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An illustration showing a man working on his computer with a virtual AI assistant depicted as a friendly robot or hologram hovering nearby, suggesting collaboration. The background is filled with digital icons representing technology and creativity, highlighting the partnership between human insight and AI support. The scene conveys a sense of innovation and teamwork between the man and the AI, with elements such as gears, light bulbs, and digital code symbols subtly integrated into the background. The man appears focused and engaged, while the AI assistant exudes a helpful and supportive aura, creating an environment of mutual respect and synergy.

How I Use AI at Ask Leo!

I write all my own articles, but I often use AI as a tool along the way. I’ll walk through a recent example.

A 16:9 photorealistic collage featuring various search bar queries in different styles and fonts, scattered across the image. In the center, there is a large, bold question mark that stands out against the background of search queries. The overall composition is dynamic and visually appealing, with a focus on the central question mark symbolizing curiosity and the quest for knowledge through internet searches.

I Gave AI My Search History and Here’s What It Told Me

I was listening to a podcast recently in which one of the hosts described giving ChatGPT the history of the questions he had asked it and then asking it to build a profile on him based on that. It was interesting, of course, but it got me to thinking… why not use internet searches as … Read more

Midjourney AI: "A HAL 9000 like computer console, hosting an AI preparing to take over the world"

Is AI Taking Over the World?

AI isn’t about to enslave humanity — at least not any time soon — but it’s definitely here and changing the world in both positive and negative ways.