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Tip of the Day: Check Your Blockers

A photorealistic and thought-provoking thumbnail for a blog post discussing the dilemma of using adblockers. The image features a computer screen displaying a website full of intrusive and overwhelming ads, making it difficult to see the actual content. The screen is cracked symbolizing the broken state of internet advertising. In the foreground, a person (Caucasian male) looks frustrated and concerned, with a hand on his forehead, pondering the impact of adblockers on websites' survival. The person is in a home office environment, reflecting the common internet user's perspective. The ambiance is slightly dim, highlighting the serious tone of the topic. This image should visually capture the tension between the necessity of ads for website survival and the negative user experience they often create.

Is It Time to Start Using an Adblocker?

Advertising on the internet is broken. It might be time to think about using adblockers and supporting your favorite websites in other ways.