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IE Security Error

What Does “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” Mean, and What Should I Do?

https uses certificates to validate the site you’re connecting to, as well as encrypt the data. Certificate errors are often benign, but are worth paying attention to.

Copying Data

How Do I Copy a Copy-protected Webpage?

Assuming your intent is legal — or at least moral — it’s not hard to copy content from a webpage that attempts to prevent it.

How can I automate an SFTP transfer between two servers?

No, not correct. As it turns out, this is something I do regularly with ssh, as well as both sftp and rsync, as part of my backup and load balancing approaches for Ask Leo! Let me walk you through what I’ve done.

I can’t access some websites … why?

Sometimes not being able to access certain web sites boils down to a simple network configuration tweak that I’ll detail here.

Webpage Not Available??!!

Why can I not access certain web sites?

Not being able to access certain web sites isn’t that uncommon. Unfortunately there are many possible reasons.