Will Existing Updates Still Be Available after Windows XP Support Ends?

Does the 2014 end of support of Windows XP include removing the current downloads? For example, security updates, hot fixes, SP3? I’ve a retail CD, XP with SP2, but I still need these current downloads to fully utilize XP, don’t I? I read several answers to the XP end, but I didn’t find the answer to this particular scenario. Perhaps to rephrase, when I reinstall XP after support ends, will the updates, hot fixes and service pack 3 that I need today still be available online?

When support for Windows XP finally ends, the single most important thing to realize is that there will be no new fixes.

Even if a security vulnerability is discovered that impacts people running Windows XP, that vulnerability won’t be fixed. That’s the bottom-line implication of Windows XP support ending next year.

What does that mean for everything that’s already been produced?

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Did Someone Log In to Google with My Password?

I just got this message in my Google email, “Someone recently tried to use an application to sign into your Google account.” The suspicious sign-in was in China, so apparently Google thought it might not be me and blocked it. What I want to know is did this suspicious sign-in actually use my correct password? Or did they just try to sign-in with random passwords hoping to stumble across the correct one?

I want to start by saying that I haven’t encountered this myself. Maybe I’m lucky.

Nonetheless, this is a very cool feature on Google’s part. Watching out for account theft like that is a very interesting and positive thing and I applaud Google for taking the initiative to understand what may and may not be a legitimate login for an account.

That said, what really happened here?

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How do I check a website for malware without infecting my own machine?

Can I check a site for viruses without infecting my own machine? Can that really be done for totally free? Yes, some sites do say “McAfee/Norton or some other brand trusted and tested” but that’s their word against mine.

You’re right to be suspicious about those seals that say a site has been tested and is secure. There’s absolutely nothing that prevents a malicious site from simply putting that little graphic on their page.

That said, what you’re looking for isn’t available. There’s no 100% certain way to test a site before you visit it to determine if it is malicious or contains malware that will infect your machine. That’s one of the reasons why I recommend sticking with trusted sites and making sure that your anti-malware tools are in place and up-to-date.

So, let me throw out some ideas that, while not guaranteed, can at least help protect you even if you’re visiting a potentially questionable site.

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Why Is AVG Telling Me IE Has High Memory Usage?

I have the free version of AVG anti-virus 2013. And I keep getting this error: “AVG has detected high memory usage by Internet Explorer 8”. When that comes up, my computer slows way down. I do not have any add-ons and I’ve taken just about everything I don’t need off of my computer, but I am still getting this error. I have Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3.

High-memory usage can be related to a couple of things. I’ll discuss four things that might be causing this, but first, I want to talk about an assumption that I think you’re making here.

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Will a new computer burn DVDs faster?

Will a new computer be a lot faster at making a homemade single-layered DVD? Today, it took five hours for DVD Flick to process the memory already stored on my computer. The video is in mp4 format; the DVD-R was a 4X single layer.

When you’re burning a CD or DVD, the computer isn’t typically the weakest link; it’s the CD/DVD burner. When they write, CD/DVD burners operate at some maximum speed of rotation and how quickly a burner spins depends on its hardware and how fast it can write the data to that disc.

But I think something else might be going on here. You mentioned that your original video is in MP4 format. That’s not a format that is written to DVD.

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Why Can’t I Forward an Image in Email?

When I attempt to forward an email that has a picture, an error message pops up that says, “One or more pictures could not be found and will not be sent. Do you still want to send the email?” If I say yes, the email will go without the picture. Without the picture, the email loses its effect, the impact, or its humor. I’ve asked many people, searched everything I can think of, and cannot solve this problem.

Images in email are one of the most common sources of problems and frustrating aspects of email. Having problems with sending images is not at all unusual. In fact, there are so many different things that can go wrong  that I’m surprised sending images works at all.

Unfortunately I don’t have a specific answer for you, but let’s take a look at some of the things that can possibly happen here.

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