card and that works fine too – it looks like it’s something to do with the newer technology XP / Centrino etc. I’ve tried pretty much everything suggested at this site and nothing has worked (but thanks anyway for all the tips) HELP !!

  65. One more thing which may help identify the problem. My broadband ISP is AOL. Normally on the new XP/Centrino laptop I cannot get to Ebay using IE. Howver, when I log in and use the browser built into AOL 9.0 (which I believe is a version of IE6.x) I can in fact get to Ebay, but I can’t get to the My Ebay login page. So going through what is effectively AOL’s VPN get’s me a bit further but not all the way. Anyone got any ideas?

  66. I have been having a problem for the past 3 days with viewing I recently downloaded the new norton anti-virus and everything was goo. I had no problem viewing this website, but for some reason for the past 3 days I am unable to view it. I don’t know if it has something to do with the anti-virus or if it’s something to do with my settings on my computer. I have previously had no problem viewing the site even with the anti-virus, it’s just all of a sudden. Please help me! I am going crazy!!!!

  67. I was unable to get on two web sites that I had previously visited multiple times during the past year. My OS is XP Professional. I tried getting to the two sites using IE, Firefox and Opera with no success. I tried setting the MTU to 1492 as Ronnie suggested on this site, but it did not fix my problem. I downloaded a copy of adaware from CNET. While it was going through the checks, my Avast! antivirus found four infected files which I moved to the chest. I do not know if the viruses were related to this problem. I also did a dnsreport test which found two areas that failed, but I do not have the knowledge required to assess their impact. I could not figure out how to correct the failed areas.

    The research went on for two days when I stumbled on:

    This page shows you how to reset TCP/IP using the NetShell utility. It restores TCP/IP to the state that existed when the operating system was installed. I went to START, clicked on Run, typed “cmd” in the open slot and pressed OK. On the cmd line, I typed “netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt” and pressed the Enter key. My resetlog.txt was stored in my Documents and Settings folder.

    This utility fixed my problem.

    (There is a Warning about possible changes to firewall, antivirus and other programs that monitor the internet.)

  68. I deleted my cookies from Tools/internet options.
    Now I can’t access my work website or my university student website. I can get to some things through Google but it is much slower than it should be. I don’t know if I could have gotten in today before I deleted the cookies. I was able to access everything fine yesterday.

    Please help.

  69. Similar problem to everyone else, but with a twist:

    The ONLY site I cannot access is I can access eBay and everything else just fine.

    The other twist is that I am on a machine running Windows XP Home and there are two other user accounts on this machine. Both other users CAN access

    So this seems unique to my user account. Even though I tried all the fixes posted here (DNS, MTU, SSL, etc), the fact that two other users on this same machine can access Amazon means that none of the fixes that would affect the entire system can be my problem in any case.

    It has to be something unique to my account.

    I’ve applied all of those kind of fixes that I found here (clearing cache, cookies, etc), but still no luck.

    Any help is appreciated.


  70. Dear Leo
    I cannot access my company’s LAN from home. My home computer has windows 98 SE. It asks me for a username, password and domain. If I try the same thing from the office it works (even leaving the domain empty).
    I have even tried disabling my Zone alarm firewall.

  71. Recently I found that I could not access anymore. Upon further checking I found
    that I could not access any Amazon related sites (any partner or Amazon owned sites.) This is
    all I am having trouble with so far.
    I find it hard to believe that I have done anything on my end to cause all of these to be blocked.
    I checked my security and my cookies and nothing is amiss there. Tried all above suggestions.
    Do you think it is the IP?

  72. Hi, i can’t access my ebay account. I can go onto, but I can’t go into my private account. the same is for my hotmail, i can go onto, but not my private account any more, please help.

  73. this is a funny one

    I am connected to internet via ADSL D link router, all is well but occasionally i find access to certain sites(all held on the same server)stops, yet it only stops for me, other people i ask have no trouble. I have to go and find the router and pull the power for a few seconds, then its fine again. Very strange!

  74. I had a similar problem; I suddenly could not access several websites I used all the time, they did not seem to have anything in common and I hadn’t done anything funky to my computer. I disabled all my protection one at a time (despite my better judgement) to no avail. I decided it was not my computer but perhaps my router. I turned off my computer, unplugged my cable modem and unplugged my wireless router. After a few seconds, I turned everything back on and the problem was fixed! I hope this helps someone.

