Can I Remove Unneeded Language Folders and Files?

Hi Leo. Many programs have folders and files with other countries’ languages (for instance, C:/Windows/boot).  Apple is one company that does this when you install iTunes. Over the years, I’ve deleted these seemingly unnecessary files to gain space and had no problems doing that. Recently, I noticed that after I delete these files, the next time that I run a particular program, the app needs to repair itself and re-installs all of the unneeded language files. Can you shed some light on this confusing aspect of Windows? There are many apps for Macs which strip out all of the unneeded language files and so forth, but I’ve never come across something like that for Windows.

Deleting localization files on your machine is typically fine, but as you’ve seen sometimes applications don’t like it.

Just make sure to back up first (which is what I advise everyone to do before making any deletion that you’re not 100% certain of). Once you do that, if you delete those files and they stay away, great.

But keeping those files off your machine? That’s not necessarily so easy. I’ll explain why.

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