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A Roman warrior in full armor, holding a large shield in a defensive stance, is standing protectively over a USB security key placed on the ground. The sky is darkened by a dense flurry of incoming arrows, emphasizing the warrior's role as the protector of this modern digital key.

How to Protect Yourself From a Two-Factor Hack

Two-factor authentication isn’t perfect, but it’s much better than not using it at all. Here are the various risks and what you can do to protect yourself.

Whither Authy?

Dealing With the Demise of Authy Desktop

Authy’s desktop version is going away (darn it!). Here’s how I will replace it.

A photorealistic image showing a modern smartphone on the left side of the frame, displaying a QR code on its screen. On the right side, a scrap of paper also showing the same QR code, implying it's a written backup of the code. The background is simple and unobtrusive, focusing attention on the smartphone and the paper. This scene represents the concept of securing a backup for two-factor authentication codes.

Another Way to Protect Yourself From 2FA Loss

A little bit of preparation when you set it up can make losing your Google Authenticator 2FA device a minor inconvenience.

Authy. Part of the solution. (Screenshot:

A Lost-Second-Factor Tale of Woe and How to Avoid Your Own

A tech journalist lost his phone and encountered issues recovering a two-factor-protected account. We can all learn from his experience.