  75. I have the identical problem to Jace Greenman – I have not been able to access for months, via my own account, yet I can get into it via my wife’s environment with the same ISP and modem. I have Windows XP Home Edition, with fully updated Service Pack 2. I too have tried disabling everything, clearing caches and cookies, etc. etc. I too would really appreciate some help!

  76. I have the same problem, it’s been going on for several months now. I have tried everything shown above, as well as a few others. It’s my XP laptop, and is the same regardless of wireless lan or dial-up service. When I ping these sites I can’t access all say could not find host except one(, it come back successful), but I still cannot access it. The others are,,and a number of sites within I set my MTU to 576(apparently optimum for dial-up). I can’t help but think this is virus related, as it all sort of happened around the same time. System restore also will not work. Other than this issue all runs well. But the UVic site is important to me, I believe I’m going to have to reformat. Does anyone have any ne answers?

  77. I have found that I can’t sign onto ebay, msn, msn messenger paypal, and a couple of other websites like them. I can access yahoo and yahoo messenger. But it seems like 50% of the time I get the message saying page can’t be found. What could be the problem?

  78. I am having the SAME problem.. I cannot get to websites such as CNN, and Google. This is drving me crazy, I have tried every recommendation that I have run across.. PLEASE, can someone give some ideas?

  79. i have the same problem, although its more extensive. i can’t access any internet sites from my username, yet the 3 other accounts on my pc all have no problem browsing the web. i can use msn messenger and my ftp program, but just no internet! i’m stumped on what to do!

  80. i have recently formated my computer and installed norton internet security 2006.
    i have a website of my own
    but since i formated the computer i cannot go into the site and also it is the only website i cannot go into, i try to deable norton but still couldnt get into the site.
    why is that.
    please help me.

  81. I can’t access anymore or sites that use google like gmail! I don’t know what the heck the problem is… I know google is not down, but I still get a 404 error. I can’t access these sites on my computer or my dads and we are both running seperate ips and seperate programs.

  82. i can’t access many of the sites like yahoo, orkut, hotmail.. i don’t know whats wrong.. everytime i try to open them ,it says “this page cannot be displayed”.. please give me some solution..

  83. It’s not often that i post comments – in fact i never do, but on this occasion i think that a few words of appeciation to Ronnie is the least i can do. I’ve been experiencing the same problem as most here and it’s been driving me mad. I have a PC running Win2K connected to a dsl modem. I have a laptop with XP that is networked to the PC for net access. The other day i changed isp’s and for some reason the laptop stopped accessing certain sites. I did all the usual checks, virus scans, adware scans, lowered security and firwall settings and checked all the network settings. Nothing worked. That’s when i turned to the web and found this site. I got the laptop and followed Ronnie’s instructions to set the MRU(very quick and very simple). I rebooted the laptop and like magic – all the sites were accessable again! Anyone who has this problem should try this solution first.
    Thanks again Ronnie – you’re a star!

  84. I can’t access anymore or sites that use google like gmail! I don’t know what the heck the problem is… I know google is not down. I can’t access these sites on my computer.

  85. I have the same problem where I cannot access one particular website while at work. I can access it at home. Here is everything I looked into:

    1. MTU thing:
    and found that I could go to cmd and ping -f -l 1454 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX without a loss. I entered MTU DWORD’s in all for keys but still couldn’t access site. The next day I couldn’t ping -f -l 1454 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX anymore. I tried pinging MTU of 1250 and it returned without losses but the DWORD fix didn’t work this time either. I later found out that the router’s MTU setting was disabled (I’m not sure what this means).

    2. Opened HOSTS file: C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts in notepad and didn’t find any exceptions.

    3. Ran spyware (Adaware, Spybot, etc.) and found nothing. Nothing in HijackThis log. Up to date Nortons 2006. Tried to access site in Safe Mode with Networking and it didn’t work.

    4. Made all internet settings default. Windows Firewall disabled. I usually us Firefox (Version but can’t access site in Firefox or IE. Tried checking and unchecking TLS, SSL. All forms of router security is disabled (LinkSYS BEFSX41 Firmware Version: 1.50.18).

    5. Ran Winsock XP Fix:

    6. Ran this batch file I made after remembering this fixed the same problem I had about a year ago. Made a txt with the following info and renamed with .bat extension:

    regsvr32 softpub.dll
    regsvr32 wintrust.dll
    regsvr32 initpki.dll
    regsvr32 dssenh.dll
    regsvr32 rsaenh.dll
    regsvr32 gpkcsp.dll
    regsvr32 sccbase.dll
    regsvr32 slbcsp.dll
    regsvr32 cryptdlg.dll

    7. Ran SFC by going to cmd and typing sfc /scannow
    [See Microsoft Knowledge Base: 310747 Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe)].

