Three Reasons Programs Use All Available Memory in Your Computer

Is it true that the more memory your computer has, the more memory some programs use? I’ve read several forums where people mention that they have multiple gigabytes of memory and that Firefox, or Quicken, or some other program is using over half of it. They call those programs memory hogs and say their computers slow down. I never see that myself; for example I run FireFox and it never uses that much memory.

No, programs don’t typically expand to fill all available memory. They use however much they need, almost regardless of how much you actually have, and therein lies the source of most memory-related slowdowns.

There are lots of reasons one might want multiple gigabytes of memory, but it shouldn’t really be for something as simple as FireFox. I’d have to agree that someone’s a memory hog in that situation, but it might not be FireFox itself.

Your situation – everything just working with relatively low memory usage – is actually much more common.

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