How Do I Restore a Registry Backup if I Can’t Boot?

Given the availability of the backup of the Windows 7 registry, how do you go about restoring it in a computer that can’t be booted because of a registry error?

It really depends on the kind of failure that you’re experiencing.

I want to be clear about one thing when it comes to registry backups: they are not a complete backup solution. Even if what’s preventing you from booting is a registry issue, the only real, true backup solution to the scenario that you described is a full image or machine backup. A registry backup simply cannot save you from every possible failure mode – even those that involve the registry itself.

Which may leave you wondering, “If I can’t restore a registry backup, then what good is it?”

It’s simple, really: most failures aren’t that catastrophic. Not all failures prevent you from rebooting and restoring the registry.

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