    8. Deleted all temporary info (Cache, temp internet files, cookies, etc).

    9. Went to cmd and ran ipconfig /release

    10. Went to cmd and ran netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt and all it said in the txt was . (

    11. Went to cmd and ran ipconfig /flushdns

    None of the computers on the network can go to this site. It seems to point to either the router or isp. I cannot find anything out of the ordinary on the routher. We have cable internet with static ip’s.

    What clued me into this problem was that one of the computers at work was not able to search for a plane ticket which she has done in the past. This problem was discovered on 04/26/06. However, the computer that I use at work could access and search for plane tickets. I went through the standard checks mentioned before with the computer that couldn’t get on as well. Seeing that this is at work, creating new user profiles and migrating old ones over and running system restore are my ABSOLUTE last options.

    Our ISP came and changed the modem out about a month ago. I’m not sure if that could have anything to do with it or not. I have tried resetting the modem.

    All office computers use Windows XP Professional SP2 with automatic update.

  86. All is right with the world. Turns out it was the ISP that was all screwed up. They finally fixed the problem.

  87. I tried the solution by Ronnie posted March 2005 on hot to solve why I could’nt access certain websites. I entered the REGEDIT as suggested, there was already a MTU line which I changed to the one suggested and hey presto!, it worked. Well done, I’ve struggled over this problem for over a year, many thanks.

  88. SOLUTION: clear your browser’s cache

    READ ON…
    When I tried to load or, it would send me to an error message on my ISP’s site. Other sites worked, and I later discovered that google.[any 2-letter country code here besides ‘ca’] worked, so I knew something was up.

    As it turns out, from a time a few days earlier when my net connection really WAS messed, and the ISP error page WAS warranted, my browser (Firefox) cached (saved) this the error page as being the right page for

    For those for whom this answer works, I hope it wasn’t too hard to find amongst all the complicated answers!

    (SOLUTION: clear your browser’s cache)

  89. Right, I’m having the exact same problem but it’s only ocurring with I can access this site on my work pc and I know it’s up and running however all I get is ‘This Page Cannot Be Displayed’. I’ve tried everything recommended on this site so far – cache clear, the MTU addition to the registry, disabling all firewalls – you name it, I’ve done it but to no avail. I’m running XP home with Norton 2006. I’m beginning to tear my hair out now! Any help with this one rougue website would be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerly, Big Stu

  90. Sorry, I’m not sure if this may also help but I can access livejournal through a proxy server. I can’t get a ping from the site either.

    Sincerely, Big Stu

  91. I am having the same problem!!

    I have a laptop and a PC both running Windows XP Home, Service Pack 2 with Internet Explorer 6. I’ve also got a Telewest Broadband internet connection, I share the internet connection between my laptop and PC with a Belkin Wireless G Router (

    Upon until 2 days ago I could actually access my website ( but now I can’t access it on my laptop or the PC.

    At first I thought the server was down and I actually know the guy who I host from and he has assured me that the server is fine and no one else has reported any problems.

    Here is where it gets even better!! :(

    As well as my website, I can’t access my email accounts relating to my website i.e. which i usually access via Outlook Express, yet I can access my Yahoo email accounts ok. Also I have a MySpace profile ( and some of the images used on my profile are hosted on my FTP server (if that makes sense?!) but I can’t see them. I can’t even access my FTP server to upload web pages or files etc.

    To make things even worse (can it get any better?), I’ve asked other people can they get on to my website ok and they can but I can’t?!

    I’ve called Belkin but I’m still waiting for someone to call me back.

    I’ve looked at a few of the methods people have used but the MTU method which has worked for nearly everyone has not worked for me.

    Please help??



  92. Ok I cant get to or or, and up untill i tried the host file thing a week ago, there were more, like banking sites etc.
    Tried the MTU thing, no deal, so here is my setup, any help greatly appreciated, i have tried various other things also, ive been working at this off and on for about 6 months now, so im pretty upset at it now. Win 2k SP4, high speed internet/not AOL, no router-direct from cable modem to pc, although did have a router at one time, and i think thats when this started!

