How do I change the Start sequence?

How do I change the sequence of loading items shown in MSConfig in Windows XP or Windows 7? And how do I do that in Windows 8? I couldn’t’ even find MSConfig. Perhaps many people would prefer to have their anti-malware software loaded first?

You don’t want to play around with changing the start sequence. It’s more complex than most people realize. Sometimes, it’s even error prone.

Let’s talk about why.

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Three Tips to Make Windows 8 Less Annoying

Windows 8 gets a bad rap.

Admittedly, Microsoft could have done more to ease the transition. They made some significant changes to the user interface – changes that are both jarring visually (i.e. the tiled Start screen), and confusing to use (the “removal” of the Start menu). Throw in a couple of design decisions that can at best be considered questionable and I can certainly understand people’s confusion.

Recently, I was helping a friend who works at a library and is faced with trying to answer Windows 8-related questions without actually having any Windows 8 computers at the library.

I asked myself, “What are the top three things that I would tell people to make using Windows 8 a little easier?”

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