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What can I do about VxD errors?

I’ve used Spybot, etc. to get rid of a number of problems.
However, my system performance (and I have cable) is still extremely slow. I
receive constant blue screens that relate to error messages in VxD. Most of the
time it allows you to press Enter and continue. Could you please lend some
assistance with these numerous errors in VxD blue screen error

A “VxD” is a “Virtual Device Driver”, so named for the “.vxd” file extension
they’re given. They’re unique to the Windows 9x family – Windows 95, 98, and Me
– and provide the software that allows Windows to communicate with and control
the computer’s hardware.

So what do you do when a VxD reports an error?

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Without more information, just “VxD errors” by itself is impossible to
diagnose. As I’ve mentioned, VxD’s are all about hardware and errors are
typically due to driver issues. If there’s particular scenario where errors
happens that involves a particular piece of hardware, or perhaps even if not,
my first step would be to check for updated hardware drivers. A visit to
Windows Update might also be a good idea. This page on
may also help with specific issues.

It might also be a hardware problem. Quite often a system about to die will
start to suffer from these types of problems. It’s hard to say exactly what it
is until your system actually kicks the bucket. You might test the memory with
this tool – though it is kinda techie.

It’s worth noting that this is one of the areas that has improved
significantly in Windows XP. Windows 9x was much more vulnerable to device
driver problems as well as application bugs. In short, Windows 9x blue screens
more often than Windows XP.

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11 comments on “What can I do about VxD errors?”

  1. Hello,
    Like the rest, I too suffered from pesky VXD errors, and I’ve seen it too happen in my client where I work as a part-time programmer. This VXD error really pissed me out, like a heckler perpetually would pop out whenever I use my Pc. I used Win98se then. But now, I’ve upgraded to XP. Though there are no more VXD errors to talk about, there are now checksum errors that I would encounter from time to time.

  2. When I start my Puter, I am getting the Fatal Exception error occured in VXD CWCSPUD(01) + 00008D7A. I can not find any information on this particulare error, can you help?

  3. Hi,

    First of your article give me a best understanding of VXD errors. But I have little problem. I am a programmer of ASP.Net when i will open .net from my pc after 2 or 3 minitues a VXD error accure and says like “0045:300346754” please help me.


  4. Ok, everytime i turn on my computer after everything loads and i sign in a blue screen error pops up saying…

    “An exception OE has occured a 0028: 585580C1 in VxD —. This was called from 0028: C182EFB8 in VxD SCSI1HLP(O3) + 00000508”

    Then i would have to control alt delete through like a billion programs to get the computer normal. This started to happen when i installed windows media player 7.1 should i unistall this program? But will i still have a version of windows media player? PLEASE HELP ME MY WORK IS ON THIS COMPUTER I NEED HELP ASAP!!!

  5. I run Windows 98 SE. Right now my startup only runs upto driver loading (I suspect) because something is wrong with VXD (as the screen displays – failed to initialize VXD restart.) and I need to restart my computer. But I get the same error each time.
    What I did: Scandisk /autofix /surface
    As the surface scan started, I notice there are a couple of sectors marked as bad (I suspect this is where the VXD file resides). I finished the scan, but when starting–I still get the same error.
    what should I do next?
    1. Can I re-install my win98se over the current one to fix it and if so — will I be able to retain all my previous application and configurations?
    2. Will Norton Disc Doctor help solve the problem?
    Thank you!

  6. I get the error “A fatal exception 06 has occurred at 0028:C0047C94 in VXD VFAT(01) + 00005A84” the moment I double click Warez P2P. My PC hangs down and I need to restart my PC and in the process I can only open it after several such messages and keep switching on and off several times. I use Win 98SE. Please help me to solve this problem.

  7. I had this same error message on my computer. I found the problem. The CPU was overheated, because the IDE cable that went to the CDROM was pressed against the processor’s fan. It couldn’t cool the processor. The computer worked for 30 minutes, and then it would freeze for no reason. Then I had to wait an hour and turn the computer back on. I tried to reinstall Windows, but every time I tried to reinstall, it froze. Earlier when I replaced the power supply, I did not see that the cables were jammed behind the power supply pushing against the processor. PROBLEM SOLVED. Now, this was my problem, but this error message can occur for many other reasons such as defective memory, defective motherboard, defective hard drive, etc…

  8. My problem first started when i switched pc’s location from one room to another and when I rebooted i got “mouse not detected” on boot up with my normal backround pic b4 all the icons load on the screen,so i reboot and let it scan disk,when it does surface scan and gets 99% done (3 lil boxes away from the end of scan) it gives me a message that there is errors (on a prompt box ) so i click ok or contine then another prompt box comes up saying its gona collect data and save it to a good part of the drive but never does anything..i waited and waited over a day and nothing(also the prompt box has a “stop” button )then the screen goes black and even pushing the space bar doesnt do anything for it,and now if i try to let it continue to load all the way i cant even use the keyboard now ,which in the first dozen boot ups i could!also blue screens with the oem and vxd error remarks…let me know if you need the exact error message and error #.. (win 98se) ~John


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