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What's the Difference Between a Sandbox and a Virtual Machine?

What’s the Difference Between a Sandbox and a Virtual Machine?

Sandboxes and virtual machines share some characteristics, but they are fundamentally different technologies. I’ll look at both from a high level.

Windows XP in a Virtual Machine

Is Running Windows XP in a Virtual Machine as Risky as Running XP Natively?

In and of itself, running XP as a virtual machine doesn’t make it any less vulnerable. You can add security by restricting what you do inside a virtual machine to the bare minimum required.

XP in a VM (on a Mac)

Can I Isolate Windows XP in a Virtual Machine to Stay Safe?

Unfortunately, as Microsoft ends support for XP any strategy to make it 100% safe will also render it virtually useless. A virtual machine does add some protection, just know the pitfalls.

Win 98 on Win 8

I have an important MS DOS program that won’t run in Win 7 – what do I do?

Sometimes you need an old program that won’t run on your current operating system. No Problem! Virtual machines to the rescue.

Windows XP Start Menu

Does Windows 8 Have XP Mode?

Older games need a different operating system than the one provided by Windows 7 or 8. With a virtual machine, you can run Windows XP  (and your games) on any machine that has enough power.

XP Mode Being Installed

Does Restoring Windows 7 from a Backup also Restore XP Mode?

When you create a backup image of your machine, it contains everything; that’s the definition of a backup image.

Can I Play My Old Games on My 64-bit Computer?

Games can be some of the most demanding software out there. Many older games will play just fine on newer machines, but occasionally you’ll run into problems. I’ll look at some of the alternatives.