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You Are Here!

Someone Has My IP Address – Should I Be Scared?

If someone threatens you because they know your IP address, it’s an empty threat.

What Is “Ping”, and What Does Its Output Tell Me?

Ping is one of the oldest diagnostic tools. It simply validates connectivity from point A to point B, and in doing so provides additional useful information.

Internet Abuse

How Do I Find Out Who’s Sending Harassing Email?

Both children and adults receive harassing or abusive email. Sadly, there’s no easy way to trace it back to a sender who doesn’t want to be found.

Emails Hacked!

Can an ISP tell me who’s reading my email?

It’s typically impossible for the average computer user to determine who’s reading your email, particularly since tracing through a an IP address is virtually impossible with legal assistance. The best option is securing your account from any prying eyes from the start.