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Command Tab Expansion

Tip of the Day: Filename Expansion


Tip of the Day: CTRL+C to Interrupt Command Prompt

Reboot Shortcut

Tip of the Day: Reboot Shortcut

Sign On as Administrator

Tip of the Day: Enable or Disable the Administrator Account

Hotspot List in CMD

Tip of the Day: View Remembered Wireless Networks in Command Prompt

Running Powercfg

Tip of the Day: Get an Energy Report


Tip of the Day: Using Netstat to Examine Network Connections

Comparison of Customized CMD

Tip of the Day: Customize the Command Prompt

If you spend any significant time in the Command Prompt, you may want to customize its appearance to be a little more to your liking.


Tip of the Day: Shutdown or Reboot from the Command Line

The shutdown command does what its name implies, but includes many options relating to shutting down or rebooting.

Help piped into More

Tip of the Day: Help and More

The Command Prompt has a number of commands and tools. One of them lists available commands and tools.

Command Line Search

Tip of the Day: Searching Via the Command Prompt

Using the Command Prompt can often be quicker and clearer than Windows’ own built-in search function.

Replace Command Prompt

Tip of The Day: Choose Command Prompt Over PowerShell


Tip of the Day: The PSTools Suite of Command Line Tools

Product Key in Command

Tip of the Day: View the Windows 10 Product Key in Command Prompt

Running Explorer in Command

Tip of the Day: When “Run as administrator” Isn’t Available