Are we at risk of losing our digital information over time?

Today, lots of information is being stored electronically. Years ago, it was on books that lasted 100’s of years, if you wanted. Try reading a 1984 3.1/2 floppy disk or worst, a 5.1/2. The 8 inchers are before my computing time (I saw themĀ on Wargames). The ones with the reels that stopped and started are really unreadable. I also used a tape drive on a commodore Vic 20. If I did not hoard this stuff, it would be all unreadable, as I have not used this stuff in 34 years. So are humans in danger of losing knowledge on this? Magnetic media degrades faster than paper books or doesn’t it?

I think you raise a very good point.

While I still feel that digital information is vastly superior to analog counterparts like paper in most respects, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t drawbacks – often serious drawbacks – with storing information digitally.

And one of those drawbacks is progress.

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Footnotes & references

1: Case in point: the character-mode help file format that I designed while at Microsoft. It was supported for a while in Windows Help, but Windows Help itself has fallen by the wayside.