  93. so i have a sony viao and i can not access certian web pager like Yahoo, AIM all of my mail and a suicide girls chat room. i can get into the internet oh adn my school but i cant get into those sites

  94. Wow.. Same problem, cannot access my Bank webb site or wife’s bank site (different) and cannot access on Wirless internet Laptop or PalmTX, I’m thinking something with my router but for the life of me can’t figure it out. running a Linksys router.
    Can access other sites with no problems,

  95. I fixed my problem a few weeks ago now. :)

    I just restarted my router, their is a tiny hole on the back of my router, I pressed it & it reset everything which enabled me to view my website etc, again!! :)



  96. Hi all again. Seems to be the same problem happening over and over again be reading all your comments. It even got me again!! AARRGHHhhhhhh – wasted enough time already on this. (see page 7 for previous comment), and the funny thing was, I entered the DNS settings again and it still would not let me on. I tried everything. So, back on the phone to tech support after listening to their “Lassie Come Home” elevator music they force you to listen to to subconsiously soften you up. Tried all his suggestions. Even reset the router as DJDB said. Nothing. Then the tech guy said (whether this is true or not) that the modem I have has some sort of super default settings and that if I push the button in on the back of the modem (you can only access with a pointy object like a paper clip) and hold for 20secs while the unit is ON, then pull the cord out of the modem WHILST still holding the button in. And then keep it held in for another 30secs. Then release and wait another 30secs for the chip inside to discharge before plugging in the power cable. This hard-resets the modem as if it was coming off the production line. So I plugged the power cable back in and waited for it to start. My network connection was assigned a DHCP adderss. Good so far. I logged back into the modem and entered my logon details. And it worked and has not stopped since. My modem is a Dlink. (this procedure may work for you) By the way, I have no manual DNS settings and my MTU is 1492. Didnt have to change nothing. So give this a try – what have you got to lose? except for another 4 mins of your time (and 1 min of that was reading this post!! lol ) Let me know how you go. Post any Q’s if you have them and I’ll try to help.
    joyrider out.

  97. if you havent yet.. read where the article was updated and click the link to the other article , i followed its instructions and it fixed my problem. i wasnt able to get into myspace, windows live messenger, or hotmail.

  98. To DJ DB – I did the steps above, restarted my system and also restarted my router and now everything is back in working order. Thank you!

  99. I had the same problem.. I could not access most sites with login pages.
    Also, my symantec virus protection tool started behaving erratically.
    I tried all solutions proposed on the net and nothing worked.
    Finally I tried my own and it worked like charm.
    Follow these simple steps.

    1. Go to start–> run and type MSCONFIG and press enter
    2. Click on “Launch System Restore”
    3. Choose “Restore my computer to an earlier date” click next.
    4. Choose a date prior to when you first encountered the problem.
    5.Click next till the end and restore your computer.

    This will not caue you to lose any recently saved data and is 110% safe. The restore will retart you computer and takes less than 5 minutes.

  100. I had the same problem too. I cannot coonect to Microsft and its related websites like MSN and more. I checked my host file and it is OK.I am subsribed to a DSL connection.When i am trying to using a dialup connection on the same pC, the problem disappeared. Help…..

  101. Same problem cannot access sites like MSN, Myspace, Banks etc, since changeing to wireless modem/router. Have rebooted router, cleared browser cache, restored computer to date prior to changing modem – nothing. So frustrating – please help!

  102. so i had the same problem where i couldn’t access sites that were on the server that i purchase hosting space though. i tried everything that was mentioend here and nothing worked. it made it look like the server was down, the host then realized that it had blocked my isp/ip/server range because of some multiple wrong password attempts. and all they had to do was unblock it.

  103. What version of Flash Player does the person have? That was an issue for me until I updated to Version 7 (doesn’t have the 450MHz system requirement that 8 and 9 have). Now I can see a lot of the pages that I previously couldn’t.

  104. i can;t get on to some web sites,its only just started this last few days,internet explorer andfire fox,
    a page comes up saying–isu blocked url,in arabic i
    help me please

  105. When accessing some websites, I received the following warning:

    Iexplore has caused an error in JSCRIPT.DLL

    I’m using Windows ME and IE 5.50

    Is this easily fixed?

    I urgently need help! Much appreciated.


  106. I have had all the problems most of you have experienced and have tried all the solutions…some work for a short period others not at all. This solution seems to work the longest. RESET my cable modem…NOT restart or power down. Some have battery backup, so you need to do a 30 second or so RESET of the modem and you should be good to go after you disable and reenable your tcp link. Hope this helps.

  107. I do a search on IE, I get a page with all the search results, I point to a link, I see where it will lead to, but when I click on the link it sends me else where…like E-Bay or some other page totally unrelated to my original search! Why!?

