Why Are Emails I Receive Five Minutes out of Sync?

I know that this has been covered in checking settings in Control Panel and Calendar, adjusting for Daylight Savings Time and such, but I’m not an hour or half hour out of sync, only five minutes. My system clock time is correct; but if I receive an email that arrives at,  7:35 on my inbox, the actual system time is showing 7:30. That means that Outlook time is five minutes ahead of the system time. I’m not sure how this can be as I thought the two were synchronized.

Outlook doesn’t keep its own time. Outlook uses the system time.

The real issue here is understanding where the “time” comes from when you receive an email.

When you send an email, Outlook applies the current system time to that email and sends it off to wherever it’s going to go. When somebody sends you an email, that message gets marked with the time of the sender. In other words, the system clock on that person’s machine is what’s used to actually mark when the email was sent.

Now, that means a couple of interesting things.

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Why Is the Time on My Email Wrong?


How do I fix the time on my email? The time on my computer is correct, but when I send emails, the time’s an hour ahead! What’s wrong?

You nailed the one thing that many people forget: the time on their computers.

However, depending on your mail service, you may need to make sure something else is set correctly as well. The “one hour off” is actually a clue that your time zone is set incorrectly.

And, of course, where that gets adjusted depends on what program or service you’re using.

Let’s look at a couple of common situations…

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