What is “ping”, and what does its output tell me?

Sometimes when I search for solutions for my home networking problem, I frequently see some people suggesting that I ping my PC by IP and/or by computer name. What does PING command actually do? What’s the point of using this command? How do I read and understand the results?

Ping is one of the oldest and most basic network diagnostic tools. It’s present in just about every modern, and even not-so-modern, operating system.

In concept, the tool is very, very simple: it sends out an “Are you there?” kind of request, and expects to hear back a “Yes, here I am!” kind of response.

Very basic, very simple, and yet very powerful as a first line of network troubleshooting.

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Can I trust this site or utility?

Leo, do you have any opinion on the program ShouldIRemoveIt?

I have to say I don’t have any direct experience with this particular utility. However, looking at it briefly, on the surface, it seems like it might be kind of a useful thing. So what I want to do here is take you through a high-level process that I use to investigate programs and sites like this to determine whether or not I want to risk the download.

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I’m being abused by email. What do I do?

I gave my email to someone and now, I’m being abused both verbally and emotionally. From my email address, they were able to get my domain sites and that gave them my phone number and my address from Whois. I have since made the domain sites private, but the cache on Google has a snapshot of that page. Even though Whois has removed my information, what’s cached is still live and streaming daily. I was stupid to give my email address although I thought it would be safer than giving my phone number. This man has several porn sites and is now stalking me. The police have said that there’s nothing that they can do unless the man physically puts his hands on me. Thanks, Leo, for any help you can give me.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve received questions like yours fairly regularly. Unfortunately, there’s very little that I can do.

Let me begin by talking about information sharing and the potential for abuse.

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