  108. I have finally resolved my issue with about 30% of my Firefox Bookmarks, not being accessible. After reading about 13 pages of comments and suggestions, here, and two weeks of trying everything I could, it all came down to my refusal to update Windows XP with

  109. I am having a similar problem. I work on ebay, and just this morning found out that it does not work anymore. And other sites like Paypal also does not work, while many other work.

    I have tried all the solutions posted here, changed MTU, verified “hosts” file, deleted all “Temp Internet Files/Cookies,” installed a diffferent browser (firefox), changed the DNS settings from automatically to entering it manually, and nothing has worked for me. I have DSL from AOL, and my desktop as well as my laptop with wireless both do not work for some websites.
    This is very frustrating given the fact that my earnings depend upon ebay.

    Does anyone have any new suggestions? I really need to fix this as soon as possible.
    Thank you in advance.

  110. I finally solved this frustrating problem.
    Like I said, I had tried eveything mentioned here and none had worked for me.
    So what I did was, I shut down my computer, then followed the power cable of the DSL modem, and unplugged it from the electrical shocket. I waited for a minute, then plugged it back and waited for about 5 minutes for the modem to get back on, then I re-started my computer and voila! it worked.
    I suggest you try this (restarting/resetting your modem) solution first before making any changes to your computer.
    I hope it works.

  111. HELP – same problem as listed above for last 5 days. To make it more interesting can’t use our wireless router/ connection with our ps3 OR hd-dvd player (strange we can use the web for a small % of our favourites). Making me suspect the router – spent 5 hours with our technical support. Any ideas?

  112. I already disabled the computer’s firewall and it made no difference. From the wireless I can ping any site without any problem, but when I try to access IE says “Web site found, Waiting for reply” but it never shows it (until time out). With my ethernet connection i can access perfectly any page. What do you think that could be the problem? Thank you. Miguel

  113. i’ve had an issue with a particular rpg website… “” when i go to this website there is an Enter the Game link and once you access this link you can login. my problem begins here. it seems as if some days there is no problem getting to this log screen, but quite often i can’t. i try deleting my temp files, cookies ect… and i’m left clueless on how to solve this problem.
    I have a 56k connections (connects and 33.6kbps)
    i use standard IE for all my browsing and i have no other internet programs…
    any help would be greatly appreciated

  114. I have my web page, hosted by someone else, and I aslo have a software installed in my computer (it is mainly to track every patient, treatment and other info)my question is if there is any way I can add that software to the web page so I can check my client’s profile when I access my web page.


    Hash: SHA1

    Raul: The short answer is no. Writing software that runs in Windows, and
    software that runs on a web page are two VERY different things.

    Best alternative is to use some kind of remote access solution to access your
    machine from other places.



    Version: GnuPG v1.4.7 (MingW32)


  116. I can’t access to particular games websites “” where I accessed to this site in past without any problem. I try to access to this website my other laptop and my other desktop and I was able to access to the same website without any issue. I don’t understand why one of my laptops can’t access to this site but it can access to all other websites out there without any problem. I have tried so many method and I even call the ISP to help out I’m still not able to resolve this problem. Please advice. Thanks

  117. My solution to this problem was very simple (after I spent hours trying to figure it out). One would think that the Tools -> Internet Options pulldown in Internet Explorer only applies only to IE–however, it applies (apparently) to all browsers on the system, as I found out. The solution was to reset the settings there back to their defaults by going through each tab in turn and clicking anything that looks like “reset to defaults…”. I could not access a certain page in either Firefox or IE, but after I did this simple step, it started working in both browsers. Another unexpected but positive side effect of this was that I experienced a noticeable performance improvement in general. Moral: it’s amazing what data can corrupt over time, even if you don’t explicitly change any settings on your system.

  118. HELP.. my new wireless router wont allow me to access hotmail msn and a whole lot of other pages. My little old semiens modem works just fine!! what am i doing wrong

  119. hey.i got a loptop with window vista but i cant access certain websites either the wierd thing is that i could get on those sites for couple of days but not now anymore so what could be the issue ‘n how to solve it…thanx

  120. I am not able to access any google site that I have previously visited, i.e. Gmail, maps, google search, etc. The internet browser doesn’t open them. However, some google pages that I did not visited before can be open, i.e. videos, news, etc.
    I uninstalled a websync program from google when i was trying to clean my computer. Do you think is this the reason? What can I do to get this fixed as I use gmail quite much.

