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Data data and more networked data...

Can Windows XP even run without a network?

An XP machine can run without a network. But would it still be useful?


Can I Delete What My Anti-malware Program Puts in Quarantine?

Quarantine gives you the option to “rescue” files you might want. Of course there is one way to make sure you always have an extra copy of everything…

Will Preventing XP from Reaching the Internet Keep Me Safe?

Keeping an XP computer off the internet will also prevent it from keeping any anti-malware tools up-to-date. You may end up less safe than you think.

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Why is my machine so slow after a recovery from malware?

Not only is malware written with bad intent, but it is often written badly. It can leave a mark on your computer’s performance even after it’s been removed.

Why am I suddenly getting spam in my inbox?

It can be very frustrating if it suddenly seems like spammers have found you. There is one thing may help your email provider catch up and slow the deluge.