Why Am I Getting Email for Another Person in Another Country?


I have a big issue and don’t know who to address.

I have a Hotmail account and recently, more by accident, found out that there is another user in a different country with the same hotmail id and I am actually getting e-mails from her so I am sure she’s getting some of mine.

I found out by trying to reset my apple id and when I got an e-mail from apple to reset my password, the e-mail kept arriving in French (which seemed odd). After being able to reset the password at apple I took a look at my apple account and hey, this wasn’t my account but instead from some woman in Belgium. All her info was visible incl. credit card number etc. – pretty scary. Naturally I didn’t touch anything and opened a new e-mail account with gmail but I’ve called hotmail on this and just keep getting pretty lame excuses (such as “Oh, this never happened before – let us advise you on how to create an alias).

I found your website and I have hopes you have an answer or rather suggestion on how to deal with this. The lame customer service at Hotmail tempts me to go public with this and expose this because I am very sure this isn’t the first time.¬†Any suggestions?


Be very careful when typing in your email address. Always.

My guess here is that you don’t in fact have the same Hotmail “id” as someone else. They’re just very, very similar, in a way that you might not realize.

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