    Thanks, V.

  121. The items above do not quite address this problem. Two months ago, some web sites became inaccessible, and now it is random, sometimes the ones that were not are, but it is never consistent, and sometimes takes a lot of work,i.e. over and over again using a little different techniques and finally hitting the site, though some are not accessible at all). This computer is used for business only. Using Windows XP2 (upgraded to V.2), cable modem connected to router. Have tried everything, uninstalled Norton Antivirus and Norton Firewall (expired not long before these problems began), installed new antivirus Avast!, got a new cable modem, cleaned out browser history, cookies, temp files (am doing this sometimes twice a day to access certain secure sites such as banks), using AOL for email, and the browser, also using IE7 browser, usually when AOL’s doesn’t work, but IE7 also sometimes doesn’t work (see above), have talked with AOL, one of the Banks’ online support people, and Dell (Dell wants me to reformat harddrive again,this was done 1-1/2 years ago and am trying to avoid this). Unplug the router and modem, restart the computer, all the secure settings are checked in IE7 InternetOptions Advanced, tried resetting IE Internet settings to default, am adding secure sites to Trusted zone which is set to Low, set Internet settings to “never dialup a connection”. Will try the suggestion for the MTU, but have High speed cable connection. What is the next step?

  122. I could not access one wibsite in home. I used 3 different computers, all were the same. but I could get the wibsite with the same computer in my office. So I guess it is not the computer problem. I contacted the internet provider, verizon fiber optic, it said that my ip is blocked by the website. I contacted the wibsite management, the wibsite said it does not block anybody. do you know what is going on?

  123. I comment on many sites (blogs) out of the blue there is one I have always posted to that I can no longer. It’s almost a read only. Any thoughts?

  124. I read and used to be able to read and post comments from my work computer. Now I can’t even see the coments. Is this a script that was written by my company administrator to prevent that? How can I get it back?

  125. I don’t know if this will help but I had taken my computer to be repaired for a virus. I had McAfee Site Advisor on it. When I got my computer home, it wasn’t there anymore. I called the repair man but he denied removing it but acknowledged that he didn’t necessarily repair the computer himself but gave it to someone else who works for him. I’m now unable to get on the Site Advisor website. I think they deliberately removed Site Advisor and blocked me from downloading it again so I could increase my chances of accidentally selecting a bad site so I could end up bringing my computer back to them. One even reluctantly admitted to be verbally that the less protection their customers have, the more business they would likely get.

  126. i cannot access my website australian souvenirs website and after i format my computer and reinstall zonealarm i cannot access my website. i tried on another computer it it seems fine. help please to fix the zonealarm settings or tell me what the problem is. thanks

  127. I just got a new computer9 well used but new to me from a computer shop and I can not send e-mail cards like love cards or Birthday cards like I could on my old one why? any ideas? Sites like riversongs I love the cards they have please help me to change setting if that is what it is


  128. For some reason everytime i try to get onto the site is just a blank white page yet it works if I access it from the same laptop but through my university desktop anywhere system. This problem doesn’t happen to any other sites and I’m lost at how to fix it

  129. i cant access most sites because it says i need to fill out a questionnaire so they know that i am not a robot , i am obviously not a robot. i can access my facebook account on any other computer but not on mine ,, pleaase help me !

  130. I can not open my main Yahoo page. Anyone has any suggestive ideas of where my problem(s) are? Thank you much.

    Mike Smith

  131. Hi Leo, I use to visit a websit call property Guru, but these two day I can’t access into this webiste, and I have call the rest of my friend login have no problem, why ?

  132. I am having exactly this issue, with a website I have accessed and use daily for 3 years. It is the RedBubble art site, so nothing contentious. Suddenly I can’t access it anymore and it is absolutely INFURIATING! Sometimes I can get to it via my iphone, if I wander half way around the countryside, and sometimes I can get it on my computer, but other times I can’t. Friends who live 10 km away can access it fine. I am still working on a solution, but it is slowly driving me crazy!!! GRRRRR!

    I’d have you start by clearing the browser cache: What’s a browser cache, how do I “clear” it, and why would I want to?

    • Try Tor browser. It helped me with my work related site. It was opening fine in my husband’s laptop but not mine. Some problem with router was preventing my ip from accessing the site. The site opened when connected directly without router. So Tor might help you until you figure out things for long-term.

  133. Hi Leo,

    I have trying to access so many times bt could get it… This is Rmit university’s home page.
    there is no problem with other websites except this one.. I need to finish my project in 2 days Plz Help me.

