How Does Using BCC Help Reduce Spam?


Is it true that if I use BCC to email attachments, it will mean less danger of spam? How’s that?

It’s not so much about attachments as it is any email that you receive and then forward.

And it’s not so much about saving yourself from getting more spam, but saving the people that sent you the email you’re about to forward.

It’s all about keeping their email addresses private and un-harvestable.

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Why do I get spam that’s not addressed to me?

Why do I receive junk emails that are not addressed to my specific email address but to several subtle variations of my address? Why do these emails get delivered to my address when they are not addressed specifically to me? And how should I most properly dispose of them?

Spammers do everything they can to get their garbage in front of you, and that means using and abusing every tool at their disposal.

One of those tools is something that’s available to you and me when we send messages as well.

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