Why Am I Getting Empty Form Submissions from My Website?

Hi Leo. I have an email request form on my website. And every now and then I will get a blank form sent to me or maybe with a few URLs for medications of various sorts in it. I’m also getting returned email and “Out of office” messages. I can see that they’ve been sent from bogus names at my domain. How do I fix this?

The bogus email addresses on your domain are easy. I’ll point you at a previous article of mine: “I Keep Getting Bounced Emails for Addresses On My Domain That Don’t Exist. How Can I Stop This?”. The bottom line is that simply having a domain will cause this to happen. And the only solution that I know of is to only pay attention to the email that is actually sent to valid email addresses on your domain. Ignore all of those others.

The form submission issue is an interesting one, and it’s something that I actually deal with everyday.

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Why do I keep getting a CAPTCHA?

Hi, Leo. I’m really annoyed with those CAPTCHA things that Yahoo sometimes wants me to fill out before my email can be sent. Now, I realize that if I were to send an email addressed to many recipients that Yahoo might assume that I’m spamming, but if I’m just replying to an email from a friend, I really don’t think that this CAPTCHA is called for. I’ve contacted them several times about this, but to no avail.

Before I answer your question, I have to say that I’m not surprised in the least that you’re not getting a response. Yahoo is a free email service and they actually have very little (if any) customer support. It’s not something that I would ever expect them to change. Quite literally, you’re getting what you’re paying for in that regard.

As for your question, why do you keep getting a CAPTCHA?

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