    • Well, to begin with you’d have to provide a LOT MORE information – computer, browser, Windows version – and most important of all – exactly what happens when you try? In detail.

  134. MTU 1249 solved my problem too, after trying several other fixes. The site in question (I did not try the other sites while experimenting) was paypal and even the TLS fix did not work. Thanks everyone.

  135. Changing MTU size will fix the probelm.

    Type the following in the cmd prompt:-
    netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces
    Check your default MTU size if it is 1500, change it to 1300. if it doesnt work, try to decrease by 8 like 1492, 1484, 1476. it works for me.
    How to change the MTU size:-
    Goto Cmd prompt
    1. Type “netsh”
    2. then “Interface”
    3. then “IPV4”
    4. Finally type “set subinterface “Local Area Connection” mtu=1300 store=persistent”

    All the best.

  136. Windows Vista- Explorer9: from Tools- internet options- advanced- down to security & make sure Use SSL 2.0 Use SSl 3.0 & Use TLS 1.0 is ticked. hope this resolves the problem.

  137. so our problem is “certain sites” means sign in pages for credit card sites, sign ins for banking sites, print on demand tags (we’re a car dealership) we have our own internet connection through Verizon and even they couldn’t figure out the problem they all work if we try to access them through our cell phones which are on mobile network (4g LTE) through verizon but if we connect them to the wifi it doesn’t work anymore can’t be a virus or spyware as we just reprogrammed one of the computers after it became infected with rango (which was taken care of by the reprogramming thankfully and just installed MalwareBytes to keep it from coming back) wondering if anyone could help in case i forget to check here again (which i’m very liable to do) hit me back at my email down below oh yeah and all computers are running windows 7 browser is most recent version of IE and the latest version of Chrome (usually chome)

    {email address removed}

    or can’t reach me there?

    {email address removed}

  138. Hi there, i have a problem with this site, i can access it sometimes but sometimes it just says webpage not available,i tried reloading it a few times but its still the same. i tried it on my other computer and yet its the same so it could not be that its my pc problem, and my internet connection is good too.Here’s the site; {URL removed}. Please reply. Thanks

  139. hi, i play runescape online and have for quite some time till last night. ive been playing it on the same computer for about 3years now that i can remember. but all of a sudden last night it wouldnt let me. wont even load on browser or the clients. i usually play it off the clients. one of the clients said check my firewall and allow it through and i did so but it still wont let me. now nothing has changed on my computer except for one thing that i know of. i use Norton 360 internet security. and i renewed it 2-3 days ago to Norton 360 Premier edition. i have played the game runescape with it for 2 days. any suggestions on fixing this? because i dont understand if it is the internet security why would it let me play then block it 2 days later if thats the problem. and another thing is i can connect to my mobile phone hotspot and it will allow me to load the clients/page and login and play. someone please explain what on earth is going on please.

  140. I have windows 8 program installed on my lenovo g405s laptop. I have problem accessing google, yahoo, facebook, youtube, twitter, etc. the internet connection is fine. I have cleared browsing history, already did flushing the dns, scan the rootkit with avira antivirus but the problem still exist. Please help….

    • Did you flush your browser cache? I would also try another browser. Failing that I’d also start looking at the anti-malware tools you have and see if they’re interfering.

  141. I had a similar problem when my router kept blocking a site related to my work. I could access the site directly, but not with the router as a switch or through Wifi. The internet service provided said it was router problem and that I should ditch it and buy new one.

    I tried steps such as DNS flushing, malware detection, system restore, cache clear, changing the ip address, MAC, etc. Nothing solved my problem. I tried accessing the site through proxy and I could , but couldn’t download the files related to my work. That is when I tried Tor browser and finally after battling this problem for 2 days, i was able to access my website through Tor and even download the files, which the proxy sites wouldn’t let me do. I hope this helps someone.

  142. When using my computer at the office (Corporate network) I was always able to open my websites created with Kwikwap. for example : , now every time I try to open a website with the “/wmenu.php” extension it only opens a blank page(White page). What could cause this ? Is it something on my browser or could it be something on our corporate network ?

  143. Hi I am also getting a proxy server error. I tried going to settings and un checking the use proxy server setting on google chrome, but it won’t uncheck. What’s weird is that the websites that do work sometimes but then it starts to show this page. I think there’s something on the computer causing the proxy problems, because when I go on my ipad google chrome works fine on it. I also don’t know how to scan for malware.

