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What do I do if my spyware scanner hangs?

I tried to run Spybot, got 3/4 done and then it hung up on file
called WhenU.SaveNow. It will not go farther and I cannot get out by closing
the window or by task manager. It shows an error and wants to know if I want to
send it to microsoft. Anyway, I have to shut the computer off. Sometimes even
that doesn’t work and I have to unplug it.

Dang, spyware’s been getting nasty. Spyware scanners sometimes hang or fail to detect everything. This is just another case. Here are the
steps I’d take:

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  • I’d start by grabbing a copy of AdAware and try
    scanning with that as well. Both Spybot and AdAware are good, maybe AdAware can
    get past that spot and clean it up.

  • It might even be necessary to run additional
    spyware scanners

  • Update the databases for the spyware tools, as well as the virus
    scanner I’m sure you’re running.

  • Run a virus scan as well.

  • And to be safe, I’d run the System File
    to repair any residual damage.

The bottom line is that spyware is probably the internet’s greatest growing
threat. Make sure you’re doing all you can to protect yourself.

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2 comments on “What do I do if my spyware scanner hangs?”

  1. Try booting in safe mode and running spybot in safe mode .Then Shutdown and reboot normal, then re-running spybot again. Then run ad-aware after that. I had several computers do that and running spyware cleaners in safe mode fixes that problem.


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