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Where can I download Windows Messenger for Windows 98?

Where can I download Windows Messenger for Windows 98?

Windows Messenger is really only available for Windows XP
or later, though there are versions that will run on Windows 2000. In looking
into it, the Windows Messenger site itself even points elsewhere for a Windows
98 solution.

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As I’ve discussed before, Microsoft puts
out more than one instant messaging client. Windows
comes with Windows XP and is available for download as well.
There are versions that can be downloaded that work with a couple of additional
IM protocols (mostly Microsoft’s own Exchange Instant Messaging), and those
happen to run on Windows 2000 as well.

But when it comes to Windows 98, Windows Messenger politely steps out of the

This page about Instant Messaging (IM) Clients for
Exchange 2000 Instant Messaging Service
includes a table that details much
more, including which version of which client you want for what type of
application. And on what operating system.

The bottom line?

If you want to chat with folks on MSN, use MSN Instant
It claims to support Windows 98.

If that doesn’t work for you, perhaps a third-party IM client will. Trillian is one client that should work with MSN instant
messenger, and also claims to support Windows 98. My only hesitation with 3rd
party applications is that they are not officially supported by the .NET
messaging service, and if the service changes, they can stop working without
notice until they’re updated to match the changes.

Do this

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28 comments on “Where can I download Windows Messenger for Windows 98?”

  1. dear sir

    how can i download windows messenger for windows 98 so i can use it to communicate with australia and use my web cam in conjunction with it?

  2. hi i really want windows messenger for my windows 98.i reed the whole article but it didint tell me how to download it safely plz tell me

  3. this site doesnt tell me how to download windows messenger its tells me y i cnt download windows messennger on wiindows 98. i think that really suks

  4. Hi, as far as I know (which is ALOT)
    Windows Messenger DOES NOT work on Windows 95/98.

    But if someone SMART read this who knows how to RegiEdit (hack) they might be able to hook you up with some sort of crack that allows MSN 5.0 to still work (if you didnt know MSN 5.0 DOES NOT WORK, it says you need to install the updated version of MSN which is MSN 7.0)
    Well if someone smart did read this, and wants to help me (PLEASE DO!!!) here is the things that need changing so MSN 5.0 will sign in without updating.

    1: you need to make MSN 5.0 think it’s MSN 7.0
    –to do that I think you would use RegiEdit–


  5. hey,i actually dun need to download windows messenger but my msn messenger iz spoiled n windows messenger onli works in XP not 98!!!so im very confuse my friends are asking me y i didn`t cum online these few deas…PLZ HELP ME!!!:(

  6. To Linda.

    If you need to download MSN Messenger, go to and click on the Messenger Tab.

    If you need to fix MSN Messenger do the following:
    click the start menu.
    click Control Panel
    Click Add/Remove Programs icon
    Click MSN Messenger
    it will then bring up a window saying do you .1 want to fix MSN Messenger or 2 remove MSN Messenger. Click on Fix MSN Messenger and then click next, it will then fix it for you.

    do the same untill you get to Add/Remove programs, and then click Chanege/Remove button.

    if you have anymore problems or questions, email me at

    Remember you can email people without being on MSN, just go and then you know how to send emails.

    I hope I helped you in someway, cya.

  7. my computer , which is Windows ME(millenium) will not let me download the newest version of msn messenger(7.0) and it wont let me sign on the old version. It keeps telling me I need a newer version of internet explorer? i do not understand, plzzzz help , its making me so fusterattteddd

  8. Hey Sarah.

    It does not matter that your computer has Windows ME on it, you just need to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.
    To download the latest version of Internet Explor for Windows ME go to ‘’

    Once you downloaded and installed that, reset your computer and try to reinstall MSN again.

    I hope I have helped you out, please go to my site and have a poke around.

    My site is

  9. i would like to download msn messenger for windows 98 but i’ve tried everything and each time it says to download newer version or upgrade to internet explorer 6 and when i do that it says its missing installtion files so what do i do? and how do i get a msn messenger?

  10. Hi Leo,

    I have a small problem regarding MSN Messenger 6.2 It always tells me that I have to upgrade to 7.0 before I use the MSN and I can’t do that since my PC doesn’t support it. Can you tell me how can I avoid that message to appear again?

    The second thing is that my friends are telling me to use Windows Messenger (not MSN Messenger) but I don’t know from where should I enter to get used of that application. Can you help me in this too? Thanks.

  11. hi i have windows 98 se and i tryed to instill msn 7.0 but it freezes when it when it signs in i have no idea what to do i just resental reformated the compter so theres no viurs or spyware help plz

  12. windows 98 only surports messenger 7.0

    nething higer from 7.5 to 8.0 u need xp or higher.

    windows 98 or lower will not let you use windows messenger.

    but from my point of view y do u still have windows 98. get 2000 or xp if ur pc surports it.

    ne more questions xontact me on msn or by email on

  13. i have windows 98 i have not udated to XP and i dont think i will untill i get another computer but i have the old msn but when ever i try to sign in it says i must download 7.0 but it doesnt work. hel how could i get msn working on windows 98

  14. Leo,

    this weekend I have spent a lot of hours trying to install MSN on an old WIN98SE laptop. I wanted to avoid any doubtfull free software, so, coming across your info I wantend the real Microsoft MSN. Downloaded MSN 6.2, but this wouldn’t install. Instead, “Micrososft” told me that I needed a lot of security updates and other needed software installed. Thus, it took a few hours to get it all down, installed, and a dozen or so reboots. After that going over a few other microsoft pages, I was able to install MSN 7.x. Which is running a bit slow, but has a lot of nice stuff thats also in MSN 8.0 or 8.1 beta. Except the specific WinXP stuff it runs nicely. So, maybe you can update your remarks? My guess is, you must have IE6 installed plus all the security patches and than you can install MSN 7. Regards. Andre

  15. hi..i m using windows 98 and i installed msn messenger for it…he told me to upgrade..i did that too…but still now when i try to sign in it doesn’t get sign in..i dont understand what pro is…i even reinstalled my windows 98 for it..but its not working still…
    can u plz help me in this regard???

  16. Thanks for the info! I have been using MSN messenger for a long time and really have enjoyed the different things that it can do. I hope this helps people find the software and give it a try. It’s great and its also free so that makes a pretty good combination!

  17. Yahoo Messenger is not working on windows 98. Ive tried downloading several for windows 98 and have had no luck. Help please!

    At this point I think it’s very unlikely that you find anything that will work with Windows 98. One alternative would be to switch to a newer version of Windows another alternative would be to switch to a version of Linux which has compatible IM programs.



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