    • If your office blocking access to certain sites, it probably better not to try to watch things they don’t want you to watch.

  144. My problem is that there are times when I can’t access anything not even google, ANYTHING BUT FACEBOOK OR TWITTER! That two sites are the only webpages I can open. When I try to read what kind of error it is it says: Connection reset. Also I know that there’s something wrong because when I try to load a webpage it turns into green (meaning I’m able to access it and it’s secured) but then some kind of zap interrupts it then the loading icon turns to gray and the “Webpage Not Available” screen comes out. Help, please. I’m using windows 8.1 antivirus: avast

  145. I found so many suggestions in this page very interesting. I have had the same problem where I can only browse certain websites, and cant access secured sites. They may all seem true, yet if none of the above suggestions work, I can only recommend to try to other laptop or desktop your internet connection. This is my case that I have opted to try to other PCs and worked perfectly. I am not a computer geek and what I am surmising with the problem probably the following:
    – network adapter
    – IPV protocol
    – some other reg keys and/or files that may have been corrupted or missing (.dll keys and .inf files)
    I am still in the process of finding out the reason(s) why my desktop cannot connect to other sites when my internet connection is plugged here. My other gadgets are also affected by the limited browsing of some sites when I am connected to my desktop. Since I am now connected to my laptop, I can fully access all sites .

  146. I was searching online for the past hour trying to figure this out! My laptop AND my cellphone while on wifi suddenly stopped being able to reach certain sites. They were, ebay, yahoo, autotrader and others that I was just on! I could reach them on my phone using data so I knew it was not a site failure. I deleted my temp files, did the restart etc etc. then all of a sudden while sitting here reading this page, I saw the google search page on my cell phone suddenly log on and search my phrase. Then my laptop sites all started working. SO what I am saying…. it was definitely my ISP! It was my internet service that was having a glitch. Before doing any virus checks or major stuff on you computer. Call your provider.

  147. I can’t access to all anime sites but other than anime sites i can access to all other sites. I tried two laptops but both failed to load sites. But when access through other wifi than mine I can access. Is it possible to block certain websites through wifi settings? please tell me also other possibilities.

  148. SOLVED –

    SYMPTOMS: Thursday evening I could reach all websites with no issues. Friday evening suddenly I could not reach a handful of sites at all.

    OBSERVATIONS: Some sites would load but not operate (speedofme would load but not run the speed test) while other speed tests worked fine. One banking site would load like a site map (all links) while all the others worked fine. It happened consistently across 7 different computers. It didn’t matter if it was Win 7, 8 or 10. It happened for laptops, desktops, iphones and ipads. Nothing I changed made a bit of difference. Not DNS changes, registry changes, flushing DNS, emptying cache, turning firewalls and antimalware on and off. It didn’t matter whether I was hard wired to the router or wireless. It didn’t matter whether I used FireFox, Chrome or IE. Non of the tips I found on the web worked for me.

    ANALYSIS: After researching for 3 days, (Fri, Sat Sun) and trying every tip, setting change, update and configuration-reset the web had to offer, no setting change mattered. So I changed everything back. I reset it all, and gave up. On Monday took my laptop to the office. Everything worked fine at the office.

    SOLUTION: I replaced my router. Done. Fixed. Drop mic here if you have one. Everything works.
    Hope it helps you.

  149. I cannot open the website using ANY of the browsers I have on my computer: MSIE, Firefox, Chrome MS Edge.

    I have NO problems accessing anything else — just with browsers, trying to reach Help!

  150. Hello Leo,
    Or anyone else who can help me.
    I’ll be playing poker through facebook, then an ad will pop up and give me an opportunity to win free tokens. It says turn your ad – block off to see the ad for a chance to win tokens. So i turn it off, get tokens, or am told there are no ads at the time. Then i turn my ad blocker back on, and it says that “Embedded users are not allowed to access this site” What does this mean, and how do i fix it?
    Thank you for your time!

  151. I am going to China (Shanghai, Sichuan, Yunnan provinces) for the month of July. I have a Windows laptop and an iPhone I want connections on, and I really only want to be able to access Gmail and some mobile apps like Facebook and Snapchat. I would like the cheapest one since it’s only for a month, so I was thinking of PureVPN. What’s your input? (I’m totally clueless when it comes to this stuff
    {url removed}

  152. P.S I was also a HMA user, but when it took to activate the system for 5 hours and they requested my ID – that’s enough – thank you, I do care about my personal stuff!

    Harold Burton


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