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Typing on a mobile device

Sending Text Messages Using Your Computer

There are several approaches to exchanging messages via text, ranging from traditional SMS text messaging to many popular messaging applications and services.

Background Apps Setting in Windows 10

Tip of the Day: Disable Background Apps in Windows 10

Get Classic Skype

Tip of the Day: Get Classic Skype on Windows 10

Skype and Skype

Tip of the Day: Skype Preview versus Skype


How Can People Be Signed into Both Skype and Microsoft Messenger at the Same Time?

Until the migration from IM to Skype is complete, I think it’s likely to see both accounts for many friends. It’s simply that Skype, the program, is logging into the both Skype and Microsoft Messenger at the same time.

Is there some way I can keep Windows Live Messenger?

The most important thing is to determine which messaging program the people you want to talk to will use.